Ready for Red???

Hey there lovelies!

How've you all been this past week??? Thanks a lot for all your lovely comments on my last post........your words mean the world to me!!! I'm so glad that I've got such a lovely bunch of readers out there! :)

How many of you all were affected by the 3-day Blackberry mishap that hit the world a few days back? Did you all go "Gah! My world is ruined!" or just shrug your shoulders & think "Thank God! I can live in peace for a while..."???
Well.....I, for one, was quite indifferent to it all. It really didn't rock my world & leave me devastated or such.... It was just another piece of news for me (though the irregular mails on my phone did become a bit irritating after 2 days)....does that prove that I'm not a Blackberry addict? Good! Coz I hate any kind of addiction!! (Chocolate doesn't count.......does it?)

 The whole BlackBerry-pays-3 day-silent-tribute-to-Apple's-Steve Jobs joke did tickle me in the right places the first time though! (But only the first time, mind you! NOW, it's getting tedious!)

In other more-fashion blogger-friendly news, I'm absolutely OD-ing on my pair of new red pants! Yes, I've finally got myself a pair (right after the whole freaking world & it's neighbor!)........& am terribly obsessed with it!! I'm wearing it with almost anything & everything (and am apologizing in advance for not having pictures of all my red pants-related outfits)..........also basking in the glory of churning out different outfits using one pair of pants! :))

For now, I can share only this outfit that I've had the time to excuse all this hullabaloo about a pair of red pants that many of you must be sick & tired of every child his toy, I guess!

Ok....this was not intentional...........but I kinda liked the way it came 

Now, this is what I'm talking about! See why I'm in love with these red beauties???

Trying to strike a pose that you've not seen here for a million times! :P

And of course, I had to show you the back of this top........interesting, ain't it?

A very Grecian drape, if you ask me....
I always wear this with bright colored tanks underneath.........the peep of color is always fun! :)

And now for a couple of my very favorite pieces of accessories that are recent additions to my ever-growing collection - this quirky li'l wide-eyed owl & my new snakeskin cuff! :D

(Can you believe it? I had to go back to that shop twice later to buy more pieces of that owl for people who saw mine & wanted one for themselves too! The amount of charity I do...I tell you!!! *rolling eyes*)

It's not always that I have a close-up shot of the earrings for you guys.........but these white & gold beauties almost demanded it!

Top: United Colors of Benetton
Red denims: 109F
Yellow tank: Pantaloons
Owl pendant: Vile Parle, Mumbai
Snakeskin cuff: ASOS
Earrings: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Watch: Fastrack, gifted by uncle
Embroidered sandals: INC.5

Well...........that's all my "red" rantings for now! You'll be seeing a LOT more of these red pants in the posts to come..........can't tell me that I didn't warn you!

I'm looking forward to a relaxed & creative Sunday ahead (working on some projects.......hope to share with you guys soon!)..........what's your plan???

Have a happy week ahead guys! 

Much love,
Polka Princess