November 29, 2011

Winter flora

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So the chill is slowly settling in...........the evenings are getting colder...........& the wind has a zing to it! :)

Yayyyy for the approaching winters!!!!

It's time to take the extra layers out of their's time for that extra cup of steaming hot coffee in the's time for snuggling deep into the blankets as we drift off to sleep at night..........sigh! Isn't this time of the year just beeeeautiful??? what that I'm super-busy working on my line of accessories & clothing? So what that I'm having to slog till 2-3 am at night..........& then rush to office at 9 am in the morning?? So what that I'm awfully pissed at certain people for being imbecile, double-faced jerks???
I'm still loving every moment of this starting-to-get-chilly weather............and still expressing my joy with a burst of colors.....yet again! :))

 Firstly, do excuse the frazzled expression & wet hair.....
It's just that I was running so late for the movie (though Breaking Dawn was a tad bit be honest!) & didn't want to make the boy wait! :)

I LOVE denim tunics/shirtdresses. No more discussion.


And here comes my floral scarf to ward off the chill at the movie theatre & the winds while coming back home. The pretty pink flowers complement the fuschia tights! :)
Add to that my yellow sling purse for that bright pop of instant pizzazz!!! Ting!
Note: More colors added by the cute strawberry charms necklace & heart ring....I never tire of colors, I tell you!

Denim tunic/shirtdress: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Pink tights: BK Market, Kolkata
Floral scarf: Thrifted, Kolkata
Yellow sling purse: BK Market, Kolkata
Strawberry charms necklace: Linking Road, Mumbai
Heart ring: Accessorize
Aviators: Aldo Accessories
Sandals: Puma

That's about all for now..........

Have a great week ahead fellas!!!

Hopefully I'll have more layers on me to share in my next post!
Yoohoo, Winter! You listening???

Till then, take care peeps!

Polka Princess

P.S.: This post can also be seen at the InFB Neon Remix along with super-cool neon-themed outfits by other Indian bloggers! :)
November 22, 2011

The Owl & the Clock

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I know...I know........I have been bad enough to have been off the radar for the last ten days! But then.........I was busy (D-uh!), not only at work........but also with Howrah Bridge (for the uninitiated, that's my brand of accessories & clothes) fact, I'm working on lots of new designs & products that I hope to share with you soon!
Till then, do check out my collection of dresses over at the Howrah Bridge blog.........would love to hear your feedback on the same! :)

On the outfits front, things have been pretty drab........what with rushing to office in the mornings & rushing back to work on my designs at home in the evening........I haven't been able to rig up anything impressive enough! :(

Still.......have got something for you guys from a couple of days back........the most interesting thing about this outfit is the accessories!! Enjoy!

Just wore a black cotton blouse with pretty ruffles & ladder lace with a pair of beige corduroy trousers.....simple & can-never-go-wrong (playing safe....not very me........but still!)...

The highlights of the outfit - the super-cute accessories!! :)
I've been craving for a nice pocket-watch pendant for a long time.............finally got myself one on my last trip to Mumbai (Colaba Causeway rocks, I tell you!!)
And just don't get me started on the adorable "Mr. Big Eyes" owl ring! Isn't it just awesomeness??? *happy grin*

Black blouse: Sepia
Corduroy trousers: Shoppers Stop
Pocket-watch pendant: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Owl ring: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Black pumps: Aldo

Don't forget to check out the Howrah Bridge dresses!!! :))

Hope to be back soon!

Love you all!!
Polka Princess

November 12, 2011

To Etsy...or not to Etsy......

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Like I had said in this post, my red pants are my current obsession. And I'm still OD-ing on them.

So much so, that the boy (who's the least bit interested in fashion, or clothes, for that matter..) was compelled to mention that I've been wearing my red pants consecutively for our last five dates!! :P
(Is he threatened that my red pants will turn out to be my more constant & loyal partner? I wonder......*raised eyebrow*)

That is how much obsessed I am.

Come'on! You can't hang me for that, now!!

I've paired these red beauties with almost all kinds of stuff from my wardrobe (Sorry! Haven't got snaps of all the outfits...).....right from grey slouchy tops to a black sleeveless tee to a military-inspire navy shirt!

So......this time, I thought of giving this almost-monochromatic theme a try! :)

This coral blouse with lace inserts is one of the most beautiful tops in my wardrobe....The soft pinkish coral hue, the ivory crochet laces, the flared sleeves & loose silhouette and the deep cut back with a tie-up (Sorry! No snaps!) make me feel so fun & flirty when I wear this!! :)


See what I mean???

Also, I thought of going nude on the shoes & bag, so as to keep the focus on the colors of the garmets!!
This vintage camel purse is one of my favorite bags.........can you believe that I thrifted this for just $1? :D

Top with lace & crochet deatils: Linking Road, Mumbai
Red pants: 109 F
Camel leather purse: Thrifted, LEXPO
Necklace: Aisha, Bangalore
Fabric covered bangles: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Red ivory bangle: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Silver metal bangles: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Yellow heart ring: Accessorize
Red & black wayfarers: Idee, gifted
Nude flats: Tresmode

Hope you all are geared up for a fabulous weekend ahead! (It has already started for most of you out there!!)

I'm contemplating setting up an Etsy shop for my brand Howrah Bridge...........what say?
Should I?
Or should I not???
That is the question.....

Happy weekend cupcakes!!
Polka Princess
November 08, 2011

I'm touched!

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No. I mean, really.

When I had first started this blog one & a half years back........I hardly had any idea that I'll be liked & embraced by so many wonderful people around the world.......sigh!

Why all of this suddenly? the last few days, I've realised this in a very heart-warming way once again........that's why! :)

Day in & day out, I pride myself in the growing number of blogging buddies that I have all over the world........according to my mom, I've always been a person with innumerable number of friends everywhere.......and I'm always one of the most well-networked among my friends & colleagues! Hence, I LOVE every new friend I make through this wonderful media of blogging.

But when these new found friends make a gesture that touches my heart? That's when I feel blessed...... :))

Coming to the point, I've been featured quite a bit in the last week.........first, there's a lovely award that has been passed onto me by a very sweet blogger.........and then, there's another wonderful new blogger who's featured me and my brand on her blog! (Now you know why the sudden emotional outburst!)

Ok....first, the award...

The uber-sweet Agam of Trimmings And Lace has honored me with the Tell Me About Yourself Award. Agam has a funky & eye-catching sense of style and she's as wonderful a person as she is stylish. Thanks a bunch for the lovely gesture Agam!! :)

Now for the rules of the award:
1. You have to thank & link back to the person who has passed on the award to you.
2. You have to share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. You have to pass on this award to 15 more bloggers. per rules, some random facts about myself:
  • I'm NOT an early morning person. I can stay up all night if you want me to....but early morning? No...thanks!
  • Fashion is my poison. Nothing intoxicates me more.
  • I love being behind the camera as much as I love being in front of it! :)
  • My sister is 10 years younger to me.
  • I'm currently reading Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot. I often borrow from my sister's teen fiction collection.
  • My most-received compliment till date is that I have beautiful eyes. (I can almost predict when someone's gonna say that!)
  • Music never fails to soothe matter what state of mind I'm in.
For more random pointers, keep reading this blog.........I'm always randomly stating something or the other about myself!! :)

And now I pass on this award to 15 bloggers who have never failed to inspire me on my visits to the blogosphere!! Here's to you, ladies:

1. Andreea of Thrill of the Heel
2. Polly of The Littlest Polly
4. Keschen of Raindrops of Red
5. Hope of Pink Champagne
7. Sacramento of Mis Papelicos
8. Natalie of Lucy and The Runaways
10. Just Tututiny of Just Tututiny
11. Kileen of Cute and Little
12. Cee of Coco & Vera
13. Federica of Chiccastyle
14. Katherine of Feather Factor
15. Uparna of Fascinated or Fixated

That said & done, I'm moving onto the other thing that put a BIG smile on my face!

The uber-sweet Uparna of Fascinated or Fixated has just started a series on her blog titled "A Vogue Idea" where she'll be showcasing blogs, brands, people or things that've inspired or interested her fashion-wise..................and guess who made it to the very first post of the series??? Yes, you guessed it right! It's none other than yours truly!!! (Even as I type this, I have a huge grin pasted on my face!!)

Uparna has been wonderful enough to feature me in her first edition of "A Vogue Idea" that she has written and her chosen topic was The Statement Necklace. She has been too sweet with all the lovely things she has written about me & my blog.........and not to mention, my brand Howrah Bridge & it's line of accessories, specially statemnet neckpieces!!! Read her lovely post here.

Thanks a bunch Uparna for making me feel so loved.........I'm flattered! that you all know my reasons for being so excited & check out these lovely people who've showed me such love & support!!! Some people are just such sweethearts, I tell you! :)

And once again, thank you all for being such a wonderful support system always! I'm so SO lucky to have you all! :D

Will be back with another outfit post soon! Till then, keep it stylish!

Polka Princess
November 04, 2011

Braid &

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Ok. So first of all, right now, my thoughts & subsequent words are in inverse proportions to the creative juices flowing in my mind. (Now you get the title! least, the last part!)

Now that you're prepared for a bare minimum of my gibberish (which means am being very creative right now)...........let's get that over with first...

This week is just going so S----L-----O----W----L----Y...............sometimes Time just seems to drag on......without any goal, without any aim...........Life seems to stand still.......or is it just me being disoriented-and-vague??? (Or is it just PMS?)

After almost one & a half months of back-to-back festivities being over, everything's suddenly become very dull all round...........the lights have all gone out, the music has died down, the new clothes have all been worn, the crackers have all been burst, the holidays are all over...........looks like there's nothing else to look forward to......
Christmas...................are you listening???

Something I wore to work, the other day.

Where's the creativity you'd say? Take a closer look at my neckpiece! :)


My friends say it's a cat.......but I prefer to think of this studded feline as a tigress!! ;)

And now............the Star of the show!!!
A Howrah Bridge neckpiece of strands of fabric braids (now the mystery of the title is solved!) of my latest pieces............what do you guys think of it?

Amused by the quirky Vero Moda window!
Wolfashion anyone??? ;)

Tunic: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Waistcoat: Remanika, Kolkata
Slim fit pants: Van Heusen, gifted by cousin
Braided necklace: Howrah Bridge
Studded ring: Accessorize
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Sandals: Inc.5, Kolkata

This Howrah Bridge neckpiece is available for sale. Anyone interested to buy the same can mail me at

I hope next time, I'll be able to spare a few more words.....

Till then,
Asta la vista fellas!

Fashionably yours,
Polka Princess


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