Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer....

.........had a very shiny nose!

And right now, so have I... :(

'Coz I've caught a terrible terrible cold (thanks to the sudden plunge in the temperatures) & more often than not, my nose is turning a bright red (a very similar shade to that of my favorite pair of pants!! Lol!) due to the ever-increasing chill in the air!!!

Also, the title of the post is the result of the numerous Christmas carols I've been practising all day for a show that some of us from the workplace are presenting at an oldage home for Christmas.
Hark! The herald angles sing...........

On another not, here's what I wore this stockings were sure glad to be able to see the outside of my wardrobe after more than a year!


Aah! It's time for some good ol' layering!!! :)
And of course, I donned this bright pink pair of tights after eons of deep-in-the-wardrobe hibernation!!!


A Howrah Bridge statement piece decked my neckline..........don't you just love all the colors happening out there??? :)) "Disco-Diva" heart ring, as my sis calls it! 
Bright & bold - just like the way I love 'em!!! <3

Striped long sweater: Bare Denim
Grey sweater dress: Mango
Pink tights: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Bib necklace: Howrah bridge
Geometric heart ring: Aldo
Black patent sling purse: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Black shoes: Tresmode

So............are we all high on the Christmas spirits??? 

I can almost hear the bells a-jingling!!!

And although we are not that much into the celebrations as my peers from the western part of the world, I'm almost as enthused about the whole shindig just by looking at the festive pictures on all my favorite's time to hang the stockings dears! 
(In fact, my mom never failed to sneak in li'l gift packages under my pillow on Christmas eve till I was about 15 yrs old!!! Good ol' mom........playing Santa tirelessly for all these years!)

Hope all of you out here have a fabulous run-up to the Yuletide weekend!!! :D

Cheers for an awesome season of festivity & fun!

Much love,
Polka Princess


  1. Very nice! Grey and pink go so well together! :) And Happy Holidays to you too! :) Enjoy!

  2. Super-cute outfit! So many fun and cute colors and accents on you here. Hope you feel better from being sick. Take care... lovely post! :)

  3. I love you in that pink. Loving your heart ring

  4. I LOVEEEEE the ring and the necklace! And that bag actually works so well against the pink! :)

  5. Love that pink!!! It makes the whole outfit so adorable!!

  6. Loved those pink tights and that statement neck piece... simply loved them :) :)

    Have a great festive season ahead :)

  7. That necklace is AWESOME!!! :) You look so cute. Great look!

    ♡ from ©

  8. u luk colorful, bright and the colors on you!!!

  9. Oh dear, get well soon!!!
    That statment neckpiece is fab!!!
    Merry X'Mas & Happy New Year dear...
    Fashion Panache - When I was a Bride's Maid...

  10. wow great look and i have to say you really have a cute smile:) Btw, what's your real name?

    xoxo Daisy

  11. I do like the combination of pink and grey. Sorry to hear about your cold - I came down with one too, right at the end of term. It makes singing carols much more difficult and nasal-sounding! However, I'm still enjoying all the festive preparations. Wishing you lots of festive fun and good cheer.

  12. What a cute heart ring! Love it!


  13. beautiful outfit!!
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  14. Love that heart ring and your nails are so pretty!

  15. I love the bib! Which reminds me I need to get my out and on my neck. Perhaps today! xo.

  16. This color combination is soooo cool! I am loving the ring too!!! I wish you a sparkling xmas!

  17. love the blog miss!
    you are very pretty!

    follow eachother?


  18. Oh, the bib necklace is absolutely adorable!
    Haven't been on blogspot for a while..but my gmail got hacked so I had to import it to my other email.

    My new url is

    thaaanks! (:

  19. love your nails!!!Have a merry Christmas! hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I am also hosting a giveaway [$40 credit to an esty shop].xo


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