I'm free! But memories bind me........

Bonjour, my lovelies!!! 

How have you all been???

I've been nose deep in work - projects, new ventures........& a new phase of life altogether! AND, I've got another BIG news to share with you guys!
As I've hinted in my posts earlier this year, I've been up to a LOT of things since the start of the year........the first & most important of 'em being - putting down my paper at work!
Yes........I had resigned at the very start of the year & have been serving my notice period since the last 2 months........and tomorrow's my last day at work........
Of course, I'm excited at the prospect of the coming new phase of life (it being a voluntary decision and all...), but at the same time, a part of me still wants to hold on......why is it always so difficult to let go???
(Maybe coz I've spent two & a half beautiful, enriching, exciting & fun-filled years in this organisation with people who are more friends than colleagues............ok, you know I left out the bad parts there)

Most of you must be wondering WHY I've left my work (specially when I'm sad to go...).........well, I took this decision coz I want to take bigger steps now.........I'm planning to concentrate full-fledged on my creative skills and start my own line of clothes & accessories on a bigger scale than I've done till now! :)
[For the uninitiated, I am the designer & proprietor of Howrah Bridge, a line of clothes & quirky accessories that you can check out on the Howrah Bridge blog, on Facebook & on Etsy too!]

So fellas, now you can understand the reason behind my busy schedule (I'm having to think like a proper designer & entrepreneur now and start new ventures & projects, now that my job life's coming to an end!)..........please bear with this irregular-on-the-blogging-circuit me till I find a foothold in this big bad world of fashion business.

Till then, here are a few photos of my outfit on Valentine's Day! (I'm that backdated......I know!)

Black & beige with bits of red was the color code of the day........actually just wanted to create an outfit around my newly designed jacket! ;)

This is a light cotton jacket (which can be worn in warmer weather too) in my favorite type of print - florals - and with cute li'l details (see the black piping on lapels & pockets and the tabs on the sleeves?)

The theme of the day was "flowers" :P
They were everywhere - on the jacket, on my fingers, around my neck and on my ears too! 

I swear I don't know what I was doing right then! 
Maybe I was laughing at some lame joke someone had said? *thinking*

Black top: Linking Road, Mumbai
Beige trousers: Allen Solly
Floral printed jacket: Howrah Bridge
Gold chain necklace with flower pendant: Tribal Zone, Gifted by B
Floral printed heart ring: Accessorize
Watch: Giordano, V-day gift from B
Nude flats: Tresmode, gifted

You can find all kinds of similar styles here with Macys coupons!

I'm planning to wear lots more of this jacket throughout the year! (Florals are one of the biggest SS trends, after all!)
If any of you like it & want to shop the same, kindly write to me at howrahbridgebyadg@gmail.com....and I'll get back to you with better pictures & prices.

Have to get back to my work now (though it's 2 o'clock in the night here)..........tomorrow's another new day! :)

Have a fun weekend people!!!
This is MY B'DAY WEEKEND..........so am super-stoked anyways! :D

Polka Princess


  1. I luurrve the blazer! And the last picture is cute! Letting go is always difficult. All the best for your new venture :)

  2. love your floral printed jacket! So nice on you! Xo

    Viki from www.lavidaeternal.blogspot.com

  3. Ah the jacket is so pretty!! You look supah cute :) And all the best for the future. Wishing you all the luck.
    Can you please mail me the details of the jacket at swarnali.1825@gmai.com. I know someone who might be interested.

  4. Greetings, Polka Princess! :) I want to wish you the best in your new venture. Cute showcase of florals in this blog post! As for your birthday this weekend, happy early birthday to you! Make a wish and blow out the candles on the birthday cake when that special day comes, birthday girl! :)

    That's what I usually tell my Facebook friends when it's their birthday. Or just swap "girl" for "boy" when it's a guy's birthday. Anyhow, nice post!


  5. Wow, Happy Birthday in advance!! And that jacket is amazing!! You've done a great job with it!!

  6. congrats on the new projects especially that floral jacket/ blazer :) looks good and good luck with transitions and things of that sort!

  7. I LOVE the jacket! Will email you about it.

  8. Hey congratulations babe! I'm so happy for you and wish you fab luck! Loving the jacket <3

  9. pretty jacket , it caught my eye instantly...u will be getting me a mail soon!!


  10. You look like you had a great valentines day ! All the best with your new project! Can't wait to break out some of my florals :D

  11. i loveeee your jacket <3...you are looking adorable <3



  12. So much exciting news in this post! Let's start with... Happy belated birthday! And congratulations on your last day of work! And... good luck with your ery exciting new venture, concentrating your efforts on your very own clothing line! I can't wait to see what big thigns will come for Howrah Bridge, and I'm sure that they will be big, especially if this gorgeous floral blazer is any indication of what you have in store for us :)

  13. I am so glad that you are stopping your job to follow your dream. Good for you.
    It makes me feel very proud women who leave the safe zone and fly, like you.

  14. Ah, love, love your gorgeous jacket.

  15. you look great hon and all your accessories too! and all the best for your future :D
    also, I like the post title :D
    maybe you have time to check my new post :)

  16. It's very inspiring hearing that you have planned so carefully to pursue your creative work. You obviously have the determination as well as the flair for success. Great floral jacket too.

  17. cute necklace, doll!!! :D I really do love it!

    love, polly

  18. It takes a lot of courage to do what you just did. I did the same thing a couple of months ago because I wasn't putting my creativity to work at my job.
    All the best in what you've set your mind to!

  19. I am loving the floral blazer! So very summery! :)


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