To Etsy...or not to Etsy......

Like I had said in this post, my red pants are my current obsession. And I'm still OD-ing on them.

So much so, that the boy (who's the least bit interested in fashion, or clothes, for that matter..) was compelled to mention that I've been wearing my red pants consecutively for our last five dates!! :P
(Is he threatened that my red pants will turn out to be my more constant & loyal partner? I wonder......*raised eyebrow*)

That is how much obsessed I am.

Come'on! You can't hang me for that, now!!

I've paired these red beauties with almost all kinds of stuff from my wardrobe (Sorry! Haven't got snaps of all the outfits...).....right from grey slouchy tops to a black sleeveless tee to a military-inspire navy shirt!

So......this time, I thought of giving this almost-monochromatic theme a try! :)

This coral blouse with lace inserts is one of the most beautiful tops in my wardrobe....The soft pinkish coral hue, the ivory crochet laces, the flared sleeves & loose silhouette and the deep cut back with a tie-up (Sorry! No snaps!) make me feel so fun & flirty when I wear this!! :)


See what I mean???

Also, I thought of going nude on the shoes & bag, so as to keep the focus on the colors of the garmets!!
This vintage camel purse is one of my favorite bags.........can you believe that I thrifted this for just $1? :D

Top with lace & crochet deatils: Linking Road, Mumbai
Red pants: 109 F
Camel leather purse: Thrifted, LEXPO
Necklace: Aisha, Bangalore
Fabric covered bangles: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Red ivory bangle: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Silver metal bangles: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Yellow heart ring: Accessorize
Red & black wayfarers: Idee, gifted
Nude flats: Tresmode

Hope you all are geared up for a fabulous weekend ahead! (It has already started for most of you out there!!)

I'm contemplating setting up an Etsy shop for my brand Howrah Bridge...........what say?
Should I?
Or should I not???
That is the question.....

Happy weekend cupcakes!!
Polka Princess


  1. Yes please! As an international buyer, etsy would be much easier for me to order from! :^)

  2. lovely lool and your smile makes it all the more beautiful!!

    i say yes, as i had mentioned to you earlier also!!!

    you could position yourself exclusively with only few pieces...lot of sellers do that!!!

  3. i love the way you play with colors...
    your posts inspire me to try and be a little more adventurous wen it comes to deciding wat to wear..

  4. @Ki/Sushmita: Point noted girls!! :)
    @Aparajita: I'm glad my love of colors inspire you....thanks for the lovely words!

  5. You look so cute here with this outfit. Such a pretty face and lovely hair. The tunic and pants go lovely together along with the flats. Very lovely!

  6. Nice blog posting. I'm just blogwalking and very interesting to stop here and read your post. I like this.

    But, dont forget to give us your comment into my blog ya.

    Thanks for share.

  7. Yes, yes, yes I love your creations! And I really liked your red pats as well, super energetic!

  8. I can totally see why you would be obsessed with them!! I have spent this season trying in vain to find a pair of my own fabulous red pants - so far, no luck.

    And I LOVE how you paired pink with red! It's so feminine and cute! That top is great.

  9. Yes yes yes to both this outfit and of course to the Etsy'll reach so many more peple via Etsy! Love love love this top of yours and the pairing with the red pants is simply perfect!

  10. U should totally do it....and while ur on it just take a look at this similar website that i found out recently....
    i don't know if it is as versatile as Etsy but check it out!

  11. Love your blouse! The color is so beautiful!
    I say: Do it :D

  12. definitely a do!!!
    I love this color combination! Pink and red are perfect together|

  13. Thats a great outfit.... I have also had a lot of such repeat fascinations/ obsessions with many of my trousers and skirts and tops :)

    Even I am planning to sell my art through Etsy... I have done a lot of research on it.. In a nutshell for a successful etsy shop three most important things would be brilliant photography, advertising to drive traffic towards the shop and a lo of description of your product with search friendly Tags....
    Setting up the shop is fairly easy but i think you should do a lot of research on it :)

    All the best
    Take Care

  14. i can understand ur obession wid red pants..coz im goin thru the same also totally in luv wid my colourful usaul..gr8 accessories
    Chic Accessorizer

  15. somehow the ivory chrochet lace is a stealer to me :) and you look so petite in the red pants :)

    abt howrah bridge...absolutely go for it !!

  16. Thank you so much girls for all the encouragement!! :)
    @Uparna: Thank you so much for the info dear......but unfortunately Folksy caters to only UK sellers! :(
    @Purvi: did do quite a bit of research! Thanks for the tips hon!! :))

  17. Love those red pants on you! What a great splash of color, it def. paired well with that cute pink top.

    Yes to esty! It's a great outlet to share your creativity with others as well as make a litte money to splurge on other things! Good luck on the decision.

  18. Love your blouse! that color suits you perfectly!

  19. Lovin the color block look

  20. When you look THIS good in red trousers - well, of course you're going to wear them for 5 consecutive dates!
    I too say yes to your etsy shop idea.

  21. Gorgeous top.
    Of course you should.
    Thank you for your kind words my dear princess.

  22. I dedicated my blog entry to you today my dear, come check it out ;)

  23. I just wore my red pants today! Love your pairing with the pink!
    Mix and Match Fashion

  24. That's too funny that your boy noticed you'd worn these five dates in a row! But I can see why- the colour is so vibrant and beautiful, and they fit you like a glove! You've even managed to make them look amazing with a pink shade, which is not easy to pull off. Well done :)
    PS: Your hair! Just gorgeous!

  25. I'm a fan of the rings you wear!!

  26. those red beauties are amazing!

  27. YES to ETSY.
    And yes to you in those red pants. Girl, one of these days I have GOT to meet you, and hang out pattern mix to pattern mix, and color to color. You always make my day! muahz! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  28. Gorgeous! I've had an etsy site besides my own website and blog and it's been great. However you do have to promote a ton to get some traffic your way. If you ever have any questions you can definitely contact me!

    style roulette

  29. Love the coral-red combination..I believe its a had one to pull off (I mentioned in one of my posts too) but you do it perfectly :)I too am a digger for crochets and blog's name says it all perhaps!!
    Thank you so much for honouring the award and more so for the lovely words you shared about me..really meant alot <3
    Keep visiting!!

  30. @Cee: You think so? :)
    @Bella: Oh! I think we'd make a total color riot if & when we meet! :D
    @Styleroulette: Thank you so much...will surely do so!
    @Agam: You are most welcome dear!

  31. You should wear the pieces you love as often as you like. I wear my black skinny jeans non stop and the BF hasn't seemed to notice. Hell, he might like them himself. At any rate, I love your red pants and will probably search through F21 for some jeans like yours :) (because I want red pants too!!!!!)

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  33. Gorgeous blouse, the lace is lovely <3 + you should definitely try Etsy :D!

  34. So cute! I think it's definitely worth setting up an etsy. x hivenn

  35. Do it! Etsy is an awesome idea! You look great BTW! :)Xox <3 An
    Only 3 days left to enter my giveaway for a pair of Buffalo Skinny Jeans :)

  36. This is a fantastic combo! I love how you made the red pants less "in your face" with the girly top and accessories :)

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired


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