Ready for Red???

Hey there lovelies!

How've you all been this past week??? Thanks a lot for all your lovely comments on my last post........your words mean the world to me!!! I'm so glad that I've got such a lovely bunch of readers out there! :)

How many of you all were affected by the 3-day Blackberry mishap that hit the world a few days back? Did you all go "Gah! My world is ruined!" or just shrug your shoulders & think "Thank God! I can live in peace for a while..."???
Well.....I, for one, was quite indifferent to it all. It really didn't rock my world & leave me devastated or such.... It was just another piece of news for me (though the irregular mails on my phone did become a bit irritating after 2 days)....does that prove that I'm not a Blackberry addict? Good! Coz I hate any kind of addiction!! (Chocolate doesn't count.......does it?)

 The whole BlackBerry-pays-3 day-silent-tribute-to-Apple's-Steve Jobs joke did tickle me in the right places the first time though! (But only the first time, mind you! NOW, it's getting tedious!)

In other more-fashion blogger-friendly news, I'm absolutely OD-ing on my pair of new red pants! Yes, I've finally got myself a pair (right after the whole freaking world & it's neighbor!)........& am terribly obsessed with it!! I'm wearing it with almost anything & everything (and am apologizing in advance for not having pictures of all my red pants-related outfits)..........also basking in the glory of churning out different outfits using one pair of pants! :))

For now, I can share only this outfit that I've had the time to excuse all this hullabaloo about a pair of red pants that many of you must be sick & tired of every child his toy, I guess!

Ok....this was not intentional...........but I kinda liked the way it came 

Now, this is what I'm talking about! See why I'm in love with these red beauties???

Trying to strike a pose that you've not seen here for a million times! :P

And of course, I had to show you the back of this top........interesting, ain't it?

A very Grecian drape, if you ask me....
I always wear this with bright colored tanks underneath.........the peep of color is always fun! :)

And now for a couple of my very favorite pieces of accessories that are recent additions to my ever-growing collection - this quirky li'l wide-eyed owl & my new snakeskin cuff! :D

(Can you believe it? I had to go back to that shop twice later to buy more pieces of that owl for people who saw mine & wanted one for themselves too! The amount of charity I do...I tell you!!! *rolling eyes*)

It's not always that I have a close-up shot of the earrings for you guys.........but these white & gold beauties almost demanded it!

Top: United Colors of Benetton
Red denims: 109F
Yellow tank: Pantaloons
Owl pendant: Vile Parle, Mumbai
Snakeskin cuff: ASOS
Earrings: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Watch: Fastrack, gifted by uncle
Embroidered sandals: INC.5

Well...........that's all my "red" rantings for now! You'll be seeing a LOT more of these red pants in the posts to come..........can't tell me that I didn't warn you!

I'm looking forward to a relaxed & creative Sunday ahead (working on some projects.......hope to share with you guys soon!)..........what's your plan???

Have a happy week ahead guys! 

Much love,
Polka Princess


  1. those red pants look AWESOME on you! i would be posing too! haha i'm also loving your draped top w/the peek of yellow underneath. you look great in colors! you're such a hoot...that was sweet to get your friends an owl necklace too. it's cute. adore your sandals girl. it's just a great outfit!! hope you're having a great day! :D

  2. haha your commentary is sooooo funny hun. ODing on red pants for sure! hehe. They look wicked awaesome on you too, I wish sometimes that I had the courage to pull off some 'loud' pants like those hehe ^_^


  3. Ooooh!!! Nice!!! You look all sassy in those photos!! I guess that's one of the advantages of wearing red; no surprise it figured so much on Wonder Woman's outfit!!

  4. love the are glowing!!
    and love the red pants!!....
    and the owl necklace is cute..thanks for sending me gonna wear it often!!

  5. awesome also dying to get my hands on a pair of colourful pants..luv the back of ur top its very interesting...n well i myself m obsessed wid owl pendants...cant get enuf of them...
    Chic Accessorizer

  6. its funny were both wearing red in our posts! you look lovely :)

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  7. Gorgeous as ever, my dear princess.

  8. Ah Polka P, you and red pants are a match made in color heaven. They look great, seem de rigueur for a fashion blogger and are just the spot of color I'd expect from you!
    The top is wonderfully liquid, but the cuff- ah, sooooo deliciousssss!

  9. Great red pants & i adore your necklace!!

  10. Pretty look hon! I like your necklase!!

  11. I really love looks with skinny red pants...and I really love your owl necklace!- Jessica

  12. Thank you for all the lovely words girls.... :)

    @Sushmita: You are most welcome dear! Can't wait to see you wear the Owl I got you!! ;)
    @Bella: Aaah! You're always so sweet with all those compliments dear! Mwah!! <3

  13. what a cute owl necklace and those red pants look perfect on you!

    cute & little

  14. I have the same ucb top and yeah its so interesting! love the peek a boo thing it does
    The pants are great :)

  15. Those red pants look amazing on you. I really love the design of the back of the shirt as well. So chic and cute. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Your hair looks absolutely stunning in these photos, I don't think I've ever seen it look more beautiful! And those red pants are fabulous, they fit you like a glove :)

  17. Red pants are fantastic! I love that top...and your necklace is soo cute...Owls are my daughters favourite animals :)

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  18. You look great in red, but I adore your top, so gorgeous!!!

  19. kolyene bayıldım çok sevimli birşey... Bu tonlardaki bir kolyeyi türkiyede bulamamıştım.
    Süper gözüküyorsun

  20. Love this look on you! The red pants are super flattering!

  21. The draping on the back of this top is purely dramatic and beautiful. These pants are boldly red with such lovely color. Great post and lovely looks!

  22. I am loving that top, the back is just amazing!

    style roulette

  23. you have a gorgeous outfit!!! looks great on you.. so love your necklace!!!... enjoyed your blog,, following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!!


  24. Dear, those pants fit you so good! And red is a color that really suits you:)


  25. The owl pendant is so happening now :P Everyone's been walking around with one, utter cute.
    I lovee the red pants. Im particularly attached with mine too...hahah. :)
    You look fab. Completely fab! :P

  26. i can never wear red pants so well xx

  27. loved ur pants nd d top !! you look greatt!!
    PS- following you now !! Plz visit my blog sometime and follow if u like : )

  28. Such great red pants! I need a pair.

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  29. hey hun, I just discovered your blog, and really love it!!! You have a great style and are really inspiring. Definitely have a new follower and a fan! If you get a chance pop up by my page, maybe you would like it ;) xoxo

  30. Wow!! Those red pants look awesome(I have been wanting one for sometime now!!) and you look great in them & your white top,its really cool. What I found best is your owl neck piece...its simply adorable:D

  31. very cute blog u got going on here!! def. going to be a follower!! surely stop by mine when u get a chance.

  32. How awesome I love the red!

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    nice jewelry from Go check it


    Love your blog


  33. I adore you red pants :) And the colorful owl is also so cute :)


  34. Nice photos and outfit! :))

  35. Hi :)
    I'm Dayle, a new follower! You've got such a great blog running here and your creations are lovely!
    Dont worry, I make a hype over most of the new items that come into my closet :D
    Do drop in at my blog sometime !


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