Another side of me...

Sorry guys.........I'm not back with an outfit post, as promised.............but what I'm back with is a completely different avatar of yours truly.............and I hope you won't be much disappointed!
(For those who'll still be disappointed at the lack of an outfit post........well, better luck next time!)

As you can see from the ever-diminishing frequency of my posts, I've been really really busy for the past 2 weeks (what's new, you say?), family, a bit of socialising & rehearsals.........phew! Where is the time for anything else???

Yes...yes...............before you guys start thinking of a hundred different things that I can rehearse about.........let me tell you that, for the past 10 days, I've been preparing like crazy for a classical dance performance that I gave a couple of days back!!
I'd started learning Odissi (that's a classical dance form of India) since I was 3 years old (yes, almost since I've learned to walk........I've learnt to dance too!)...........& have been a regular dancer till about the age of 15, after which, studies, career & other activities slowly compelled my passion for dancing to take a back seat.....
In all those years of dance training, I've performed in almost all the stages & auditoriums of my city & in other cities too! But eventually, as other more important aspects of life came on the fore-front, my performances got limited to short appearances here & there (read: whenever I had enough time to rehearse)..........but the affinity towards the stage made me want to go back there time & again!

So, when, some time back, my dance teacher (with whom I'm still in close contact & who still has enough faith in my dancing abilities) asked me to put in a performance at the Annual Function of his dance school, I just couldn't refuse............and hours of practice & several days of nursing painful muscles later, I took to the stage all the splendour of a passionate dancer!!! :)

Glimpses of the performance.............

A tired & exhausted me after the performance..............phew! But happy & satisfied, nevertheless..... :)

The rush of adrenaline & the excitement once am under the spotlight is unparalleled.................I'd never give up dancing for the sheer joy of letting go once am up there..........& for those few minutes, I feel as if I'm on top of the world! I feel like dancing with joy!!! (You think am insane? Well.......I guess I am, maybe, just a li'l bit...)

Hope I didn't bore you guys much..........for those who are not interested in dance (though if you are here for fashion, which is an art form just like dance is........there's no reason why you shouldn't be), come back next time for an outfit post (promise.........& I promise to keep my promise this time!).........till then, have an amazing weekend everyone! Hope you all have loads planned for a fun weekend ( though I don't....but then, that's another sob story)!!! 

Polka Princess

P.S.: All pictures, courtesy: Auro & Dibakar (Thanx a bunch, guys!!)


  1. This is amazing! I've always wanted to learn! Love to see another side of you! xo

  2. You are such a talented girl! Love all the pictures and all the poses. Great shots taken by your friends.

    I envy dancers. I wish I had continued to train in Kathak ... I learnt it for 2 years and then had to give it up! But I love dancing and dancers! :)

    ♥ from ©

  3. I think this is even better than an outfit post :) It's so wonderful to learn about this part of your life that is new to us, not to mention that you look amazing in these photos- your costume is just stunning and you look so absolutely joyful, particularly in the last photo. Being on stage really isn't like anything else. It's been a long time for me, but I still remember the wonderful rush.

  4. Oh dear amazing.. pics n bhavams r extraordinary!!! Even am missing my bharathanatyam which i started learning from 3 n it continued till i was 21. Now work n life has kept me busy!! Hv to bang again!!!Lovely post!!! (nostalgic...)

  5. just amazing.. oddissi is really tough .. way to go girl.. the colour combination of your dress looks fab .. and waiting for your outfit post eagerly...

  6. OMG, while I was looking at the pictures I was thinking: she's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!So beautiful honey, I feel the energy and the sweetness!!!You are very talented, great dancer, but above all, great woman!
    Happy weekend!

  7. You look so graceful! Khoob mishti :) you seriously are a girl of many talents, I think next you'll tell us you are a ninja assasin on the side :)

  8. Wow! amazing performance, you look so beautiful!!!
    And this costume is stunning!

  9. I love this side of you but then you already know that. I love all the sides of you and I don't understand why you would apologise for that. For showing another side of you. After all, this is why we come to your blog right? For you.

    You look so wonderful. And from one dancer to another, I absolutely understand what you're talking about.

  10. its better than an outfit post, though i love those too!!!!!
    all the shots are great but love ur last shot the most!!!

  11. @Tanvi: Wow.....didn't know you learnt Kathak! You should have continued...
    @Kalpana: Ya....I think we should take out time from our hectic life for our passions & hobbies too!
    @Federica: You make me blush girl! But thanx for all the sweet compliments.........mwah! :))
    @Holly: Lolz!!! Na na....I don't have any such hidden hobbies! But now that you mentioned it......I wish I did! ;)
    @Dusk: All the encouragement is much appreciated dear! You make me go on strongly every time! :)

  12. Bore us? ARE YOU CRAZY? This photos are awesome PLUS the fact that you are a dancer? Yaw! What a treat to see- beautiful images. I would love to see in person.

  13. wow! you look so beautiful! amazing outfit and really colorful. I like it

  14. This was an amazing post! The photos are awesome - I'm very impressed! How fun to be a performer :)

    sorelle in style

  15. wow , wowo wowwwwww. Youa re so talented lady . I was just looking at the expressions in the pics. Wished u had put a video too :)

  16. I have seeing this performance before and its so beautiful..
    love the smile from begging to end
    lee x

  17. It's my first time visiting your blog, so I'm definitely not disappointed, but I must say, these photos are so lovely. You are a dancer? These are so gorgeous...I really love the headpiece you are wearing.

  18. this is so beautiful! i'm glad you decided to share pictures.

  19. Lovely photos! You look great!

  20. Wow...what do i say that hasnt been said before in all the comments? U rock!! I am happy sharing the blog space with u...totally thrilled!!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog..xoxo

  21. Hi, I have just found yur blog through Zarna's.
    I am amazed by your pictures, the dance and the costume, wow!
    I wish I could see a a live performance one day of such dance.

    xxx Ylenia | Longuette

  22. Oh my GODDDDDDDDDDDDD! You look like a gorgeous dancer diva! I kid you not, you look stunninggggggggg! :)
    And wow, you're so talented and I'm hoping you'd be sharing more such dance posts with us in the future :)
    Sharing your post on my fb page btw:!/pages/For-The-Love-Of-Fashion-And-Other-Things/174439102575293

  23. You look so beautiful and you are sooo talented. Good luck for the future :)

  24. Omg, i loveee these photos! You look absolutely amazing xxx

  25. you look lovely in that outfit! Im learned classical dance too,but it was bharatnatyam!
    nice photos ♥

  26. how wonderful!! love those dance photos! your gorgeous with that beautiful make up and costume!

  27. you look insanely stunning!

  28. @Bella: I wish you lived here......then I'd surely have called you to see the performance! :)
    @Neha: Haven't got the video myself yet! :(
    @Amber: Welcome! :)
    @Ylenia: Hope you can see such a performance sure you'll love it!
    @Shreya: Thanx dear! That's so sweet of you!!! :))

  29. You are sooooooooooooo beautiful and talented.
    I cannot get my away away from your pics.

  30. Holy mother of god. This is wonderful. *.*

  31. great blog, following;)
    gorgeous photos!


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