Go Green!

Well......am still going strong on the posting front with outfits from my recent trip out of town. :)

And for no particular reason, I had absolutely gone on a color-crazy dressing spree while on that trip.........so please bear with another dose of bright blocks (in agreement with Dusk, I'm not "blocking out" any color here) patches of colors on me this time round too! (In case you've no idea what I'm talking about, check out my last post here)

On another note, the organisation I work for has suddenly switched to a Go Green mode! The CEO is sending long mails with tips on how to be a more eco-friendly employee, the desktop backgrounds are all green-themed now & there are regular updates on how to conserve electricity, save water or recycle. It has definitely stirred up a sense of induced responsibility in some of the employees, while for some others it's just another gimmick they think the company will get tired of soon......
As for me, the whole shenanigan didn't make much of a difference......coz I already know most of what the mailers are preaching........& I also do practise all those Earth-saving acts.
But it set me thinking........what if my employers wouldn't have thought up of this whole activity??? Would the people, who are following the rules just because the CEO says them, have cared to do something towards the betterment of this environment? Would the employees, who realised the importance of these acts only when they came to them in black & white, have thought twice before leaving a water tap running or leaving the office without turning off their PCs? Probably not. 
Does that mean that we are all becoming mechanical, spoon-fed babies who doesn't have a mind of their own? Can't people do those li'l things that help save the Earth without others having to brainwash them about it??? I mean.......isn't it our very fundamental duty, as Earthlings, to see to it that our planet is safe & sound???
Hell.....nobody needed to tell me that I should not leave a tap running coz somewhere out there, there maybe someone in dire need of those few drops of water..........nobody had to teach me turn off all electricity when I'm leaving a place (be it my home or office)...........nobody's mail had given me the idea of using already-used paper for printing stuff that I needed only for my reference (or for that matter, printing only when it was most necessary - one didn't need to print everything!).........
These very li'l everyday things add up to a lot when everyone all around the world do them!!! And as one of the updates on my office desktop read:

"There are no passengers on spaceship Earth.........we are all crew"

Now before I blabber any more, let's go on to the pictures............incidentally, I'm wearing green.........& you can see all the greenery in the background........green with envy, anyone???

Well......this is one of my rare posts where I'm not in a mood to talk much about my outfit........please bear.....

Green cotton tunic: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Purple leggings: Brand Factory, Kolkata
Not-so-pink shrug: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Pink spaghetti: Pantaloons, Kolkata
Necklace: Ayesha, Bangalore
Bangles: Assorted, Mumbai/Bangalore/Kolkata
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Flip-flops: Puma, Kolkata
Smile: My own

I've already written way too much for the day......so gonna give myself a rest now....

I spent my Sunday out on a photo-walk with friends (that's when we go on an excursion to a particular place to click photographs)........pictures coming soon! :)

How did you guys spend the weekend? And how are you gearing up for the week ahead???

Dreading the return of the Monday,
Polka Princess