March 24, 2012

Howrah Bridge SS '12

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After months of want, need, contemplation, planning, model-hunting & time-scheduling; I finally did the much-delayed photo shoot of some of the clothes from the latest collection of my brand, Howrah Bridge. It was lots of hard work, but with quite satisfying results........and as they say, all's well that ends well, right? :)

My model hunt brought me in contact with quite a few amateur & professional models, but none of them seemed to be the type I was looking for! I DID NOT want a size zero anorexic model to be the face of my brand. I wanted a tall woman with know the type I mean? My clothes were for everybody and I wanted the girl modelling them to be like the average woman, instead of boasting of vital stats that everyone envies but very few have! And then fellow blogger Uparna of Fascinated or Fixated suggested that I could try out her sister who matched my requirements and who was currently home from her duties on her ship as a marine engineer. I met them, spoke to them and voila! It was all fixed up in a couple of days!! I had found the girl I wanted to put my clothes on!

One hectic day of ironing, packing, travelling to friend's studio, setting up the equipment, doing hair & make-up, styling, changing clothes one after the other, sweating it out in the harsh lights of the reflectors & flash, having a late & hurried Subway lunch; torturing Urmita (that's my model) with "a little more angle", "head up", "chin a bit more down" blah blah (you get the drift); last minute running around & okaying one shot after about  taking 20-30 of them - and here I am, sharing the outcome of it all with you!
[You can still tell me if you don't like something, just be a bit mild, you know! :P]




This collection of tunics (or Kurtas as they are called in India) is fun, vibrant, stylish & perfect for stepping out in style! These can be worn with tights, denims, without tights (as dresses) and with salwars (sort of Indian harem/dhoti pants) as well.The material used are all very fine cotton that are perfect for the summers! :)





For my international (non-Indian) readers, this is a traditional Indian costume called the Saree. It's basically a piece of fabric that is five & a half meters long and that is draped by a woman on herself, making it into a garment. There are various ways of draping a saree and it is worn with a short bodice (called the Blouse) which covers the upper part of the torso. 
My collection of sarees comprises of different types of materials like cotton, silk, silk blends & jute-cotton blends. The length of fabric is embellished with borders that can be made of other fabrics as well as embroidery & other trims. Once again, my collection is a riot of colors with some floral prints & embroidery motifs thrown in for good measure. I even have a retro-inspired polka-dotted one that is as fun as it is chic!!! 

Model - Urmita Das
Hair, make-up & Styling - Anupriya DG (yours truly)
Camera (Nikon D90) courtesy - Soma Bhattacharya
Photography - Amalraj Sengupta (who is also one of the talented young fashion designers of India)
Location courtesy: Amalraj Sengupta

All these products are available in various sizes & color options. In case any of you like something, please do shoot me a mail at! :)

Do let me know what you guys think of my collections and of the pictures....

Till next time.......

Lots of love,
Polka Princess
March 18, 2012

The tussles.....& tassels......of blogging

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Something I just read in a fellow blogger's post has set me thinking...........Who/what do I blog for?
For myself? For others?? For time-pass??? For professional reasons????

I thought........and I thought.............and then I thought some more.........and I arrived to the conclusion that I do blog for myself & myself only! Of course, I like expressing myself through my blog & sharing that expression with so many other wonderful souls around the world.........but I'd have blogged anyways even if nobody else cared tuppence about my posts or my outfits.
Since I can remember, I've always liked "dressing up" (and that too, not to show others, but for my own feel-good factor). And through my blog, I've found a way of documenting my various looks, styles & outfits that I, myself, can look back upon at any given point of time for reference, for remembrance or simply for narcissistic pleasure......
I think that's one of the reasons, why I'm not a dedicated blogger (as compared to those who post 3-4 times a week!) or my posts don't get inundated with comments.......but, truly, it doesn't matter much. I blog/post as & when I get the time to (which is the most important criteria for posting nowadays - taking out TIME to do so!)......and also when I feel that I've got snaps of an outfit I'd like to share with you all. I'm under no pressure whatsoever, that I have to put up a certain number of posts within a certain period of time.......and hence, I feel that my blogging is a part of my relaxation process rather than a tedious chore......
Similarly, I visit other blogs & comment on them whenever I get the time & leisure to do so. Of course, I want to read every single post of my lovely fellow bloggers & comment on all of them! But, I don't drive myself to achieve that target just for the sake of it..........I blog-hop & comment only when I have ample time on my hands, so that I can actually, really read the posts, see the pictures & respond in a worthy manner (rather than just writing "nice outfit!" or "great look!")

So, you see, my dear readers & fellow bloggers, I'll keep on blogging on my own whims & fancies, at regular or irregular intervals and I hope that you guys will still be there to read my rants & comment if you like/ let me know if ever you feel I should change the way I blog..........and I'll tell you why I do it the way I do it! :) that I've bored you guys with such a long's a few pictures of a latest outfit. I wore this while going for a designer friend's Fashion Show at a 5-star was so hot that I decided to dress lightly & casually for the event.

Wore my most comfortable pair of pleated pants. I love the beautiful pale pink color of this pair. Rolled up the legs for a casual look. In fact, this is my first take on Pastels this season (and one of the very few, as I don't  possess much of pastels anyway - you guys know what a sucker for bright colors I am!)

This floral blouse is borrowed from my sis..........and I felt jubilant at being able to fit into a Size S!!!

Had had a pedicure that very morning, hence, loved showing off my fuchsia toe-nails through the peep-toe wedges! :)

And here's a tasseled beauty from Howrah Bridge's SS '12 collection.........go check out the other designs NOW!!!


Floral top: Borrowed from sis
Pink pleated pants: Zara
Tasseled Necklace: Howrah Bridge
Floral heart ring: Accessorize
Purple Lady Dior knockoff bag: Brigade Road, Bangalore
Grey peep-toe wedges: Enroute

Find brands like Zara with coupon discounts at!

Anyone interested to buy the Tasseled Necklace can mail me at
Other color variations of the same is available (I've got tassels in navy, white, red & green)

I'm fervently working on the Spring Summer styles of Howrah Bridge products. Hope to share them with you all soon! :)

Have a great week ahead guys!

Much love,
Polka Princess
March 11, 2012

Fingers in pies.....

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Licking each finger, I can taste a different flavored pie on each of 'em! ;)

So, you know how many pies I have my fingers in!
And of course, that explains my irregular blogging habit nowadays.......

Though I try to visit all the lovely blogs of my fellow bloggers & friends, I know I don't drop in regularly any more........pls don't mind, my dears.......I promise to be back in full force soon enough! :)

Till then, you'll at least get a comment once in a while.........and a post out here now & then!!

Like this one that I'm putting up after about 10 days.........

Bringing you a Desi (ethnic/Indian) outfit for a change.... :)

 As temperatures are soaring higher by the day, more of my cottons & sleeveless garments are coming out of the wardrobe!
Had to go out on some errands bang in the middle of a sweltering hot afternoon.......what better than this sleeveless cotton kurta (tunic) and a pair of tights (can't even bear to look at my denims!) to help me brave the sun?

By the way, the tunic is self-designed & tailored

Felt like taking my pretty silver jhumkas (dangling earrings) for a spin!

A few of my assorted bangles, this vintage purse which is one of my greatest thrift finds of all times - and I was ready to take on the heat!

Kurta: Self-designed & tailored
Tights: AND
Silver jhumkas: New Market
Bangles: Assorted, from all over the place
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Embellished sandals: INC.5

Kenneth Cole watches can be found at Overstock with these great coupons!

Hope all you guys are getting ready for the summers in a fashionable way! Florals are so gonna take over this summer!! What do you guys think?'s time for me to get back to my many pies...... ;)

Have a fabulous week ahead, lovelies!

Take care,
Polka Princess
March 02, 2012

I'm free! But memories bind me........

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Bonjour, my lovelies!!! 

How have you all been???

I've been nose deep in work - projects, new ventures........& a new phase of life altogether! AND, I've got another BIG news to share with you guys!
As I've hinted in my posts earlier this year, I've been up to a LOT of things since the start of the year........the first & most important of 'em being - putting down my paper at work!
Yes........I had resigned at the very start of the year & have been serving my notice period since the last 2 months........and tomorrow's my last day at work........
Of course, I'm excited at the prospect of the coming new phase of life (it being a voluntary decision and all...), but at the same time, a part of me still wants to hold on......why is it always so difficult to let go???
(Maybe coz I've spent two & a half beautiful, enriching, exciting & fun-filled years in this organisation with people who are more friends than colleagues............ok, you know I left out the bad parts there)

Most of you must be wondering WHY I've left my work (specially when I'm sad to go...).........well, I took this decision coz I want to take bigger steps now.........I'm planning to concentrate full-fledged on my creative skills and start my own line of clothes & accessories on a bigger scale than I've done till now! :)
[For the uninitiated, I am the designer & proprietor of Howrah Bridge, a line of clothes & quirky accessories that you can check out on the Howrah Bridge blog, on Facebook & on Etsy too!]

So fellas, now you can understand the reason behind my busy schedule (I'm having to think like a proper designer & entrepreneur now and start new ventures & projects, now that my job life's coming to an end!)..........please bear with this irregular-on-the-blogging-circuit me till I find a foothold in this big bad world of fashion business.

Till then, here are a few photos of my outfit on Valentine's Day! (I'm that backdated......I know!)

Black & beige with bits of red was the color code of the day........actually just wanted to create an outfit around my newly designed jacket! ;)

This is a light cotton jacket (which can be worn in warmer weather too) in my favorite type of print - florals - and with cute li'l details (see the black piping on lapels & pockets and the tabs on the sleeves?)

The theme of the day was "flowers" :P
They were everywhere - on the jacket, on my fingers, around my neck and on my ears too! 

I swear I don't know what I was doing right then! 
Maybe I was laughing at some lame joke someone had said? *thinking*

Black top: Linking Road, Mumbai
Beige trousers: Allen Solly
Floral printed jacket: Howrah Bridge
Gold chain necklace with flower pendant: Tribal Zone, Gifted by B
Floral printed heart ring: Accessorize
Watch: Giordano, V-day gift from B
Nude flats: Tresmode, gifted

You can find all kinds of similar styles here with Macys coupons!

I'm planning to wear lots more of this jacket throughout the year! (Florals are one of the biggest SS trends, after all!)
If any of you like it & want to shop the same, kindly write to me at I'll get back to you with better pictures & prices.

Have to get back to my work now (though it's 2 o'clock in the night here)..........tomorrow's another new day! :)

Have a fun weekend people!!!
This is MY B'DAY am super-stoked anyways! :D

Polka Princess


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