Color me crazy!!

Hey guys! Sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy for being such an irregular member of the blogosphere.............but as you all know (Or at least, those of you who have read my last post know), I've been travelling for around a week & was back only last Sunday. I know that another 5 days have passed since then........& am posting only now! But I was just sooooo busy with all the pending work-load and with sorting out all the snaps from my trip..... :)

My sincere apologies for not being able to visit any of your blogs or commenting on them.......let me assure you that I'm back in full swing starting right this moment.......& will pay regular visits to all my favorite blogs soon!! :)) for the good news.............I've got quite a few outfit posts coming up courtesy my recent trip.............and I've got some nice photographs for you all too! (my regular readers will be knowing of the crazy & passionate photographer hidden in me!)

All of you who have been following my humble efforts at fashion blogging are aware of my love for colors. You'll mostly find me covered in bright & colorful clothes & accessories. For me, colors signify all the various aspects of my life - without colors, I'm as good as dead! No.......that doesn't mean that I shy away from fact, aren't Black & White colors as well??? ;)

Why all the sudden hullabaloo about colors - you say??? Well............that's because today's outfit is another tribute to my love of mixing & matching colors! I love love love putting different colors together and creating visually bright & vibrant combinations...! Moral of the story - I love colors and colors love me!!! :))

My eyes are not actually looking down (God knows why, though!!)

My office trip took me to this pretty resort in Karnala (around 2.5 hrs drive from Mumbai)..........I just fell in love with all the greenery!! :)

I've always had this thing for the blue-green combination...........and the yellow just made things better, didn't it???

Fooling around..............full Bollywood heroine style!! ;)

My coral bag complemented my coral nails!! :))

Accessories comprised of the quintessential Owl neckpiece, my usual stack of miscellaneous bangles, some silver rings & my watch

Happy feet!! ^_^

Jersey tunic: Brand Factory, Kolkata
Green tights: BK Market, Kolkata
Owl neckpiece: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Earrings: Accessorize, Bangalore
Blue wooden bangle: Some fair, Kolkata
Jade bangle: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Striped bangle: Fabindia, gifted
Silver rings: New Market, Kolkata
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Tote: BK MArket, Kolkata
Gladiators: Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Thus the chronicles of my colorful outfit comes to an end.........hope you all didn't need sunnies to view the pictures!! ;P

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

*Letting you in on a secret* Am sitting at my desk in office right now & posting this........tee hee!! *wink* *wink*

Looking forward to a nice Sunday -  have got a couple of movies to catch up on! :)

Till next time,
Love & hugs,
Polka Princess

P.S.: This post has been submitted for the Color Brigade entry......please, please pleeeeeaaaasssseee do "like" my entry & click on the link to vote for me!!!! Thanx guys! :)


  1. Love the colour burst. And the filmy pictures!!! Green, blue and yellow go so well together! Love the jewelry and the second last picture is perfect!

  2. Nice mix of how the assortment of bangles really brings all the pieces together :-)

  3. So cute didi, I am super stoked that you're back. And look at your poses. You just gave me some inspirational idea to watch bollywood films for poses. Our heroines really have a lot up their sleeves. no?

  4. hi babes!!!...saw this outfit on FB first and instantly liked it!!!! all the colors, they look so wonderful together!!!!!

    love ur bright nailpaint too!!!!

    i want a similar owl neckpiece but etsy is too expensive..can u get one ( not exactly same but something similar, im trusting your fashion sense to pick a real good one!!)....for me, il pay for the piece plus shipping...???? plz plz plz plz, will you???????????????????????????
    i know that sounds a crazy request but can you please do this for me???

  5. All the colours go so well together...Love the top..You could wear it as a dress too and it would look chic as a stand-alone too :) Love it!!

  6. Happy feet! Happy smile... happy me to see happy you :)

    I love all these colours and together the better!

  7. Really looks like you are having a ball there ... Happiness is oozing out of the pictures! :)

    ♡ from ©

  8. wow!!love the colour mixing.. you rock at it .. :)

  9. Love the combination of colors honey!Green and blue, thanks for the inspiration!Amazing yellow flats!

  10. I always love that you never shy away from bright colours- no matter how many, no matter how different they may be. Everything in this look compliments the other elements so well, and those yellow sandals are just perfect :)

  11. @Trishna: Lol! Ya........Bollywood is great for inspiration! :)
    @Sushmita: I'd love to have picked one up for you dear.....but I've got this one from Mumbai...wish you'd have told me earlier, I'd have picked one up for you too!
    @Dusk: Happy happy! :))
    @Federica/Cee: Thanx girls......mwah!

  12. I've been neglectful too! Trying not to feel bad- I miss you and your beautiful face and love of color. Looking forward to your upcoming outfit posts. Muahz! -Bella Q

  13. I love all the bright colors especially the yellow shoes and the green pants/tights!
    So cute!

  14. LOVING the pictureeeeees! :) You look so fab woman! :)
    Also, I accidentally deleted your last comment :( (Technology fumbling, sorrrrrry) I would really like if you posted it back for me, prettttttty please :)

  15. what a great colorful outfit! i love those yellow shoes -- a perfect color for summer!

    cute & little
    Sproos Hair Accessory Giveaway

  16. I love bright, vibrant colors!


  17. loving your yellow sandals!

    and in response to your comment - i use maybelline great lash mascara and then once that dries i put on a coat of false lash by cover girl!


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