Aaah! An outfit post at long last!!! 
(I know......that's what YOU are thinking....right?)

To keep things short & simple, here's what I wore for the Four Seasons Wine Tasting Event.
As you must have read in my last post, the event was a great success and all of us, the city bloggers had a lovely time together with some great food & amazing wine for company! :)

It being a rainy day, I could take my summer jacket out for a spin (which would otherwise be impossible to wear in the hot & humid Calcutta weather!). I love this floral beauty and the fact that it's one of my own designs from my very own brand Howrah Bridge makes it even more special! :D
In fact, a couple of my fellow bloggers even asked me to make the jacket for them! Now isn't that sweet? :)

Thought of balancing the dark-toned upper garments by wearing my pair of powder pink pleated trousers from ZARA. Rolled up the hems for a fun touch! ;)

With two of my favourite city bloggers - Sayantani (R) & Ayantika (L)! :)
Pls note the white paper bags hanging from all of our hands....that contains a bottle of the Four Seasons Shiraz red wine each that was generously gifted by the event authorities! ;)

Ok....not because I wore it to a 'wine' event...but doesn't the bauble on my wrist look like a bunch of juicy grapes??? ( does! To me, at least!)

Floral jacket: HOWRAH BRIDGE
Black top: ???
Pink pleated trousers: ZARA
Black patent purse: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Gold link chain necklace: DIY
Pink beaded bracelet: Westside
Animal print ring: ALDO
Black pumps: ALDO

Photo credits: Fellow blogger Debiparna (or Debi, as we all lovingly call her!)
Thanks a bunch for the great snaps. Debi!!! :))

I'm still busy with all my work...and still going CRAZY trying to manage so many things together! 
But I'm just asking myself to hold it all together for just a couple of days more.....coz, on the 15th of August, I'M GOING ON A HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!! :D

Yes!! I'm taking a much-needed break, at last! And heading towards one of the most beautiful & picturesque places of my country.........KERALA! 

Of course, I plan to have LOADS of pictures to share with you all once I'm back on the 25th!!! Till then......enjoy this post! :)

Take care,
Anupriya DG


  1. Pretty, as always, Anupriya. This is a stylish outfit. I guess I like the floral blazer the most of this entire look. Your hair is very nice as well. Equal compliments with the nice necklace.

  2. you look lovely and yess i got my eyes on the jacket too!!!

    the four seasons wine event has really been great from what i hear of all the bloggers in other cities too....ours was great also!!!

  3. love that blazer!! so much fun!

    would you like to follow one another?

  4. kerala?!wow!!!i have wanted to visit it for so long..have oodles of fun..and you looked great that day...i love the snaps too..:D

  5. The flower print sure is fun.

    Have a fun tome on holiday.

  6. Are you selling that lovely jacket?

  7. All 3 are looking awesome! Wish I was in Blr too!
    Your floral blazer is too good!
    COLOR SPLASH with accessories!

  8. nice outfit with the floral blazer and chain necklace xo
    would you like to follow each other?

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  9. You look just stunning, my dear. I cannot get over your incredible hair and I just love that floral jacket!


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