Ghosts of outfits past...

First of all..................a HUGE thanks to all of you lovely people out there who've sent me such beautiful & heart-warming wishes on my Blog-versary!!! I was sooooooooo touched! You guys are total sweethearts........sigh! <3

Secondly................I've stocked up on quite a few outfits in the past few weeks.......hence, the next few posts (including this one) will be light on the talks & heavy on the photos. Hope all of you are having a great week..........enjoy the pictures!!! :)

This outfit is from about a month back...........something I wore on a Sunday, out shopping with mum & sis...

Just wanted a casual & laid-back outfit for a lazy afternoon of shopping...........hence, the bright colors, the scarf & the flip-flops.... :)

My neon green PVC strap watch is perfect for that not-so-subtle pop of color & complimented the green straps of my flip-flops beautifully! 

And let's not start on how much I love my mustard purse..........maybe you'll get my drift if I tell you that it's pure leather, vintage & I thrifted it for only about 1$!!! :))

Jersey tunic: Brand Factory, Kolkata
Leggings: BK Market, Kolkata
Tasseled scarf: Thrifted, Kolkata
Leather purse: Vintage, Leather Expo, Kolkata
Fan necklace: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Fabric bangles: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Heart ring: New Market, Kolkata
PVC strap watch: Fastrack, Kolkata
Flip-flops: Puma, Kolkata

Have entered this outfit for the Color Brigade Vol 35. Do click for me!!! Thanks..... :)

I promised this post will be light on the I'll shut my gob now........

Have a great week...............& an even greater weekend guys!!!!!!! Do tell me what all your plans are!

Love you all,
Polka Princess


  1. Ooooohhhhhhhh nice!!! I love this look of yours :) So pretty and pink and blue look so good together. Perfect for a day of shopping. The little glimses of Calcutta make me homesick :(

  2. LOVE the scarf Anupriya! :) I want! :D

  3. you look so lovely!great outfit!

  4. wow !! you look lovely the blue pink combo ...

  5. hehe...I love the title of the post :) you look fab in blue and pink..and the outfit looks really comfy as well. Where do you get $1 bags? I want to go to that place..Are you from Bombay?


  6. I love your accessories here! :)

  7. This looks like an outfit perfect for the monsoons - bright and cheery, and very practical too!! Nice!!!

  8. love the is quite a beauty and like ur fan pendant too!!!!

  9. You look amazing honey!Love the combination of colors, the outfit is so comfy yet chic!!!

  10. I love you in blue and pink so much, my dear friend.

  11. I have the exact blue top which I team up with black leggings but wow never knew that it would look this pretty with pink too.. will give this a shot!! :)

  12. You look fantastic! And I love that bag - the leather looks so yummy!

  13. Happy belated blog anniversary !
    I love the color combination here, awesome look.

  14. great post and pics :)
    wanna follow each other?

    check out my new post:

  15. @Holly: Awwwww....just a few days more sure you'll be home for the Pujas! :)
    @Shreya: :))
    @Sovina: No from Calcutta...
    @Ananya: I'd love to see you do that! :)

  16. so cute! love the pink and blue! :)

    join my ongoing giveaway!!!

  17. Hello beautiful! I voted and love the bright pink with the blue and the mustard bag. You can mix bold colors like a pro! xo. -Bella Q

  18. amazing jewellry so super cute love your pictures!!

    I found your blog because you commented under my picture that Lee Oliviera shot of my during Berlin Fashion Week ;)



  19. I love the colour combination in this outfit :)

  20. Your blog is amazing and provides me with great style and fashion inspiration!

    I'm attending New York Fashion Week and would love for you to check out my coverage (lots of insider exclusives and fashion moments)
    style and musings of a fashion lawyer playing, living, shopping and working in LA


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