A (not-so) Black Heart

There was a small black spot in her heart
That grew and grew until it was all black.
Sometimes her heart shone through, in a glimmering ray of gold,
Sometimes, the blackness was more wild than the wilderness within.
Most of the times, she was seen searching for her lost heart in the dark depths of the black.
Oh! What a beautiful black it was...

NOTE: There's nobody particular whom I have written the above about! 
It's just that I wanted to write something connected to the outfit...and this is what I came up with!! (You can see the relevance soon enough!)

Sort of felt like those school/college days, when I had the time & leisure to sit and weave thoughts into words of poetry, filling pages after pages of diaries, stray paper napkins or torn sheets of notebooks. Some of those lines even made their way into the pockets of cute guys and hopeless crushes.

Guess, I still haven't lost the touch...eh? ;)

This is what I wore to Day 3 of Signature Premier Fashion Week Kolkata
Now you can go and read the lines at the top once more! :P

It was my bold & wild night out! Well....sorta! ;)

A bit of grunge, a dash of goth, a li'l animal print, a glint of gold, a lot of black & a big heart (with fringes!)!!!

Top with fringed heart: BK Market, Kolkata
Animal print tights: BK Market, Kolkata
Black patent bag: Metro Plaza, Kolkata
Gold chain link necklace: DIY
Golden metal bangles: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Snakeskin & metal cuff: ASOS
Cat ring: Accessorize
Black booties: Tresmode

Thanks for the clicks, Ayantika! :)

Well.....right now, I'm wondering when will the ever-changing colors of Autumn grace my country with its beautiful presence........? (As it is still 40 degrees in the shade here...sigh!)
I'm dying to bring out the light jackets, the stoles, the scarves and feel the chill in the evening winds.......hello, Mr. Fall, are you listening???

Paint your Monday Pink and have a beautiful week ahead guys! :))

So long!
Anupriya DG


  1. yes darling...grunge goth and a bit of bling!!!

    you look great!!.....and the poetry...wow!!


  2. Very unique outfit! Anupriya, you look truly charming here. The big fringed heart on the top is certainly unique. Very nice accessories- necklace, bracelets and all. Great style shown by you here.


    1. Thank you so much for all the lovely words, John!! :)

  3. Love the poem (maybe because i can relate lol)
    Cute outfit!

    Confessions Of A City Girl

  4. When I think of your style my first thought is color but you are rockin' "no color" color of black like nobody's business. Looking lovely, A.

    1. Awwwww....thanks honey! I always love compliments coming from your end! :))

  5. Beautiful words, wonderful, you.

  6. Replies
    1. I knowwwwwww, right? I LOVE this fringed heart too! :D

  7. Guess who loves the fringed heart top. MEEEEEE. It is so pretty and I think you wear it beautifully. Also digging the bag!

    (New post is up)

  8. You know how much I love black and gray - this outfit immediately brought a smile to my face :) The fringed heart is just too perfect!

  9. Great look! I am a huge BK market freak! Everytime I go to cal I end up hounding it so much that the shopkeepers think I'm crazy cas I show up like 3 times in one week. Sometimes on consecutive days!heeheh


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