Out on a walk...

So....am back!

Thanks for being as patient as ever! I so appreciate the fact that in spite of my irregular blogging habits (at times when I'm super-busy with something.........like right now!), my lovely & amazing readers & followers are always there to support & encourage me & my random posts. :)

I'm soooooooooo lucky to have you guys, seriously!!!

Coming back to the post, BIG time crunch guys!!!!!

Hence, am leaving you a few words................& some pictures.......

Was out with my guy.........just walking around, you know......... :)
AND, I've been dying to show you guys this freaking cute tee of mine!!! Sorry, I don't have better (or closer) pictures, coz the batteries of my camera died out on me! :(

It's actually a big heart made out of strips of leather sewn on to the tee...........isn't that super cool???  
Not to mention, this awesome jacquard jacket has been gifted to me by my fabulous friend & brother, Amalraj Sengupta, who's a young fashion talent of the country (he shows in Lakme Fashion Week).

And of course, don't miss my cute li'l pocket watch pendant!! <3

Heart tee: BK Market, Kolkata
Cropped corduroy pants: Wills Lifestyle
Jacket: Amalraj Sengupta, gifted
Pocket watch pendant: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Floral bag: Esbeda, gifted
Nude flats: Tresmode

And now, a few snaps I took along the way..........

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Have a lovely week ahead...........hope to be back soon! :)

Polka Princess


  1. great snaps...and that tee of your is awesome :D

  2. Looks like you had fun :) I love the outfit!

  3. Very nice blog, i love your necklace! im your follower now, we could follow each other :)
    If u can, visit:
    See ya!

  4. you look beautiful as usual.. but those pictures .. sigh.. they make me miss kol like hell.. feel like running back there...:(

  5. Brilliant outfit and amazing pictures :)

  6. lovely clicks...and u luk cute in that tee!!!

  7. OmG!!
    i HAVE THE SAME FLORAL BAG FROM ESBEDA! maybe a different shape....
    did a blogpost recently!!
    and you look fun and pretty...

    Btw, I am hosting a giveaway!! participate and you could win a March GlossyBox!!

  8. I love your jacquard jacket - what a beautiful gift - and the contrast between that feminine piece and your unusual leather tee (the heart-shaped fringe is like nothing I've ever seen, in a wonderful way!) is so much fun.

    Hopefully crunch time ends soon and you get to take a well-deserved break :)


  9. I want that tee!!!! <3

    (Hehe.. Time crunch) ;)

  10. You are always gorgeous, and you should post when you feel like it. We will adore you all the same.

  11. the photos came out great, I love the first photo so much! the tee is so cute and i adore the necklace too!

  12. these are awesome pictures. you're looking so cute :)

    xoxo Daisy

  13. Gorgeous pictures:-)

  14. Hello Polka Princess! You have been missed and its always good to see your fresh posts. I want a close up of this cool T of yours, it sounds cool, i just can't see it in your pic. But I do see your big beautiful smile- always a treat! And yours snaps always wow me. You have such an amazing eye- what a gift! xo.

  15. The heartshape is so sweet! Love it! So nice that he shows in Lakme Fashion Week! Great snap shots as well!

  16. very beautiful photos :)



  17. Love your style. And really loving the pendent and jacket. And those places - it's like going back in time. Kolkata <3

  18. I love your beautiful floral bag, you look stunning. I recently had a small hiatus, but finally got inspired and back. Welcome back. You always have such lovely captures.

  19. Wonderful pics, and wonderful you, my princess

  20. that tee is so fun and looks so great on you! and i adore that necklace!

  21. Wonderful pictures & love your t shirt so much <3333

  22. I'm loving your blog...and your outfit and scenery shots!:)
    And your header is to die for..

    Im following your's, feel free to follow mine!:)
    check it out here:



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