Polka before the Puja

Aaah! Yet another week gone by........! Sometimes, it seems that the days come & go so fast............while at times, Time seems to stand stubbornly still...........!! Well........that's how playful the Laws of the Universe are, I guess! (The Supreme Being sure enjoys a good laugh at the expense of us poor mortals!)

I've been blog-hopping quite a lot this week & the two biggest events making headlines in the blogosphere have been:
1. The IFB Conference in New York 
2. The Vogue Fashion's Night Out in select cities all over the world

Both events are HUGE as far as Fashion is concerned...........and though I've not been fortunate enough to attend either, I've lived the wonderful experiences provided by both through the numerous blogs I read. Some of my wonderful blogger friends have attended one or both the events & have covered them so beautifully, that at times, while reading the related posts, I almost felt as if I was there in that very room full of amazingly stylish people! Sigh!! Here's praying that such a day comes soon.........

Coming back to my more humble existence (Far away from the glitz & glamour of the afore-mentioned events), I'm happy to announce that after a loooooooooong time, I'm posting pictures of a current outfit (which is not from 2 months back!). This is what I wore for some last-minute pre-festivity shopping with Mom yesterday (Yes, that's how hot-off-the-stands this outfit is!!).
For those of you who don't know, (which is most of you, I believe), we Bengalis (a sect of the Hindus with origins in the region of Bengal) celebrate our biggest festival at this time of the year.........the Durga Puja (as we call it) is all about worshiping the Goddess Durga & her four children and celebrating the win of Good over Evil (as the Goddess is believed to have beaten & won over the evil demon Mahishasura). The festival spans over a period of 5 days & these 5 days are the most-awaited & special days of the year for us. The grandeur & pomp with which this festival is celebrated, not only in Bengal, but all over India, is a wonder to behold by itself!
And the best part of this festival is the fact that we wear all NEW CLOTHES throughout the 5 days of festivities!!! Now, nothing can beat that, ain't it????
Since my birth, all through these 25 years of life, I've celebrated this festival in my city, with friends & family. It has almost been an unspoken rule in our household that nobody leaves the city during Durga Puja. But this time, with a heavy, but apprehensive heart, I'm looking forward to spending the festive days in Mumbai. And though a part of me is sad at leaving behind the familiar joy & happiness of spending the days in my city, another part is equally excited at the prospects of being able to enjoy a different kind of experience in another city! Hope Mumbai won't disappoint me!!! 

Ok.............ok.........I know I've not been keeping a tab on my words as I've done in the last 2 posts (You must be saying - "One day she gets a li'l bit of time & she starts never to stop again!"). So, I oblige by shutting up now..........& leave you to enjoy the pictures!!! :)

I love the interesting folds of this top...the hemline & the drapey feel of the silhouette makes me happy everytime I wear it!!! :))

Not to mention that it is POLKA-DOTTED!!! :D

See the bright li'l bauble on my wrist??? I've been wanting to wear them for some time now, but couldn't really gel it with any of my recent outfits. I finally debuted it with this outfit.........somehow it went well both with the silhouettes & with the colors.

And my new pretty hair-clip! <3

Layering 2 necklaces for the first time...........a turquoise pendant for filling up the deep neckline and a fun & quirky wooden pendant on a longer string to add some colors!

Baby pink tee: Commercial St., Banglaore
Polka-dotted top: Max, Bangalore
Denim: Jealous 21, Bangalore
Aviators: Aldo, Kolkata
Turquoise pendant: Gifted by friend
Wooden slice-of-pie pendant: Fabindia, Kolkata
Bracelet: Westside, Mumbai
Hair-clip: New Market, Kolkata
Leather purse: Vintage, thrifted
Shoes: Gifted by friend

I had a relaxed weekend..........all up & ready for facing the coming week...........what did you guys do???

Take care,
Polka Princess