Red : Edited

The new year is proving to be quite a promising far.......

Have already carried out my first new year resolution (more on that later......promise!)... :))

And, as they say, morning shows the day...
So, I've a feeling.......and a very good one at that......that I'll be able to fulfill the others too........which is quite a rarity, I tell you!

And of course! The Sale season is here in full swing!!!
All the stores are putting up those tempting big, bright red banners (with those 4 golden letters painted big & BOLD on 'em) outside, so that they can trap poor shopaholic "flies" like us in their web-like traps! Sigh!
Well.........this fly is sure not complaining! ;)

Speaking of shopping, my guy gifted me the prettiest bag today! <3
I've been drooling over it for quite a while now..........but was just resisting my temptations as a part of my new don't-buy-until-and-unless-it's-absolutely-necessary resolution. But the naughty li'l sneak had seen me eyeing the beauty a couple of times and he surprised me with it today!!! Sigh! Now you know why I'm really liking 2012 so far..! :D, I have not one, but two repeat offenders today!!!
But come winters, and this jacket (which I had worn on Christmas) becomes one of my wardrobe staples..........not to mention, this bag (that you can see for the last 3 posts)'s such a classic, it goes well with all sorts of outfits!

I always love combining beige with red.....unsurprisingly, I loved how this military inspired jacket looked with my favorite pair of red jeans!!!
I balanced out the colors with my black purse & pumps.

Can you see the hint of leopard print at my neck??? :)

Check out my cute owl ring too!! 

Jacket: Wills Lifestyle
Red jeans: 109 F
Leopard print scarf: Thrifted, Kolkata
Bag: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Owl ring: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Wayfarers: Idee, gifted by friend
Pumps: Aldo

After a long time, I had fun editing these pictures...........what do you think of 'em?

Also, how's the new year treating you all???

Do let me know... :)

Polka Princess

P.S.: This is a backdated outfit from a couple of days after fact, now that I remember it, it was my mom's birthday that day. :))