Back with some florals.....& a new pair of shoes

It's still a hundred degrees in the shade (almost).........I'm still neck-deep eye-deep in work..........there's still a dearth of good photographers in my life (who'll be willing to take my outfit pictures! - anyone game???)......and I'm still mad at myself for not being able to give more time to this blog (I'm really trying to rectify that, soon!)

But.........fret not.............coz I'm back with an outfit post at last!!! :D

Before that, I would just like to fill you guys in on the current status of my busy life, a BIG chunk of which is taken up by work right now! I'm designing clothes & accessories that are getting wonderful response locally as well as nationally. I've even got a range of home decor that is picking up nicely! :)
Apart from supplying to a couple of multi-designer outlets, I'm selling through quite a few popular e-commerce websites in India. Apart from all these, I've been getting orders from the USA & Australia as well through my Facebook page! So now you know what's keeping me so busy!!! :))

Moving on to the outfit....I wore this to a movie with some family friends. The movie was hilarious & I was in a good mood as I could take outfit pictures after so long...... :P
And another thing that added on to my joy was that I was wearing my new pair of shoes!!!
We, Indians, are still a sceptical lot when it comes to online shopping. So was I, when, while browsing through jabong, I chanced upon these lovely pair of flats. The multiple straps & the beautiful shade of red were too much for me to resist! Also, the fact that it was at 50% discount made matters worse!! So, against all misgiving, I gave in to my temptations and got myself this beauty. Contrary to my apprehension, the website turned out to be very efficient & true to their words. The confirmation of the order was intimidated to me immediately through mail & sms, while the very next morning I got a call from their customer care representative saying that they were sending out the order, which I received the day after!
In fact, I can happily say that the product was just as shown in the picture & the size fit me perfectly!! So, all in all, I'm quite happy with my first shopping experience with & look forward to getting myself some more great stuff from amongst their 350 odd brands, most of which are available at great offers & discounts!
If you want to check out the website & their awesome collection of products, you can click on the link on the right-hand side gadget bar of this blog. So Go to today! Happy Shopping!!!

The Summers are still am still going strong with the florals!! :)
Trimmed with a cute polka-dotted print, this floral top is a Howrah Bridge piece (that's my brand of clothes & accessories)

This pretty turquoise drop earrings are also new! 
[I know......I seem to have a whole lot of new things on me today, no?] guys haven't seen my almost-new sling purse yet! Not to forget, my new bangle (that was gifted, by the way)!! P.S.: Check out my black talons! ;)

Aaaaaannnnnnndddd....presenting to new shoes from!!! Aren't they yum??? :D

Floral top: Howrah Bridge
Distressed denims: Only
Sling purse: BK Market, Kolkata
Turquoise earrings: New Market, Kolkata
Green woven bangle: Gifted, from Bangladesh
Heart ring: Accessorize
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Red flats:

In other news, (that's one of India's premier fashion blogs whose editorial team I'm on) is holding a competition for all you fashion-enthusiasts & writers out there! "The Sparkle Invite-Only Creative Competition - Win Cash & Recognition" is a great opportunity for all of you out there interested to write about jewellery, get featured in the Maazu Hall of Fame & earn some money too, in the process. 
To know more about the first edition of this weekly contest, do drop in a mail at or :)
Hurry! Registrations are open till Wednesday, 20th of June '12! 

Time for me to get back to work......I have been stretching this break a bit too long! :P

Have a great week ahead people!! 

Anupriya DG


  1. Glad to see you back, that floral top looks awesome! You need a photographer? wow! I wish I had a good camera! I like those flats!

  2. flats look lovel...pretty color...

  3. Anupriya, you are a beautiful lady; and this outfit is lovely. Super-cute floral tunic along with some nice cuffed jeans. These sandals are cool too. Many lovely colors you show here.

  4. Love your outfit - so cheery and bright!! I've been drooling over the shoes on, but I'm wary of buying shoes without trying them on. But after seeing you, I think I might just give it a try!

  5. 'Sweet' is the only word about how you look!

  6. hey gal, its always nice to see your outfit pics and a big Howrah Bridge loyalist!! in effect im also keeping you busy!!! :P

    I also shopped sometime back from jabong and it was a nice experience!!

  7. Such a cute Kurti! I love it! and the shoe and the accessories and you too :)

  8. it's a really lovely and casual outfit..

  9. Hello my beauty, I have been missing your comments so much.

  10. Oh my gosh! You have so much going on! I love it honey! And you are just so delightful in this colourful ensemble... but then... your beautiful smile and gorgeous glow could make a hessian sack look good! You are Howrah Bridge's BEST advertisment! xx

  11. Wow - it sounds like you really have been busy! But in a very good way :) I'm so glad to hear that your designs have been so well-deserved, although of course I never doubted that they should be. You're very talented. I love this sweet and fun outfit that you put together for the movies. All of the colours play together just beautifully and those red sandals really are the icing on the cake!

  12. That top is SO cute, and love your bow bag!

    The Other Side of Gray

  13. I like the sling bag..

  14. Girl I am in love with your sling bag. I guess I gotta visit Kolkata soon for some awesome shopping. Love your floral top. Didn't know you do such awesome dress designing. All pieces are colorful ^_^

  15. Love your top - so pretty :)
    would love for you to check out my new post

  16. Like your floral top:) It's gorgeous!
    Just checked the Howrah Bridge collection and I must tell, what pretty deigns and talent you possess.

  17. I am totally into the online shopping zone these days. Love the Howrah Bridge floral top and the mint bag. Your pictures exclude how cute and chirpy you are in person..honestly!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your looks :D
    P.S Did I mention how chic those flats are :)Would love to team them up with whites!!

  18. new post kobe ashbe?!send me some of the pics you took..i am still editing mine..

  19. Hey, u have really interesting posts. I like ur amazing photos the most. Visit me when u catch up some free time. xo xo

  20. Hi!
    I’ve just found your lovely blog, your style is fascinating!
    I’d love you to take a look at mine and let me know what you think ;)
    Kisses from Spain,

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