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The new year is proving to be quite a promising far.......

Have already carried out my first new year resolution (more on that later......promise!)... :))

And, as they say, morning shows the day...
So, I've a feeling.......and a very good one at that......that I'll be able to fulfill the others too........which is quite a rarity, I tell you!

And of course! The Sale season is here in full swing!!!
All the stores are putting up those tempting big, bright red banners (with those 4 golden letters painted big & BOLD on 'em) outside, so that they can trap poor shopaholic "flies" like us in their web-like traps! Sigh!
Well.........this fly is sure not complaining! ;)

Speaking of shopping, my guy gifted me the prettiest bag today! <3
I've been drooling over it for quite a while now..........but was just resisting my temptations as a part of my new don't-buy-until-and-unless-it's-absolutely-necessary resolution. But the naughty li'l sneak had seen me eyeing the beauty a couple of times and he surprised me with it today!!! Sigh! Now you know why I'm really liking 2012 so far..! :D, I have not one, but two repeat offenders today!!!
But come winters, and this jacket (which I had worn on Christmas) becomes one of my wardrobe staples..........not to mention, this bag (that you can see for the last 3 posts)'s such a classic, it goes well with all sorts of outfits!

I always love combining beige with red.....unsurprisingly, I loved how this military inspired jacket looked with my favorite pair of red jeans!!!
I balanced out the colors with my black purse & pumps.

Can you see the hint of leopard print at my neck??? :)

Check out my cute owl ring too!! 

Jacket: Wills Lifestyle
Red jeans: 109 F
Leopard print scarf: Thrifted, Kolkata
Bag: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Owl ring: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Wayfarers: Idee, gifted by friend
Pumps: Aldo

After a long time, I had fun editing these pictures...........what do you think of 'em?

Also, how's the new year treating you all???

Do let me know... :)

Polka Princess

P.S.: This is a backdated outfit from a couple of days after fact, now that I remember it, it was my mom's birthday that day. :))


  1. This look is a lovely one for you. Great combination and a fun outfit!

  2. love the red pants with a camel coat!

    xo Nav

  3. I love editing photos too, so much fun! I LOVE those red denims on you my dear, Looking so HOT!

  4. New year started off terribly...whats worse tahn having exams teh very next day after 1st Jan :(
    On a different note won a book that makes me feel a li'l better..
    I already told you how much I love your red jeans...they look fab on you...and that super sweet owlie I envy you :P
    Those cute ballet flats are pretty cute as well :D

  5. looooove those red pants, dear! I want some now! :) you make them look so great!

    love, polly :D

  6. love the whole look...the beige and red go fab together.......and love the ring too....

  7. The joy of the bag is clearly are glowing :) A happy you definitely makes the reader me on that!!
    Red pants+beige military jacket+leopard print scarf= FAB!!

  8. You look good and the photo editing looks good as well :)

  9. Thanks girls!! :)

    @Swarnali: Awwwww......that's sad! But then, even exams are important.....what to do?
    @Agam: I'm glad to be able to spread some smiles... :D

  10. love ur look..the owl ring is my fav!! i also love quirky accessory!!!
    Anywaz how abt we follow each other....I wud love to check out more of ur amazing post!!!Let me know here...@@

  11. I love your red jeans! it goes really del with your outfit! so chic!

    i love your blog

    follow me too :)



  12. Happy 2012!!! :D nice blog really!! i like it! :D pretty photos!♥
    I started a blog with my girlfriend, and i hope you can check it, and if you like it can follow us!c:
    Have a nice day!!!

  13. Woh, sounds good that you have already carried your first resolution of the year!
    I simply adore that bag! I love Metro plaza and give it a visit when I am in kolkata, which is
    like every month!

  14. That is an adorable bag! :D Your boy has good taste! :)

  15. Ok..........for all of you out there.........THIS is not the bag my guy gifted me! I'll be showing that bag to you all in another post...maybe my next one???

  16. Gorgeous bag, lucky girl.
    Happy New year, my friend.

  17. great outfit, so love love love it!!! you are really very pretty.... nice giveaway... kissess!!!

  18. Aww what a sweet gift! Love the bag and the red pants are great on you :)

  19. OH my I am so loving your red jeans look.... fab styling<3

  20. Sounds like you have quite the man in your life, surprising you with purses - sounds like a keeper if you ask me ;) Loving those red skinnies, they fit you like a glove. And can't wait to hear more about your resolutions, I hope you'll be able to keep them all!

  21. Editing, good job!
    Bag, looks chic!
    Red pants, HOTT!!
    Owl ring, Adorable!
    Pumps, cute!


  22. I am loving the new year as I get married! and you look lovely :)

    you have a pretty smile!

  23. hahaha this new year is being good! nice outfit!

    xx, Rachel♥

  24. Beige and red do look great together. Congratulations for completing your first new year's resolution.

  25. such a cute outfit! looking very pretty :) hope you can join my makeup giveaway !


  26. thank you so much, dear! I really enjoyed styling the shoot, as well! It is really a blessing to have found a friend in such an amazing and talented photographer :) I hope you are well!!

    love, polly :D

  27. thank you! He is actually Asian! I could see how Adhikari could sound Indian, though!

  28. Oh! Oops! haha... I will talk to him about it. I had no idea! :D

  29. Love your glasses! You looking so chic!! Following now.. Hope we can follow at each other. ;)

    Hugs and kiss kiss,

  30. hey love ur red skinny :) ...and u r lukinh really cute <3


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