My Long Black Dress.....and a blogger meet

We finally had the much-awaited Kolkata Bloggers Meet today! :D

Our city, as such, has very few bloggers to boast of! And fashion bloggers? Well, we are a rare breed indeed!!
So, when one of our dear fashion blogger friends came to town from USA, we knew we had to meet up - the few of us who keep the city fashion bloggers flag flying high! And thus, after much planning, discussing, phone-number-exchanging, excitement-sharing & outfit-planning, we met for lunch today - the sweet & warm Ayantika of Bong's Belleza, the pretty & fun Sayantani of Bows Hearts & Everything Cute, the bubbly & crazy Soumi of Sold For Shoes Overweight Intellectual Dancer and of course, me!

I almost turned my closet inside-out, trying to decide what to wear for the meet! (And discovered a bag full of new clothes in the process!) After putting together 4-5 different outfits & combinations, I decided to go for my not-so-little black dress with pops of color here & there....what do you guys think? :)

Thought of adding some quirk with my cute li'l Howrah Bridge brooch (which all the other girls fell in love with, instantly)
Also, the neon green belt broke the monotony of the black midi.

Had some fun with my nail-paint too! :D
And wore rings in the same colors!!!

Kept the bag & the shoes neutral to balance out the other colors. Flower Power, anyone???

Fooling around.....actually, we were having way too much fun taking each others' pictures!!! ;)

L to R: Ayantika, Sayantani, Soumi, Me

Black dress: Allen Solly
Neon green belt: ???
Brooch: Howrah Bridge
Red hoop earrings: ???
Oversized sunnies: Pieces via Vero Moda
Floral print bag: Esbeda
Flower ring: Bliss, Pune
Heart ring: Accessorize
Watch: Giordano, gifted by B
Nude gladiators: Enroute

We had a great lunch at Peter Cat, took tons of pictures, walked around a bit, did a spot of shopping & all in all, had an awesome time together!!! :)

How did the week go for all you? And how did spend the weekend???

Today was the start of the Bengali New Year* (i.e, the first day of the Bengali calendar) and I had a great new start with a bunch of new friends! :D

*I'm a Bengali by birth, which means that I belong to the Bengali community of the Hindu sect.

Here's wishing you all a fabulous week ahead!!!

Lots of love,
Anupriya DG


  1. shubho noboborsho!!!

    how classy and pretty you all look!!!

    and ur look totally chich in this look...everything fits perfectly!!!

  2. Very cute, Anupriya! :) Your dress and sandals are lovely, and the many accessories make your already cute looks even more so. Great outfit.

  3. YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! The pictures DO look good! You photoshopped,huh! I'm gonna copy,A LOT! And yeah,we'll do it more often,for sure! One big happy,one big happy...I already miss you guys!:-(

  4. Ooohhh love the not so little dress :P And the brooch is so pretty! :) Very colourful. You all seem super happy, looks like it was a blast! :)

    Happy New Year! :)


  5. Great way to style a black dress for summer!!! Love the way you've combined florals and neons without making them clash!

  6. So I finally see the post! I cannot wait to meet you guys again!
    P.S you do look really pretty!

  7. That surely seems like a weekend well spent!! And I had read and heard but Bengali girls are indeed beautiful <3
    Love the dress and the pop of colors (here and there :):)) The way you swaped your nail color and those rings is really cute. Floral Bag..definite love <3
    I have a TrimmingsAndLace - Fashion Quiz going on my blog..please do participate. You can win exciting goodies too..
    Looking forward to your participation :)
    P.S Happy (Bengali) New Year!!

  8. I really want your bag!! Super adorable!! ;) Keep your chicness, sweetpie!

    Hugs and kiss kiss,

  9. Actually, Calcutta has many, many bloggers to "boast of", who have all been blogging for at least six years before you started. You just don't know of them.

  10. you were looking sooo nice Anu...I adore that Brooch,that falt,that dress,that ring and that you ! (:...want to meet you again, soooooon :):):)

    And thankssssss for the pictures....I have tried to send mine...but file size was much bigger so could not (instead of ziping). anyway will post on that very soon :):):)

  11. Lovely accessorising for your style blogger meet-up. Your lime green belt is a great attention grabber

  12. cute shoes and bag AND dress!!!!! I love it! :D

    love, polly

  13. Those colours are just perfect in contrast with the pretty black dress.Perfect, my gorgeous.

  14. Aren't blogger meet-ups the best? I just love all of the wonderful friends I've made through my blog and it's even better that I get to know so many of them in person and see their beautiful faces (and personalities) in real time. I absolutely adore the combination of your deep black dress and lime belt. The two colours absolutely pop together!

  15. You look amazing- and yay you for having a blogger's meet-up. And...yes I can not wait to meet you someday. xo. -Bella Q

  16. the first pic is too good. mysterious and beautiful..

  17. Hey thanks for dropping by and commenting..nice stuff here..

  18. Love the pop of colours in your accessories! Specially the neon belt! <3

  19. This looks like so much fun...Friends and Fashion and Blogging about it all together:-))
    Really loved your outfit...very eye-catching and neonish !!
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  20. d last pic is so happy n fun...congrats on being featured in new york times!!!

  21. Love your green belt:)

  22. hi!
    you have a lovely blog, and such a personal style!! love it!
    i'd love u to visit my blog and follow if u like it ;)
    kisses from Spain,

  23. love the floral print with the all black look.

  24. absolutely love the dress. hope allen solly still stocks this :)

  25. I love the belt and the brooch!
    And what you have done to your nails and fingers is so cute


    Shubhi's Revels!

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