Howrah Bridge SS '12

After months of want, need, contemplation, planning, model-hunting & time-scheduling; I finally did the much-delayed photo shoot of some of the clothes from the latest collection of my brand, Howrah Bridge. It was lots of hard work, but with quite satisfying results........and as they say, all's well that ends well, right? :)

My model hunt brought me in contact with quite a few amateur & professional models, but none of them seemed to be the type I was looking for! I DID NOT want a size zero anorexic model to be the face of my brand. I wanted a tall woman with know the type I mean? My clothes were for everybody and I wanted the girl modelling them to be like the average woman, instead of boasting of vital stats that everyone envies but very few have! And then fellow blogger Uparna of Fascinated or Fixated suggested that I could try out her sister who matched my requirements and who was currently home from her duties on her ship as a marine engineer. I met them, spoke to them and voila! It was all fixed up in a couple of days!! I had found the girl I wanted to put my clothes on!

One hectic day of ironing, packing, travelling to friend's studio, setting up the equipment, doing hair & make-up, styling, changing clothes one after the other, sweating it out in the harsh lights of the reflectors & flash, having a late & hurried Subway lunch; torturing Urmita (that's my model) with "a little more angle", "head up", "chin a bit more down" blah blah (you get the drift); last minute running around & okaying one shot after about  taking 20-30 of them - and here I am, sharing the outcome of it all with you!
[You can still tell me if you don't like something, just be a bit mild, you know! :P]




This collection of tunics (or Kurtas as they are called in India) is fun, vibrant, stylish & perfect for stepping out in style! These can be worn with tights, denims, without tights (as dresses) and with salwars (sort of Indian harem/dhoti pants) as well.The material used are all very fine cotton that are perfect for the summers! :)





For my international (non-Indian) readers, this is a traditional Indian costume called the Saree. It's basically a piece of fabric that is five & a half meters long and that is draped by a woman on herself, making it into a garment. There are various ways of draping a saree and it is worn with a short bodice (called the Blouse) which covers the upper part of the torso. 
My collection of sarees comprises of different types of materials like cotton, silk, silk blends & jute-cotton blends. The length of fabric is embellished with borders that can be made of other fabrics as well as embroidery & other trims. Once again, my collection is a riot of colors with some floral prints & embroidery motifs thrown in for good measure. I even have a retro-inspired polka-dotted one that is as fun as it is chic!!! 

Model - Urmita Das
Hair, make-up & Styling - Anupriya DG (yours truly)
Camera (Nikon D90) courtesy - Soma Bhattacharya
Photography - Amalraj Sengupta (who is also one of the talented young fashion designers of India)
Location courtesy: Amalraj Sengupta

All these products are available in various sizes & color options. In case any of you like something, please do shoot me a mail at! :)

Do let me know what you guys think of my collections and of the pictures....

Till next time.......

Lots of love,
Polka Princess


  1. Your kurtas are really cute and vibrant, but your saree collection is amazing!!! I loved every single one of them!! Your model is also really nice, though I'd like a slightly different background :-). All in all, a beautiful collection!!!

  2. Wow... all of these outfits are beautiful on you. Love the saris/sarees and these tunics. They are all just as beautiful as you are. I have no favorites- just like them all! :)

  3. fab collection babe.. the kurtas are really beautiful..would be great if you would mention the prices in the pictures in the facebook page ..

  4. As i have told you before...a lovely collection...all the best to you!!

    my fav among these is kurti #1, saree #4,6 and 7.

  5. Hey!! First of all my apologies for reverting to your comments so late..
    And dropping by today couldn't have been more pleasant. Of late I am having this urge to go fine dining wearing a saree (???? its my stylist mind on a constant go)..and your collection totally fits something I would wanna slip into..
    Such pretty sarees..I'll write to you soon for details :)
    Caught up on your previous posts too..loved the floral outfits and drooled over the tasseled necklace..its so pretty and interesting!!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :)
    **HIGH FIVES** WE ARE THE 3rd MARCH GIRLS..Reading this made me love your blog even more...yayeeeeee

  6. I appreciate that you went for a model with curves. But some of us are blessed with a tall, skinny, size zero figure. Being size zero doesn't mean being anorexic.
    Wouldn't it be insulting if I had a brand and said "I don't want a fat girl with huge thighs and a tummy to be the face of my brand".
    And yes we can eat like pigs and still remain the same :D Just because everybody envies us doesn't make us any less "real". We are average and real women too! Just saying choose your words carefully! Hope you take it in the right spirit..No offense! ;)

    Oh and I love all the sarees.. they are gorgeous! The last two are my fav! Good luck with the collection! :)

  7. I really liked the kurta with pink touch is great.

  8. I like the fact that you used silk for your pieces. It's a brilliant collection, very vibrant colors and the prints are amazing.
    Congratulations! Your hard work really paid off.

  9. I love some of the saris though i used to wear kurtas in college but not now.
    Great Work! Keep going and looking forward to more of this! <3


  10. I just happened to stumble across your blOg!! I
    Must say that is one beautiful collection.. M a big fan of sarees which often itches the feminine indian side of me and your collection has some incredible pieces!! I live in US so dont wear sarees that often but they are my go to outfit for every indian occassion whether be a birthday or wedding!!! I love the wat you've kept it simple yet stylish, taking the needs of everyday women in mind!!

  11. Can I buy them Online ??

  12. So glad that you found the perfect model for your brand. Oh, I miss the days of organising for a shoot. I love these saree colour combinations, my favourites are 1, 3, and 5. Good work!

  13. YOU ROCK!!!!!

    P.S. You know what I want, right? ;)

    ∞ © ∞

  14. Oh, I love your designs. The green dress with the blue border is my favorite.

  15. LOVE the third kurti and the first saree best, Anupriya! And kudos! Everything's turned out wonderfully! :*


  16. @BeingFab: Thanks girl!! But this was the only available & working background in the studio I was using! (time & budget constraints, you know!)
    @Simple Girl: Thanks for the suggestion...will surely think about it! :)
    @Agam: Thanks a bunch dear!! Even I like the fact that you are my b'day-sake! Great minds dress alike?? ;)
    @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: Thank you so much for the frank feedback, dear. But I think you got me a bit wrong!! My issue is absolutely not against thin girls (my own sister has a body structure very similar to yours!), but against the notion that we need to present our clothes on THIN MODELS for people to get attracted to them....hope you get the difference! :)
    @Mehak: Thanks a bunch babe!! I think all of us Indian women have a soft corner for Sarees...isn't it??? :))
    @Urmila: Of course, dear! Why don't you shoot me a mail at
    @Tanvi: You bet I do!! ;)

    And A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL for the lovely words of support & encouragement!! <3

  17. I love the sarees, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh they are really magical.

  18. Wow, these are some really beautiful pieces! I love the black and white chevron print kurtas sooooooo much!! Great job! And your model is so gorgeous! All the best! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  19. love them...specially sarees....btw..I am going to Kolkata(i mean Howrah Bridge ) !:)

  20. OMG !! Traditional traditional !! Loved all the outfits. Kurtis are so comfortable too :D

  21. OMG !! Such beautiful collection and Kurtis are my favorite they are soo soo comfortable :D

  22. What a magical mix of prints and fabrics. I like the fact that the kurtas are so versatile in how they can be worn, meaning endless styling possibilities. And the sarees are simply sumptuous. It's a wonderful adventure you are undertaking and I wish you continuing (and growing) success.

  23. cute!!!

  24. Now I know where to shop from when I;m back home :) lovely blog dear!
    I saw your feature on IMBB & it really drew me here :)

  25. Sarees are absolutely gorgeous & classy and your model looks lovely! I think the kurtas are also equally pretty but the fit is not perfect, which is making a lot of difference. Good luck!

  26. The yellow sari with green border is amazing..

  27. Great minds..certainly dress alike girl <3
    Congrats on reaching 200 followers..Keep up the good work..God Bless!!

  28. the tunics are brilliant! specially the chevron prints :) can u pl put up the costs?

  29. I just had to stop by and say a big congratulations to you on your first collection. I know you put so much of yourself into this and the results really are incredible. I only wish I had somewhere to wear one of your stunning saris, the fuschia and turquoise one is definitely going to be in my dreams :)

  30. Lovely collection there!!! Gorgeous and vibrant use of colours in kurti's and sarees..

  31. The kurtis and sarees look all the way to elegance!
    Especially these look perfect for the summers and spring season..Thanks a lot for sharing!

  32. Kurtis design is fabulous,i like all collection, you can purchase latest designer kurtis collection from G3 fashions surat.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. nice collection, thanks for sharing with us.

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