June 26, 2011

Monsoon mayhem!

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Rain, rain go away...
Come again another day......

It's raining squirrels & chipmunks (of lesser volume than cats & dogs, but quite daunting, nevertheless) here for the last couple of weeks..........non-stop showers & overcast skies have cast a gloomy spell on the whole city and scattered puddles & muddy roads greet us as we step out of the house each morning........ :(

The only good part is that, when the rain stops for a bit, the rejuvenating gusts of cool monsoon wind bring along a much-wanted freshness with them. Also, the refreshing smell of wet earth (which is one of my most favorite smells in the whole world - along with the likes of that of freshly-baked cakes & new books) is one of the best things about monsoon!

But, on the down side, I'm having to spend so much time every morning trying to find out clothes in which I can brave the heavy downpours...........& just don't ask about the shoes - figuring out what shoes will survive the puddles has become a monsoon-time nightmare!!!

Sunday saw a curb in the incessant rains.......the sky was cloudy, but the clouds seemed to be of the looks-can-be-deceptive kind.....hence, for once in a long while, I decided to step out in style! :)

The pops of color here & there (red on the tee & ring, yellow on the feet & multi-colors on the wrist) were almost there as a shout-out to the grey skies.........

Isn't the patchwork flower brooch super-cute??? :))

A close-up of my nail-art-ed nails!!! A li'l bit of time-pass DIY with a bottle of nail paint & a marker goes a long way.........doesn't it?

Red tee: Brand Factory, Kolkata
Jersey camisole: H&M, thrifted
Denim: Lee Cooper, Kolkata
Flower brooch: Suan Lim night market, Bangkok
Hoop earrings: ???
Beaded bracelet: New Market, Kolkata
Bow ring: Acessorize, Bangalore
Silver stars thumb ring: New Market, Kolkata
Watch: Fastrack, gifted
Bag: Vintage, mom's
Gladiators: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

The wet state of things outdoors compelled me to do an indoor photo-shoot. Thankfully, my sister was in a better mood today! ;)

Now that Sunday's almost over, am miserably looking out for the Monday morning blues, or rather, greys! This coming week's gonna be choc-a-bloc, what with lots of work piled up at the office, some urgent monsoon-special shopping to be done, checking out the Sales that are slowly, but steadily making their way into the stores and packing that I need to start and finish!!! 
What packing...you say? Well.......am heading off to Mumbai next weekend for a week-long trip (official) & am much excited about it! Mumbai is one of my most favorite cities in the world.........& any chance of visiting the city leaves me jumping with joy!!! :))
So.......am happily counting the days till I can stroll by the Marine Drive with the cool evening breeze caressing my face, enjoy the yummy fruity flavors of Naturals ice cream, slurp kala-khatta ice gola at Juhu beach, catch up with friends at Prithvi, go berserk shopping at Causeway & Hill Road and buy old books at Fountain...........mmmmmm........am excited already!!! 
And of course, this time round, I plan on catching up with some of the much-inspiring fashion bloggers from Mumbai.........fellowship bonding, anyone???

Have a great week ahead guys!!! :)

Till next time,
Asta la vista,
Polka Princess
June 15, 2011

Check in...Check out...

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Even though I've been following, liking & encouraging all the print mixing efforts & projects of my lovely fellow fashion bloggers from all over the world................I've not tried my hand at it yet! Maybe I'm not very sure of the results.......or maybe I'm just not ready for it yet........

But the other day, I did finally decide to take the first baby step towards print-mixing (though am not sure whether you'd call it that)............I geared up enough courage to go mono, putting together an outfit with different pieces patterned with checks - but of different sizes!

I was quite satisfied with the outcome...........what do you think???

This checked tunic was lying in the back of my wardrobe (unworn since it's purchase last Dec!) for quite some time........throughout the summer, I took it out several times & every time I felt the thick material, I pushed it back again! But the spurt of rains that morning & the cloudy weather finally gave me an opportunity to take this piece on it's first outing...

And yielding to my print-mixing urge, I pulled on my pair of micro-checked leggings, grabbed my funky checked bag & even threw in a checked bangle with the rest of the pile!!! :)
(I hope I didn't over-do it!)

I had to share a close-up of the earrings as they are one of my my most fav pairs! Accessorize sometimes really outdo themselves......don't they??? :))

Tunic: Only, thrifted
Leggings: Max, Bangalore
Bag: Mam's Diva, Kolkata
Shoes: Tresmode, Kolkata
Silver mirror-coated aviators: Aldo, Kolkata
Bangles: Assorted, Mumbai/Bangalore
Rose ring: Accessorize, Bangalore
Earrings: Accessorize, Bangalore

Well.............hope you all are having a great week going! It feels good being already half-way through the week.......3 more days to the weekend!!! Yippppiiieeeeee!!! :)

(Though for some of you luckier ones, it's just 2 days away!)

I'm outfit-posting after quite some time.........hope to share some more outfits soon!

Till then, take care lovelies!

Love & hugs,
Polka Princess

P.S.: Sorry for the demented snaps & weird angles.........sister not in a good mood, so took some crappy pictures! (That too after some seriously hysterical cajoling & convincing!!)
June 11, 2011

Another side of me...

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Sorry guys.........I'm not back with an outfit post, as promised.............but what I'm back with is a completely different avatar of yours truly.............and I hope you won't be much disappointed!
(For those who'll still be disappointed at the lack of an outfit post........well, better luck next time!)

As you can see from the ever-diminishing frequency of my posts, I've been really really busy for the past 2 weeks (what's new, you say?)...........work, family, a bit of socialising & rehearsals.........phew! Where is the time for anything else???

Yes...yes...............before you guys start thinking of a hundred different things that I can rehearse about.........let me tell you that, for the past 10 days, I've been preparing like crazy for a classical dance performance that I gave a couple of days back!!
I'd started learning Odissi (that's a classical dance form of India) since I was 3 years old (yes, almost since I've learned to walk........I've learnt to dance too!)...........& have been a regular dancer till about the age of 15, after which, studies, career & other activities slowly compelled my passion for dancing to take a back seat.....
In all those years of dance training, I've performed in almost all the stages & auditoriums of my city & in other cities too! But eventually, as other more important aspects of life came on the fore-front, my performances got limited to short appearances here & there (read: whenever I had enough time to rehearse)..........but the affinity towards the stage made me want to go back there time & again!

So, when, some time back, my dance teacher (with whom I'm still in close contact & who still has enough faith in my dancing abilities) asked me to put in a performance at the Annual Function of his dance school, I just couldn't refuse............and hours of practice & several days of nursing painful muscles later, I took to the stage again............in all the splendour of a passionate dancer!!! :)

Glimpses of the performance.............

A tired & exhausted me after the performance..............phew! But happy & satisfied, nevertheless..... :)

The rush of adrenaline & the excitement once am under the spotlight is unparalleled.................I'd never give up dancing for the sheer joy of letting go once am up there..........& for those few minutes, I feel as if I'm on top of the world! I feel like dancing with joy!!! (You think am insane? Well.......I guess I am, maybe, just a li'l bit...)

Hope I didn't bore you guys much..........for those who are not interested in dance (though if you are here for fashion, which is an art form just like dance is........there's no reason why you shouldn't be), come back next time for an outfit post (promise.........& I promise to keep my promise this time!).........till then, have an amazing weekend everyone! Hope you all have loads planned for a fun weekend ( though I don't....but then, that's another sob story)!!! 

Polka Princess

P.S.: All pictures, courtesy: Auro & Dibakar (Thanx a bunch, guys!!)
June 04, 2011

Photo Diary: Puri & Konarak

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Hey there people!!

As promised, am back with some random shots from my recent trip to Puri (a nearby seaside town)!!! All of you who regularly stop by my humble blog, must know by now how much I love being trigger-happy.........and how I come back to share with you all, whatever catches my fancy when I look through the lens........

The images are from all over the place - the seaside town of Puri, the Sun Temple at Konarak (which is around an hour's drive from the main town), Chandrabagha Beach (which is again a less-frequented beach about half-an-hour away from Puri) & other places along the way.

The Sun Temple, one of the historic monuments of India, is a beautiful structure carved out of stone. The intricate motifs & statuettes all over the buildings represent skilled ancient craftsmanship. You can read more about this temple, which is shaped like a chariot, here.

As always, the photographs I share with you are an odd assortment of frames & compositions that caught my eye throughout my 4-day trip. Hope you guys will find them as intriguing as I did........ :)


Well.......of course, the snap you see up there of yours truly was not clicked by me, but my dear sweet li'l sis............apart from that, all pictures, courtesy, this shutter-bug!

Sorry for posting after one whole week........but as usual, I was extremely busy with a whole lot of things!!! Hope this coming week will be a bit less hectic..............planning to do an outfit post soon! Stay tuned...... :)

Last, but not the least, a BIG welcome & thank you to all my new readers & followers - your constant encouragement is much appreciated! :))

Have an amazing weekend guys!

Keep rocking,
Polka Princess


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