The tussles.....& tassels......of blogging

Something I just read in a fellow blogger's post has set me thinking...........Who/what do I blog for?
For myself? For others?? For time-pass??? For professional reasons????

I thought........and I thought.............and then I thought some more.........and I arrived to the conclusion that I do blog for myself & myself only! Of course, I like expressing myself through my blog & sharing that expression with so many other wonderful souls around the world.........but I'd have blogged anyways even if nobody else cared tuppence about my posts or my outfits.
Since I can remember, I've always liked "dressing up" (and that too, not to show others, but for my own feel-good factor). And through my blog, I've found a way of documenting my various looks, styles & outfits that I, myself, can look back upon at any given point of time for reference, for remembrance or simply for narcissistic pleasure......
I think that's one of the reasons, why I'm not a dedicated blogger (as compared to those who post 3-4 times a week!) or my posts don't get inundated with comments.......but, truly, it doesn't matter much. I blog/post as & when I get the time to (which is the most important criteria for posting nowadays - taking out TIME to do so!)......and also when I feel that I've got snaps of an outfit I'd like to share with you all. I'm under no pressure whatsoever, that I have to put up a certain number of posts within a certain period of time.......and hence, I feel that my blogging is a part of my relaxation process rather than a tedious chore......
Similarly, I visit other blogs & comment on them whenever I get the time & leisure to do so. Of course, I want to read every single post of my lovely fellow bloggers & comment on all of them! But, I don't drive myself to achieve that target just for the sake of it..........I blog-hop & comment only when I have ample time on my hands, so that I can actually, really read the posts, see the pictures & respond in a worthy manner (rather than just writing "nice outfit!" or "great look!")

So, you see, my dear readers & fellow bloggers, I'll keep on blogging on my own whims & fancies, at regular or irregular intervals and I hope that you guys will still be there to read my rants & comment if you like/ let me know if ever you feel I should change the way I blog..........and I'll tell you why I do it the way I do it! :) that I've bored you guys with such a long's a few pictures of a latest outfit. I wore this while going for a designer friend's Fashion Show at a 5-star was so hot that I decided to dress lightly & casually for the event.

Wore my most comfortable pair of pleated pants. I love the beautiful pale pink color of this pair. Rolled up the legs for a casual look. In fact, this is my first take on Pastels this season (and one of the very few, as I don't  possess much of pastels anyway - you guys know what a sucker for bright colors I am!)

This floral blouse is borrowed from my sis..........and I felt jubilant at being able to fit into a Size S!!!

Had had a pedicure that very morning, hence, loved showing off my fuchsia toe-nails through the peep-toe wedges! :)

And here's a tasseled beauty from Howrah Bridge's SS '12 collection.........go check out the other designs NOW!!!


Floral top: Borrowed from sis
Pink pleated pants: Zara
Tasseled Necklace: Howrah Bridge
Floral heart ring: Accessorize
Purple Lady Dior knockoff bag: Brigade Road, Bangalore
Grey peep-toe wedges: Enroute

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Other color variations of the same is available (I've got tassels in navy, white, red & green)

I'm fervently working on the Spring Summer styles of Howrah Bridge products. Hope to share them with you all soon! :)

Have a great week ahead guys!

Much love,
Polka Princess