Long distance Friendship...

OMG!! Has it been ten days already since I've last posted???

Man! How Time flies! 

Ok......so....it's 'coz I'm super-busy with a couple of projects (promise I'll be sharing about 'em with you soon!).........and I hardly have time to take a long breath, let alone blog!

So today........as India celebrates her 63rd Republic Day........I happily sit at home and connect with you guys once again!!! (Thank God for mid-week holidays.......they sooooooooo help us take a breather!)

Me & 2 of my bestest girlfriends have been planning to take a mini-break around the 2nd week of March...you know, have some awesome girl-time together? (We all live in separate cities now due to our different careers....& we are really dying to catch up with each other while taking a break from work) And we are super-confused about where to go! We are contemplating Goa, Pondicherry & even Sri Lanka.........can you guys please suggest some nice place where 3 girls can relax & have fun???
Please...please....please!!!!!!!!! I need as many suggestions or options as I can get!

Also, let me warn you beforehand, that I don't have much of an outfit to share today........unfortunately, I've been too busy to click proper outfit shots......& you have to make do a couple of crappy phone snaps! (Blackberries are so not made to take pictures, I tell you! *rolling eyes*)

Ok...so on this day, I was just hanging out with the guy.........& took these pictures when I was trying on some clothes in a store that was having Sale! :)

Grey sweater dress: Mango
Striped cardi: Tommy Hilfiger
Micro-checkered leggings: Max, Banglore
Peace print scarf: Thrifted
Flat cutout boots: Tresmode

Also, sometimes I'm surprised how li'l things in life can make everything else so worthwhile! 

One of my besties since childhood is now working in California, USA. Her mom had gone to visit her last month & the sweetheart that she is, she has sent me the sweetest li'l gifts with her mom..............needless to say, it just made my day!!! :))
Thanks a bunch, T!!!

Isn't that the prettiest set of bracelets??? 
Well....to tell you the truth, I got sold on the box itself!! <3

Aaaaaaaand the keyring.............that just shows how well she knows me............no? ;)

All the quotes inside this cute li'l booklet feels like they have been written for me only!! 
(Or for that matter, for all my shopaholic soul sistahs!!)

Sigh! Am I not lucky to have such wonderful friends......who make their presence felt so sweetly even when they are far away...... :)
In fact, another one of my good friends, who's in some other city, called me up in the afternoon just to catch up and we ended up chatting for hours, like we've been doing this everyday! 
Well, I say......good friends are one of the most important ingredients of one's existence..........and we should always take time out to appreciate these valuable relationships. 
A nice li'l gift, a phone call or even a frank li'l email goes a long way to show that we remember each other inspite of all the miles separating us...

Ok........so, I'm flying the banner of Friendship a bit high today........thanks for bearing with me! :)

I'm sure most of you guys out there are all geared up for the weekend! Have a great one fellas!!!

Polka Princess

P.S.: A very Happy Republic Day to all my Indian friends & readers out there..........Jai Hind!

P.P.S.: Sponsorships are open for the month of February '12! If interested, pls drop in a mail at anupriyadg@yahoo.com.......and we can get talking!!!


  1. Oh Goa and Pondy are both amazing as is Sri Lanka but since it's just three girls I'd say sticking to India might be a better plan. Love the striped sweater sooooo cute!

  2. You sure have a lovely bunch of friends,lucky you !! :)
    I love that peace scarf..smitten by the peace symbol,did you get it from new market?

  3. I completely agree with you! Friend are most important part of our life!
    Like your blog! :)


  4. Wow!! You are one lucky girl!! Like you said, the boxes themselves are gift-y enough!!! Love that sweet little booklet too!!
    Pondy sounds like a great location - nice locale, good food and a bit of shopping too!!

  5. I looove the cardi :) and the bracelets are really pretty!

  6. friends really make it worthwhile to enjoy and cherish life!!

    love the bracelet!!

    since i have just come back from pondicherry, i would definitely recommend that out of the 3 you mentioned...but for some real good fun..try greece!!

  7. I agree with Holly! Also thats a sweet friend you have! :D

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  8. What a lovely bracelet!! :D
    Great look, love your scarf <3


  9. Love the scarf. The presents from your friends are awesome, the quote " born to shop, forced to work" is pure genius. Describes me so well :))

  10. You are very lucky with your friends. And those bracelets are amazing indeed!


  11. love the greens on you!


  12. Like the photos. Cute outfit. :)

    P.s. nice blog, following you!
    Check mine too – http://fashiondose.blogspot.com

  13. You look so wonderful in green.

  14. Really cute look!


  15. I understand what you mean by wonderful friends. I feel blessed to have my friends too.. Btw, do you stay in Calcutta? The possibility of another blogger from here really excites me!

  16. what a pretty cardigan! :D

    love, polly

  17. What a lucky lady you are to have so many wonderful friends in your life - the gifts that your friend sent all the way from California are just lovely :) Here's hoping that you and your girlfriends find the perfect place for a fun and relaxing minibreak!

  18. you could try Lakshwadeep....its pretty serene and beautiful.
    or you could try Benaras....i know how it sounds but its pretty amazing....
    i don't know how feasible it would be, but how about Cherrapunji....

  19. You look so cute, those layers look great! Your blog is lovely, if you want to take a look at mine it’s at http://grassettagillie.blogspot.com, if you’d like we should follow each other! :)

    xo Gillie

  20. great outfit, love the color so nice!!! adorable gifts too!!! love the key ring, very creative and unique... kissess!!!

  21. Such a cute outfit, I adore the scarf <3

    1. The outfit is so cute..the green totally lifts the outfit :) Your shoes are cute too!!
      I too am a strong believer in keeping the friendship banner flying high..primarily because these are the relations we aren't born into but choose to build for ourselves..so we need to keep doing that gentle effort :):)
      P.S If it was me, I'll be sold at the box too :P

  22. Lucky you! The gifts are awesome. I love the bracelet but you are right, the box alone was beautiful =)

    Have a great weekend my dear!

  23. The gifts are amazing. So sweet of your friend:)

    I am having a giveaway on my blog. Do have a look:)


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