I want florals on my bag too!

I'm absolutely blissfully rejuvenated..........

I've just spent a really fun day with some super-enthusiastic, entertaining & lovely people (read colleagues) at a picnic arranged by the organisation I work for. We set out early in the morning, spent a beautiful day at a farmhouse by a river, had good food, a liberal dose of fun, games & dancing and came back tired, but refreshed in the evening.
The best part???
I got to spend a great day together with my guy (who works with me......so now you know how it all came into being! ;))!!! 

Aaannnnnnndddd........today, I took THE BAG for its first outing! The bag I was talking about in this post?
For all those who don't have a clue what I'm taking about.........well, THIS BAG was being admired by me for quite some time now, but I've been restraining myself keeping in mind my self-imposed do-not-shop-till-you-absolutely-need-it rule........but one fine day, my guy just surprised me with it! Guess he understood that I actually absolutely needed it! :D

See what I meant when I said I "absolutely needed it"??? :)

Since the picnic spot was by the river & the temperatures have gone down several notches since the past couple of days, I was quite dressed for the cold winds & chilly atmosphere.

And as all my regular readers know...........I love my pops of color!!

Just for the sake of the cold, I had to wear a long-sleeved tee underneath the denim tunic. You can see the pink & grey stripes on the rolled-up sleeves!

Denim tunic: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Black knitted wrap/cape: Max
Grey & pink striped tee(worn underneath): Tommy Hilfiger
Green tights: BK Market, Kolkata
Striped scarf: Borrowed from sister
Floral printed bag: Esbeda, gifted by B
Fruits charms necklace: Vile Parle, Mumbai
Yellow heart ring: Accessorize
Neon green PVC strap watch: Fastrack
Aviators: Aldo Accessories
Boots: Tibetan Market, Bangalore

I have so many plans for the weekend that I don't know how to squeeze 'em all in one day [I'm one of those unlucky ones who get a one-day weekend! :( ]

Guess I'll figure it out till Sunday comes.......

Have a great end-of-the-week, lovelies! :))

Polka Princess

P.S.: I can't seem to get over the bag! Sigh! <3

P.P.S: For the first time in the last 10 months, my guy has taken my pictures for the blog...........the new year sure has many new things up it's sleeves!! ;)