A piece of India

A BIG hellooooooooo to all of you out there!!!
Yes! I'm back in action after a satisfying vacation..........& boy! Am I glad to be back among all my lovely blogger buddies!!! :))

The last week has been quite exciting, hectic & fun-filled what with the Durga Puja, Navaratri & Dussehra celebrations on all over the country............these festivals hold certain amount of significance to certain sects of Indians.........while Dussehra is primarily celebrated in North India, Navaratri is the predominant festival of the Western part of the country............and we, people originating from East India (particularly, Bengal), take great pride & pleasure in celebrating the Durga Puja....... :)

The Goddess Durga supposedly comes home to her parents' abode (that is the Earth) with her four children & stays with us mortals for 5 days...............these 5 days are celebrated with great pomp & grandeur to celebrate the home-coming of our Mother, the Goddess. All 5 Gods & Goddesses are worshiped with reverence on these days, with temporary temples being erected all over the cities for putting up the idols of the deities. In fact, it's almost become a full-fledged competition between different clubs & societies (who organize these Pujas) to establish that each one is better than the other, with specific themes for each group & idols, pandals, decor, lighting - all according to the theme! The Goddess Durga is depicted centrally with her four children - Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of learning & music), Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of wealth), God Ganesh (God of prosperity) & God Karthik (God of skill) - around her...........and the festivities depict the celebrations for the victory of Good over Evil. The Goddess Durga also has ten arms & she yields one weapon in each arm with which she valiantly fights & wins over the evil demon Mahishasura! On the 5th & final day of the festival, the idols of the deities are taken & immersed in rivers or ponds/lakes (the idols are made of straw & mud, thus being bio-degradable & hence not damaging the water-bodies), thus depicting that She has gone back to her husband's place in the Kailash mountains (in the Himalayas).............and we begin another year-long wait for Her to come back to spend some time with us....

A sneak peek of a few different idols of the Goddess & her children with all their grand decor:

My dear friend Sacramento of Mis Papelicos, after seeing the pictures of the festival shared on Facebook by me, suggested that all this is interesting enough to feature in a post.............so here I am, writing about a unique & traditionally rich part of my culture............hope you all found it as interesting as Sacramento did! :)

Another factor that adds to the festivities during this time is that, we, Bengalis, have to wear new clothes during these 5 days!!! Now, you know what that means.........right??? Lots of pre-Puja shopping.........and a few lovely outfits to rig up for 5 whole days! :))

So.........here's one of my outfits from the festive times............this is what I wore on the 3rd day of the Puja - the Mahashtami (which is also supposed to be the most pious day).............and traditionally we tend to wear ethnic clothes on this particular day. Hence, the Indian kurta-churidar (Indian tunic & leggings) avatar.......so much for heritage! :)

There was this cute cart with flowers baskets on it outside a store.........couldn't resist posing beside it! ^_^

As always, I like my colors nice & bright!! And the quirky painted wall provided a lovely backdrop for my already colorful outfit! :)

This tunic/kurta is designed by me & tailored as per specifications! :D 

Also, am wearing lovely embroidered cloth earrings gifted by a sweet friend & a cute tissue flower ring........sorry, but don't have close-up shots of the accessories!

Kurta/tunic: Self-made, tailored
Leggings: Shoppers Stop, Kolkata
Bag: BK Market, Kolkata
Earrings: Fabindia, gifted by friend
Bangles: Mumbai
Flower ring: Bliss, Pune
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Kolkata
Sunnies: Polo Club, Kolkata
Sandals: Inc.5, Kolkata

Now that festive time is over........it's back to mundane Monday mornings & workplace woes!!! :(

Have a great week ahead people!

Take care,
Polka Princess