To Etsy...or not to Etsy......

Like I had said in this post, my red pants are my current obsession. And I'm still OD-ing on them.

So much so, that the boy (who's the least bit interested in fashion, or clothes, for that matter..) was compelled to mention that I've been wearing my red pants consecutively for our last five dates!! :P
(Is he threatened that my red pants will turn out to be my more constant & loyal partner? I wonder......*raised eyebrow*)

That is how much obsessed I am.

Come'on! You can't hang me for that, now!!

I've paired these red beauties with almost all kinds of stuff from my wardrobe (Sorry! Haven't got snaps of all the outfits...).....right from grey slouchy tops to a black sleeveless tee to a military-inspire navy shirt!

So......this time, I thought of giving this almost-monochromatic theme a try! :)

This coral blouse with lace inserts is one of the most beautiful tops in my wardrobe....The soft pinkish coral hue, the ivory crochet laces, the flared sleeves & loose silhouette and the deep cut back with a tie-up (Sorry! No snaps!) make me feel so fun & flirty when I wear this!! :)


See what I mean???

Also, I thought of going nude on the shoes & bag, so as to keep the focus on the colors of the garmets!!
This vintage camel purse is one of my favorite bags.........can you believe that I thrifted this for just $1? :D

Top with lace & crochet deatils: Linking Road, Mumbai
Red pants: 109 F
Camel leather purse: Thrifted, LEXPO
Necklace: Aisha, Bangalore
Fabric covered bangles: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Red ivory bangle: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Silver metal bangles: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Yellow heart ring: Accessorize
Red & black wayfarers: Idee, gifted
Nude flats: Tresmode

Hope you all are geared up for a fabulous weekend ahead! (It has already started for most of you out there!!)

I'm contemplating setting up an Etsy shop for my brand Howrah Bridge...........what say?
Should I?
Or should I not???
That is the question.....

Happy weekend cupcakes!!
Polka Princess