Making a long story 'short'!

Well.........yes! I'm back from an 'almost' wonderful holiday........and I have LOTS of pictures & stories to share with you guys!!!

I was technically back on the 25th of August....but thanks to the huge pile of work awaiting my arrival, I have started sorting through the pictures only now! *rolling eyes*

Anyways, another thing that had kept me busy was an exhibition of my clothes & accessories that took place on the 29th of August at Shisha (a nightclub).......and my latest collection was extremely well-received there, I tell you! Can't wait to share some snaps from the shoot with you all!!! (Even that is coming up soon!) :))

Ok..........going back to my vacay.......I had a great time travelling through the various places throughout the state of Kerala. We started from the seaside - enjoying the small sea-side town of Kovalam and also packing in a one day visit to Kanyakumari (the end point of India, where 3 seas meet); moved on to the hills of Thekkady & Periyar - famous for the Periyar forest & beautiful spice plantations; went on to enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains in Munnar - endless slopes of tea plantations going on one after the other till the end of horizon; and lastly, came back to the plains - visiting the famous Cochin harbour before boarding my flight back home!!

That sounds perfect, you would say! So why did I say my vacay was 'almost' wonderful, you must be wondering??? would have been absolutely wonderful had I not fallen ill at Thekkady with some stomach infection that led to a drop in my blood pressure, ending in me having to be on drip for 4 hours in the local hospital instead of going on the forest safari tour! :(
Thank God I could be up & about in a couple of days to enjoy the rest of the places! (Thekkady's spice gardens & Periyar lake & Wildlife Sanctuary will have to wait for my second visit, I guess!)

Anyways, I'll be sharing outfit pictures and pictures of the places in a series of posts, starting with this one. Hope you'll enjoy the glimpses of my holiday! :)

For starters, I have a couple of outfits that I had sported at Kovalam. The warm weather & sea-side atmosphere demanded for shorts to be worn....and of course, I was too happy to give in to that demand! Here are the results!!!

DAY 1: 
Evening out at Kovalam beach...and then fooling around in the resort compound (rather, the kids' playground! :P)

T-shirt: Pantaloons
Shorts: AND
Woven cane bangles: From Bangladesh
Aviators: ALDO Accessories
Flip-flops: Puma

DAY 2: 
Had amazing continental breakfast and then went exploring the resort grounds with sis before heading towards the beach, destination - the poolside! ;)

Top: Shoppers Stop
Denim Shorts: Banana Republic
Acrylic bow pendant: Accessorize
Woven cane bangle: Gifted, from Bangladesh
Sling bag: BK Market, Kolkata
Aviators: ALDO Accessories
Flip-flops: Bangkok

That's all for today folks!!! Will be back soon with more pictures! :))

Have a great week ahead!

Anupriya DG