Photo Diary: Puri & Konarak

By Anupriya DG - June 04, 2011

Hey there people!!

As promised, am back with some random shots from my recent trip to Puri (a nearby seaside town)!!! All of you who regularly stop by my humble blog, must know by now how much I love being trigger-happy.........and how I come back to share with you all, whatever catches my fancy when I look through the lens........

The images are from all over the place - the seaside town of Puri, the Sun Temple at Konarak (which is around an hour's drive from the main town), Chandrabagha Beach (which is again a less-frequented beach about half-an-hour away from Puri) & other places along the way.

The Sun Temple, one of the historic monuments of India, is a beautiful structure carved out of stone. The intricate motifs & statuettes all over the buildings represent skilled ancient craftsmanship. You can read more about this temple, which is shaped like a chariot, here.

As always, the photographs I share with you are an odd assortment of frames & compositions that caught my eye throughout my 4-day trip. Hope you guys will find them as intriguing as I did........ :)


Well.......of course, the snap you see up there of yours truly was not clicked by me, but my dear sweet li'l sis............apart from that, all pictures, courtesy, this shutter-bug!

Sorry for posting after one whole week........but as usual, I was extremely busy with a whole lot of things!!! Hope this coming week will be a bit less hectic..............planning to do an outfit post soon! Stay tuned...... :)

Last, but not the least, a BIG welcome & thank you to all my new readers & followers - your constant encouragement is much appreciated! :))

Have an amazing weekend guys!

Keep rocking,
Polka Princess

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  1. Super pics!!! Beautiful!!!!! Darooon bhalo, you are one talented chica.

  2. nice shots!!...though i have already seen the collection on FB but still a good reminder!!
    puri & konark are always wonderful!!!

  3. Great Shots babes!!! Love the ones with your feet a lot!!! :)

    ♡ from ©

  4. beautiful pics!! you are becoming a pro :)

  5. Those r some really nice pics!

  6. Love these pictures, they are so deep of pure feelings!!!The second pict is simply amazing: you look BEAUTIFUL!

  7. These photos are amazing :D

  8. these photos are really beautiful!

  9. wonderful photos! congrats to the photographer ;)

  10. i reaaally want to go to the beach now!! :)

    love, polly

  11. I'm always in awe of captures like these, such beauty & indeed intriguing! -xo

  12. Wow. Those are beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn holiday! :)
    Your comments always make me go *eeeee*, btw :* :*

  13. Oh my goodness, these photos are a treat!!

  14. Stunning pics, my dear friend, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I must go to India.

  15. Beautiful shots..! Sydney is freezing, so can't even think about beach right now
    lee x

  16. ths is an amazing photo-shoot....

  17. tes photos sont superbes....j'aime beaucoup

  18. amazing photos gorgeous girl!! x

  19. Wow! amazing pics!!!
    This place should be so beautiful!

  20. these pictures are beautiful! like your nailpolish xx

  21. Oh my - these are such atmospheric photos and really show your eye for composition. There is something particularly poignant about the first one.

  22. these photos just brought back so many you are from too!!
    love the photo of the lamp posts and the feet ..thinking of the sea side now!

  23. Beautiful and lovely snap shots... Konark temple is always on my must visit lists... !! The architecture is brilliant... !!!


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