Flowers & Feathers

Life update: Busy. Hectic. Full. Working. Designing. Creating. Supplying to ever-increasing orders. Feeling lost when forced to stay away from technology (computer decided to take a break...rather a break-down!). Feeling rejuvenated (read "ecstatic") when re-united with the repaired & fully-working gadget. Attending wedding parties. Dressing up. Dressing down (thanks to the unbearable heat!). Hanging out with brother & sis-in-law who was in town for a week. Catching up with the guy on quick dates whenever he is getting time from his increasingly-busy work schedule. Getting tanned. Pulling out all the shorts/skirts/sleeveless/tanks from the closet whenever I need to go out (even when am indoors, for that matter). Getting promoted as Editor of the Maazu blog (I used to be content writer for them before). Dodging questions & incessant pestering about getting married from concerned relatives (not long before I have to tell them to STOP searching for a guy for me...don't they think I'm capable enough to do that for myself???). Trying to take pictures of at least one floral-themed outfit for the InFB Floral Remix (success!!!).

Wore this on a lunch out with brother & sister-in-law (and the rest of the family) to celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary!! :)

Flowers are the big trend of the season...but feathers??? I must be having a bonding-with-nature phase! :P
[By the way, I love this gold spray-painted feather necklace that has come out of my latest parcel from's pretty, dainty & oh-so-beautiful!! Ain't it?]

See what I meant...when I said "bonding-with-nature"??? ;)

Floral printed top: AND
Denim skirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Feather necklace: ASOS
Rose ring: Accessorize
Black bag: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Peep-toe wedges: Enroute

That's about it, for now...

Going back to the grill........

Have a nice week ahead lovelies! :)

Anupriya DG

P.S.: A BIG thank you to my wonderful sister-in-law for being sweet enough to voluntarily take the pictures for this post!!
Hope she would come down often...then I don't have to go around searching for photographers for the blog posts! :))