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Even though I've been following, liking & encouraging all the print mixing efforts & projects of my lovely fellow fashion bloggers from all over the world................I've not tried my hand at it yet! Maybe I'm not very sure of the results.......or maybe I'm just not ready for it yet........

But the other day, I did finally decide to take the first baby step towards print-mixing (though am not sure whether you'd call it that)............I geared up enough courage to go mono, putting together an outfit with different pieces patterned with checks - but of different sizes!

I was quite satisfied with the outcome...........what do you think???

This checked tunic was lying in the back of my wardrobe (unworn since it's purchase last Dec!) for quite some time........throughout the summer, I took it out several times & every time I felt the thick material, I pushed it back again! But the spurt of rains that morning & the cloudy weather finally gave me an opportunity to take this piece on it's first outing...

And yielding to my print-mixing urge, I pulled on my pair of micro-checked leggings, grabbed my funky checked bag & even threw in a checked bangle with the rest of the pile!!! :)
(I hope I didn't over-do it!)

I had to share a close-up of the earrings as they are one of my my most fav pairs! Accessorize sometimes really outdo themselves......don't they??? :))

Tunic: Only, thrifted
Leggings: Max, Bangalore
Bag: Mam's Diva, Kolkata
Shoes: Tresmode, Kolkata
Silver mirror-coated aviators: Aldo, Kolkata
Bangles: Assorted, Mumbai/Bangalore
Rose ring: Accessorize, Bangalore
Earrings: Accessorize, Bangalore

Well.............hope you all are having a great week going! It feels good being already half-way through the week.......3 more days to the weekend!!! Yippppiiieeeeee!!! :)

(Though for some of you luckier ones, it's just 2 days away!)

I'm outfit-posting after quite some time.........hope to share some more outfits soon!

Till then, take care lovelies!

Love & hugs,
Polka Princess

P.S.: Sorry for the demented snaps & weird angles.........sister not in a good mood, so took some crappy pictures! (That too after some seriously hysterical cajoling & convincing!!)


  1. That tunic is so cute!! Yay for mixing prints! I am slowly and surely mixing things up!! Can't wait to see more outfits..missed them :) Yay yay yay for the weekend :)

  2. Hahaha!!! Great effort babes ... You look good! Love that ring and of course your earrings are quite pretty too! :)

    ♥ from ©

  3. This tunic is lovely! and I really love how you paired it with those shoes!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  4. Adorable outfit! I love love love your bag and shoes, they are both so unique. Glad I stumbled across your blog!


  5. totally louve this print mixing.. and the monsoons are the welcome relief from the sweltering heat ...

  6. Print mixing seems really scary at first- it took me a long time to decide to give it a go, and my first attempt was just stripes on stripes! But once you've done it once, it's easy to move on and grow from there. I think this is a fabulous first attempt- love thet buffalo check dress :)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous result!!!It's not too much. You have mixed different textures in a very stylish way!!!Great sense of style honey!

  8. What a beautiful tunic, great pattern too
    I want your sunglasses.. hahaha
    lee x

  9. I think this is a fabulous go at print-mixing! That tunic is awesome :)

    sorelle in style

  10. like the checked shirt, its perfect for the monsoons!!....the pairing with leggings look nice, however shoes could have been different as they look too overpowering!!!(but thats my personal opinion!!)
    the bag looks good with the outfit and it doesnt look overdone...

  11. i love your print mixing - very cool!

    also, i understand about your sister - sometimes i have to bribe my brother with desserts to take my photos lol

  12. First time here. love your earrings. and your dance pics are lovely!

  13. Bravo for mixing it up honey! I love complementary clashes.
    ...hmmm... you should invest in a tripod... then no more crying sisters... :)

  14. Thanx a bunch guys!!!

    @Dusk: Lolz!! I think you are right....a tripod won't act so pricey at times! It's gonna be a one-time investment! :)

  15. you are very beautiful.. and very stylish! i love your blog.. :) i followed you here.

    really hoping you could visit my blog too and follow back... would be a pleasure.. :)


  16. You look so pretty in that dress. I want your shoes: hot and comfortable.

  17. Cute pictures, your glasses are so nice! xxx

  18. Simple. Mono chromatic. Yet, awesome!!!
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  19. nice , the white and blu dress is so nice!

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    ciao ave

  20. Hi stopped by, love the shirt and nice sunnies!!!
    Check out my blog...

    xo Emma

  21. It's actually quite nice. :) I love the bangle and the bag especially.


  22. très jolie tenue, j'adore ta tunique

  23. Not a bad comnination, cool top!

    Fashion Rehab

  24. Love the earrings... !! Beautiful..

  25. Maybe we can follow each other?


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