Fingers in pies.....

Licking each finger, I can taste a different flavored pie on each of 'em! ;)

So, you know how many pies I have my fingers in!
And of course, that explains my irregular blogging habit nowadays.......

Though I try to visit all the lovely blogs of my fellow bloggers & friends, I know I don't drop in regularly any more........pls don't mind, my dears.......I promise to be back in full force soon enough! :)

Till then, you'll at least get a comment once in a while.........and a post out here now & then!!

Like this one that I'm putting up after about 10 days.........

Bringing you a Desi (ethnic/Indian) outfit for a change.... :)

 As temperatures are soaring higher by the day, more of my cottons & sleeveless garments are coming out of the wardrobe!
Had to go out on some errands bang in the middle of a sweltering hot afternoon.......what better than this sleeveless cotton kurta (tunic) and a pair of tights (can't even bear to look at my denims!) to help me brave the sun?

By the way, the tunic is self-designed & tailored

Felt like taking my pretty silver jhumkas (dangling earrings) for a spin!

A few of my assorted bangles, this vintage purse which is one of my greatest thrift finds of all times - and I was ready to take on the heat!

Kurta: Self-designed & tailored
Tights: AND
Silver jhumkas: New Market
Bangles: Assorted, from all over the place
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Embellished sandals: INC.5

Kenneth Cole watches can be found at Overstock with these great coupons!

Hope all you guys are getting ready for the summers in a fashionable way! Florals are so gonna take over this summer!! What do you guys think?'s time for me to get back to my many pies...... ;)

Have a fabulous week ahead, lovelies!

Take care,
Polka Princess