Monsoon mayhem!

Rain, rain go away...
Come again another day......

It's raining squirrels & chipmunks (of lesser volume than cats & dogs, but quite daunting, nevertheless) here for the last couple of weeks..........non-stop showers & overcast skies have cast a gloomy spell on the whole city and scattered puddles & muddy roads greet us as we step out of the house each morning........ :(

The only good part is that, when the rain stops for a bit, the rejuvenating gusts of cool monsoon wind bring along a much-wanted freshness with them. Also, the refreshing smell of wet earth (which is one of my most favorite smells in the whole world - along with the likes of that of freshly-baked cakes & new books) is one of the best things about monsoon!

But, on the down side, I'm having to spend so much time every morning trying to find out clothes in which I can brave the heavy downpours...........& just don't ask about the shoes - figuring out what shoes will survive the puddles has become a monsoon-time nightmare!!!

Sunday saw a curb in the incessant rains.......the sky was cloudy, but the clouds seemed to be of the looks-can-be-deceptive kind.....hence, for once in a long while, I decided to step out in style! :)

The pops of color here & there (red on the tee & ring, yellow on the feet & multi-colors on the wrist) were almost there as a shout-out to the grey skies.........

Isn't the patchwork flower brooch super-cute??? :))

A close-up of my nail-art-ed nails!!! A li'l bit of time-pass DIY with a bottle of nail paint & a marker goes a long way.........doesn't it?

Red tee: Brand Factory, Kolkata
Jersey camisole: H&M, thrifted
Denim: Lee Cooper, Kolkata
Flower brooch: Suan Lim night market, Bangkok
Hoop earrings: ???
Beaded bracelet: New Market, Kolkata
Bow ring: Acessorize, Bangalore
Silver stars thumb ring: New Market, Kolkata
Watch: Fastrack, gifted
Bag: Vintage, mom's
Gladiators: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

The wet state of things outdoors compelled me to do an indoor photo-shoot. Thankfully, my sister was in a better mood today! ;)

Now that Sunday's almost over, am miserably looking out for the Monday morning blues, or rather, greys! This coming week's gonna be choc-a-bloc, what with lots of work piled up at the office, some urgent monsoon-special shopping to be done, checking out the Sales that are slowly, but steadily making their way into the stores and packing that I need to start and finish!!! 
What say? heading off to Mumbai next weekend for a week-long trip (official) & am much excited about it! Mumbai is one of my most favorite cities in the world.........& any chance of visiting the city leaves me jumping with joy!!! :)) happily counting the days till I can stroll by the Marine Drive with the cool evening breeze caressing my face, enjoy the yummy fruity flavors of Naturals ice cream, slurp kala-khatta ice gola at Juhu beach, catch up with friends at Prithvi, go berserk shopping at Causeway & Hill Road and buy old books at excited already!!! 
And of course, this time round, I plan on catching up with some of the much-inspiring fashion bloggers from Mumbai.........fellowship bonding, anyone???

Have a great week ahead guys!!! :)

Till next time,
Asta la vista,
Polka Princess


  1. Nice! :) Love the outfit and the pops of colour! How cute is that patchwork flower brooch! :)

  2. My most favourite look on you yet. The bag is such a find, moms have the best stuff :)

  3. looking fab .. with simple ensemble you happen to wear such a different and chic look.. loved it..

  4. I also love how the earth smells after a rain.
    You did an amazing job with your nails, love the color of the polish and the details.

  5. wow u look awesome!!! Nice outfit n accessories!!

  6. Love as you have layered tee and camisole.Very stylish and as you know red is your color honey ;)!
    PS I also love how the earth smells after the rain: very special mood!

  7. Cute ring. Follow me if you like my blog :)

  8. Your bow ring is so pretty! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!

    Lost in the Haze

  9. love the smell of fresh, wet soil and plants too! there was a storm here since last friday which just left yesterday :S

  10. Despite the rain u look bright and happy! Love the pops of color and love how you layered the tunic over the tee!

    Many Layers Monday

  11. Fabulous layeringg!!! And i'm obsessed w/ your nails!


  12. love the bag....bata got some real good stylish shoes(ballerina flats) which are totally monsoon appropriate, i bought one recently and its totally comfy yet stylish(im wearing it in my latest post also) can find them in lot of colors!!

  13. You look so cute in the second pic. And the bag is so vintage..I happened to see a similar one in my Grandma's closet..guess I shall be asking for it soon!!
    Love the brooch detailing:):)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog!! Keep visiting.

  14. cute darling, i like how you layered that dress over your top and jeans x

  15. POLKA PRINCESSS! i'm supposed to take a break from my blog reading but i had to sneak over see what your wearing and say hi. love your colors, and the fact you are still rockin' style in monsoon season inspires me- i wont complain about an occasional rainy day. xo. thanks for your always positive outlook and sweet comments.-Bella Q

  16. Soo cute :D Love the purse! Hope the rain will stop! Here it is raining as well :(

    Have a nice day!

    -Annlaug Gerritdina*

  17. Thanx girls! Hope the rains don't overstay their welcome! ;)

  18. Wow, those DIY nails are pretty amazing, as well as the bow ring. Wishing an enjoyable rest of the week dear. -xo

  19. love the vibrant outfit! definitely a fun way to brighten up gloomy weather. how exciting about your trip! sounds like funnnnn :)

  20. sometimes its really hard to dress for the rain, but you look great :) loving the sandals!

  21. your decorated nail looks fantastic! well done lady!


  22. Oh that stinks that it's been such bad weather for you! Where I live we don't have that much rain for now, but I hate it when it pours a lot! I did find some really cute rain-proof flats and I think I'll be wearing those the next time I hear about storms!

    Love your outfit and the pops of color. You look really good!

  23. Love the nail art... Beautiful outfit and accessories... !!

  24. Thank you for visiting my blog and those really sweet words!!
    Visit again..and keep up the wonderful work!!

  25. Lov your outfit especially Your shoes and the flower

  26. Loving the pretty dress and the way you accessorise it.
    Your nails are a work of art.
    Thank you, my dear frien.

  27. I always find dressing for the rain a challenge, and we don't have anything like monsoons where I live! But it looks like you're doing an excellent job- I love that gray tunic and your nails look amazing :)

  28. Love what you are wearing! Picking shoes is definitely a pain during the monsoons!

  29. Wow, a perfect cheerful outfit to perk up the should really take the initiative to start something like the Monsoon Fashion Week or something, to help all fashionistas out there look chic even while battling mud puddles and crowded sidewalks :-)

  30. Just came over here from Busha's blog Fashion panache n love the way you style yourself..not to mention cute accessories. I am a fashion and jewelry designer from chennai hop over to my blog sometime if you are interested

  31. Loving that patchwork brooch.
    Hey, its the last week to participate in my giveaway. Do visit!!!
    LAST WEEK to participate in LACE BELT GIVEAWAY

  32. Thank you for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment on my latest post. Hope you will have a great week !

  33. Hi !
    I like what's going on on your hand !

  34. Looove it!!!!!!

    Follow my blog

    Kisses from pepa:X

  35. you look so sweet in this cute look :)



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