Mixed Bag

I know........I know......

This has been, like, my looooooooooooongest absence from the blog......ever!!! Not only have I not posted anything up here in ages, I didn't even get much time to visit my favourite blogs out there! Now that's sacrilege, if there's any! :(

So first & foremost, a very heartfelt & sincere sorry to all my readers & followers.........I know you must be disappointed in my un-blogger-like attitude lately......but I promise to make up for this hiatus right from this moment onwards!
Secondly, a more heartfelt sorry to all my lovely fellow bloggers whose blogs I always put a smile to my face........am sorry for myself at having missed all your latest lovely posts.....I promise to catch up soon!!! :)

Those of you residing outside the perimeters of the gas stove of a country called India, won't even have the remotest idea what the weather is like in my city which is one of the burners of said gas stove. The temperature refuses to go below 35 degree Celsius (100F) and that, topped with an average humidity of around 95% is making us feel like we are getting boiled, roasted & fried, all at the same time!!
As a result, all I'm wearing these days are loose cotton/linen pants & t-shirts (not very fashion blogger-y, is it?)........hence the lack of outfit posts. :(

One of my favourite ways of coping up with the heat is to look up pictures of beautiful beaches & cute swimsuits in the Internet. The very thought of all that lovely cool water, the welcoming deck chairs, the shimmering sand, the pretty sea-shells & sexy, yet fun swimsuits seem to make me feel better! Hey! A girl can daydream........right?

(Image source: ninhthuanpt.com.vn)

Why dream, you say? I can easily head over to a sea-side town for a couple of days.
Yes, I can. But this daydream will still be a dream, coz you won't catch me dead wearing a swimsuit. Ever!
But, fantasy has never quite cared about facts.........and so, during my leisurely swimsuit-searching sessions, I've fallen in love with quite a few fun pieces I would have thought of flaunting had I been 2 sizes less.
In fact, I even got rid of some of my "can't-wear-swimsuits-coz-I'm-not-thin" issues while looking around in the World Wide Web. I got to know that the average size of women in the UK is now 14-16. According to journalist Andrew Mullins, “researchers spent a year measuring 2,500 women, and found the average woman is now 36C-28-38, is about 5ft 4in tall, and has size six feet." (which holds true for not only me, but most other Indian women) 
With whole collections now devoted to glamorous plus size swimwear and shapewear for plus size women, those with fuller figures can really celebrate their curves.

  • If you’re shopping for swimwear this summer, you might find it helpful to start off by considering your body shape. Identify the areas that you’re happy to show off and be honest about the ones that you’re less than happy with – you can then use this as a basis to find the swimsuit that will work best for your figure.If, like many women, you carry most of your weight around your stomach or hips then a belted one-piece is perfect for accentuating your waist. Alternatively, try a tankini – providing coverage for your tummy and showing off your legs, it’s a great cover-up compromise.
  • For ladies who are insecure about their bottom, a plunging neckline on a one-piece swimsuit can draw the eye upwards, balancing out your figure. Boy shorts are also great as a beach cover-up, and can easily be pulled on over a swimsuit while you soak up some rays.
  • If you’re self-conscious about the size of your bust and worry about looking top heavy or too exposed, thick-strapped halter tops can help to give you some balance and support. V-neck swimsuits are also a great option to lengthen your torso and make the most of your assets.
Though it'll still take me a light-year to even think of donning a swimsuit, all of you confident & bold girls out  there can now choose ones suited to your body type & go splash around happily! :)

Coming back to hot & humid confines of my room, this humble blog was recently featured in the Best Of The Web series that is put up on Be In Style, the fashion blog of Pocketchange, a lovely shopping blog. 
Thank you Susan for putting me up there with those other amazing bloggers! 
Do check out the feature and even do a spot of shopping while you are over there! :)

Another great news I want to share with you guys is about the upcoming Woolmark "Wrapped in Merino" event which is being launched on 29th May 2012. Woolmark is coming up with a virtual merino wool scarf where each participant blogger will have a section to themselves. The participants can design their very own section of the scarf & join it with their friends' from other parts of the world. Woolmark is aiming at creating the World Record for the World's Longest Social Scarf!!! Now, doesn't that sound like fun? So, let's get together & make this event a huge success......let's set a new world record.......together we can! :))
What's more...they are giving away Net-a-Porter vouchers every week!!! Talk about cherry on the cake!
[To join Woolmark's "Wrapped in Merino" please right click on the picture below to open link in new window]

That's all for today! Leaving you guys with a not-very-recent photo of mine which has become a fast favourite! Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, have already seen it as my profile picture. Please bear with it here as well... :)

Anupriya DG