August 13, 2012


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Aaah! An outfit post at long last!!! 
(I know......that's what YOU are thinking....right?)

To keep things short & simple, here's what I wore for the Four Seasons Wine Tasting Event.
As you must have read in my last post, the event was a great success and all of us, the city bloggers had a lovely time together with some great food & amazing wine for company! :)

It being a rainy day, I could take my summer jacket out for a spin (which would otherwise be impossible to wear in the hot & humid Calcutta weather!). I love this floral beauty and the fact that it's one of my own designs from my very own brand Howrah Bridge makes it even more special! :D
In fact, a couple of my fellow bloggers even asked me to make the jacket for them! Now isn't that sweet? :)

Thought of balancing the dark-toned upper garments by wearing my pair of powder pink pleated trousers from ZARA. Rolled up the hems for a fun touch! ;)

With two of my favourite city bloggers - Sayantani (R) & Ayantika (L)! :)
Pls note the white paper bags hanging from all of our hands....that contains a bottle of the Four Seasons Shiraz red wine each that was generously gifted by the event authorities! ;)

Ok....not because I wore it to a 'wine' event...but doesn't the bauble on my wrist look like a bunch of juicy grapes??? ( does! To me, at least!)

Floral jacket: HOWRAH BRIDGE
Black top: ???
Pink pleated trousers: ZARA
Black patent purse: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Gold link chain necklace: DIY
Pink beaded bracelet: Westside
Animal print ring: ALDO
Black pumps: ALDO

Photo credits: Fellow blogger Debiparna (or Debi, as we all lovingly call her!)
Thanks a bunch for the great snaps. Debi!!! :))

I'm still busy with all my work...and still going CRAZY trying to manage so many things together! 
But I'm just asking myself to hold it all together for just a couple of days more.....coz, on the 15th of August, I'M GOING ON A HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!! :D

Yes!! I'm taking a much-needed break, at last! And heading towards one of the most beautiful & picturesque places of my country.........KERALA! 

Of course, I plan to have LOADS of pictures to share with you all once I'm back on the 25th!!! Till then......enjoy this post! :)

Take care,
Anupriya DG
August 01, 2012

A fashionable toast!

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Though I'm back after more than a month......yet, I feel like I've just taken up the thread of thoughts from where I had left them last....
And it's not only about myself, I know you guys will read my posts just as you have read innumerable earlier ones, even though this one comes after a HUGE hiatus!

So, my dear friends, followers & readers, I've been caught up in building my brand & trying to give it a throbbing identity of it's own (won't say I'm doing bad at that!) and of course, in planning up lots of stuff for you guys to enjoy - but all in good time!! :)

Today, I bring to you, a wonderful event that I've been a part of recently. You'll see my FB & Twitter Timeline flooded with updates from the do and all the city bloggers who visited the event just can't seem to stop gushing about it!!!

The beautiful invite!

A table full of menus & wine glasses welcomed us...

Four Seasons Wines hosted a perfect luncheon at Oasis Restaurant, Kolkata for us to get a taste of some of their award-winning wines, along with an enriching session about wine tasting & pairing with their brand ambassador, Miss India Earth & wine connoisseur Shamita Singha.

Sayantani & Uparna pose pretty!

The whole girl gang with Four Seasons Brand Ambassador Shamita Singha
(L to R: Ayantika, Me, Debi, Sayantani, Shamita, Shayoni, Swarnali, Uparna)

It was a now-overcast-now-drizzling-now-sunny Saturday afternoon that saw seven fashion & lifestyle bloggers from Kolkata strut into the swanky Oasis Restaurant on Park Street for the event. We all were as excited about the event as we were about meeting each other! Mr. Peter Mitter, the representative for Four Seasons and Mr. Pratap Darayani, the owner of Oasis, greeted us warmly & instantly made us feel at home. We were served platters of snacks as we waited for beauty queen Shamita to arrive there directly from the airport.

The girls settled down to a promising lunch!
By the time Shamita arrived, all of us were in full-fledged picture clicking mode! Everyone's cameras were OD-ing on the people, the wine glasses, the decor & the restaurant. As Shamita settled down & we went through a brief round of introduction, we were served the starters along with the first wine for the afternoon.

Chicken Reshmi Kebab & Veg Wantons paired with Four Seasons Chenin Blanc

Ayantika enjoying the first wine of the session

The Herb infused Chicken Reshmi Kebab & Veg Wantons were placed before us as the first bottle of white wine was opened and our glasses sparkled with the Four Seasons Chenin Blanc. Shamita took us through the four 'S's of wine drinking - See, Swirl, Smell & Sip - and we had the first taste of the wine. Needless to say, the sweet, fruity aroma of the Chenin Blanc did it justice as the light liquid slid down my throat effortlessly, adding a distinct flavour to the taste of the starters. We got to know that the Chenin Blanc is suitable as an accompaniment to light food, like starters, salads, snacks etc.

Main course of Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce was perfect with the Four Seasons Viognier
Shamita compares the colours of the Chenin Blanc & the Viognier

The main course consisted of Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce with Garlic Bread & French Fries. Accompanying the main course, was the Four Seasons Viognier, a slightly different variety of white wine. The Viognier smelled like a heady mix of wild berries, tropical flowers & a tinge of spice. The liquid was heavier this time and it had a longer finish to it. But, it was perfectly suited for the strong flavours of the Grilled Fish. As we learned, this medium wine is best paired with heavy food, such as Pastas, Risottos, grilled & charred dishes and even rice & curries.

Shamita tells us all what is best paired with the Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Posing with my glass of Red! 

Done with the whites, it was the turn of the first red wine of the afternoon to make its appearance. The Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is a comparatively lighter variety of red wine that smelled like sweet spices, wild berries & woody fragrances all put together. The thick liquid flowed around in my mouth with a tangy feel & left a lingering after-taste. This dark red, dry wine should rightly be paired with heavy dishes, such as sizzlers, spicy food, Indian & Moghlai cuisine & such.

We rounded off the yummy lunch with Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Brownie, washed down with the Four Seasons Blush Wine

Debi was the official photographer of the day, going "Click! Click!" at every possible opportunity!
The amazing lunch was rounded off with the last wine which was the Four Seasons Blush Wine, followed by Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Brownie & Chocolate Sauce. The Blush wine or Rose wine was a beautiful shade of dark pink and had a sweet, fruity, yet spicy aroma. Personally, it was my favourite wine of the afternoon. The sweet tangy zing of the smooth liquid fulfilled all my senses as the wonderful afternoon drew to a close.

Four amazing wines - one awesome afternoon!!!

Shayoni poses with the four heroes of the afternoon! 

A BIG thank you to:
  • Four Seasons Wines, Mr. Akshay Gopal & Mr. Peter Mitter for providing us with this wonderful opportunity, letting us have a taste of some of their award winning wines and last, but not the least, gifting each of us a bottle of Four Seasons Shiraz red wine!!! :)
  • Oasis Restaurant & Mr. Pratap Darayani for being the perfect hosts ever and for treating us with a delectable lunch. The food was wonderful and so was the ambience & service. (P.S.: For those of you in Kolkata, Oasis has the Best. Sizzlers. Ever.)
  • Shamita Singha, beauty queen & wine connoisseur, for making the whole experience more knowledgeable & enriching. She shared some really interesting tips & facts about wine and let us all in on the ways of drinking wine & their proper pairing with food.

It was a truly awesome experience, thanks to good food, good wine & good company. I was glad to be a part of this amazing event and will surely look forward to many more versions of it in the future!!! :)

The outfit post for what I wore on the day will be up soon! Stay tuned!!!

Anupriya DG


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