Monday, September 12, 2011

Leopard stripes

So, we are still blogging on-the-go.
We are still gonna go light on the blah & heavy on the snaps.
We are still going to share pictures dragged out of archives.
We are still so shutting up NOW!

Just another day at office..........just another "smart casual" workplace outfit (though you can't really qualify this as work-wear, which is supposed to be formal in most cases) with a knot & a twist! ;)

I love wearing flats with cropped trousers..........sort of a practical, yet chic feel about the whole thing, no?

I generally don't wear my shirts tucked-in. Mainly because I haven't got washboard abs to boast of!
But that day I felt like the waistline of the pants & the fit of the shirt was just about right for me to give the tucked-in look a try!! I didn't really do wrong.....did I???

I wanted to wear a thin belt to perfect that tucked-in look.........but didn't find any that went well with the whole outfit. I was almost giving up, when my eyes fell on my favorite leopard print scarf! And voila! My problem was solved!! :)


My heart ring is becoming a regular feature on this blog nowadays.........hope you guys haven't tired of it yet......coz I sure haven't!!! Also, I'm loving these leather camel flats that a dear colleague-cum-friend has passed on to me recently (she's not even worn these once, as, soon after buying these, she realised that they are a tad too tight for her feet!).......thanks a bunch M!!!

Striped cotton shirt: Hand-me-down from friend (Thanks again, M!)
Corduroy cropped pants: Wills Lifestyle, Kolkata
Leopard print scarf: Thrifted, most probably!
Heart ring: Accessorize, Kolkata
Watch: Fastrack, gifted by friend
Camel flats: Hand-me-down from friend

This outfit was a subtle effort at print-mixing - didn't know stripes & leopard print look so swell together! :)

Also, this is a monotone outfit with neutral-ish colors (except for the pop of yellow on the ring)..........which may be a breather after last post's color outburst!

Hope you all had a rocking weekend!! \m/

Here's to getting ready for another long week ahead.........see you soon fellas! :))

Love love,
Polka Princess


  1. Love the subdued colors! Perfect for summers. So are so cute 'A' ... love your smile :D

    ♡ from ©

  2. the leopard print scarf is fantastic!

  3. I really liked the outfit, the prints mix work well together!! Those flats look very versatile too!!!

  4. you look good , definitely a casual look , corduroy pants are considered more casual than jeans, so a big no at work places.If your work place allows casual wear then ,u rock girl !!

  5. That a nice daily wear formal dressing. Love the color combo...
    Maid of Honor - Mehendi

  6. Love those shoes and the leopard hint is a nice kick to the brown pallette.

  7. You look great;)

  8. I like your blog :) if you want we can follow each others!

  9. Aaah I'm waiting to get my own big leopard print scarf for Fall/Winters!

  10. nice post and nice blog! come and see my new miriamstella post of Dole & gabbana shirt and chanel 2.55 bag.
    And if you like it, please Follow me!
    Miriamstella (from Italy)

  11. Great pants and the scarf/belt makes this outfit perfect!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  12. Hi! I found your blog and I like it so much! you look really great in this outfit!
    Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  13. I love tucking in my blouses, I feel like it pulls together any look- it definitely worked well here! And you can never go wrong with cropped pants and flats, it's such a very Audrey Hepburn style :)

  14. Thanks a bunch girls!!! :)
    @Cee: You pinned it right babe.....Audrey Hepburn it is!
    @Tamanna: Can't wait to see you style a leopard print scarf!! :)
    @Devi: office rules say no to denim, but yes to corduroy! Lucky me, I guess!! ;)
    @Tanvi: Mwah babe! You are always such a sweetheart!! <3

  15. I'm following you too! thank you!

  16. Your leopard print scarf is so cute!!!

    I just discover your blog & i like it so much!!! I invite you to mine & if you like it too, we could follow each other :) I hope so!!! :)

    KISSES from Spain!!!
    Estefanía J.

  17. You look great in this outfit. I love the leopard belt.

    You have a lovely blog. Wanna follow each other? I' d be really glad.

  18. Love the subtle hint of leopard in your outfit.

  19. I like that belt!

  20. you look lovely in this outfit :)

  21. Love the leopard and the stripes combo!

  22. You look gorgeous honey!!!Great combo!

  23. Like the idea of tying the knot with pants and the ring looks awesome!

  24. Leopard is the polka dot of the animal kingdom- they both go with EVERYTHING. Love the ring- keep wearing it, Princess! <3

  25. What a cute combination! Love those capri pants. :)

  26. You look absolutely wonderful. I love the leopard print belt.


  27. Nice outfit !
    Love S.

    Check out our Blog

  28. I love your hart ring!! <3
    kisses from Italy


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