Florals, polka, lace - one or all?

All the Fashion Weeks & Fashion Tours making their presence in my city had rudely interrupted my Kerala series - posts from my recent trip to Kerala. So, while I still have outfit posts pending from the fashion events, I thought of sharing an outfit from my Kerala vacation in between! (Or else, they'll just lie forgotten in my folders and rot away in archives without being able to see the daylight of the blogosphere...)

In other news, the festive season is almost knocking on the door....so am going crazy with work...
In fact, I'm so busy working on orders of new clothes for other people, that I haven't even started to think about my own new clothes!!! :(
In case you are wondering what I need new clothes for, it's for the upcoming festivities celebrated by our sect of Indians during Autumn. And one of the rules of the festival is that we wear new clothes for all 5 days of celebration! (There cannot be a better kind of festival than that, right???) :D

Anyways, moving on to the outfit......this is what I wore the day I travelled from Alappuzha to Thekkady. Alappuzha was a town by the beautiful back waters, while Thekkady is a hilly area famous for it's spice gardens and the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Unfortunately, I fell ill during my two-day stay in Thekaddy, so these are the only pictures I have of the place! Well....all I can hope is that I will visit it again some day and do justice to the beauty of its forests & lakes.

Hotel Ambadi was one of the quaintest & picturesque hotels of Thekkady....I loved its pretty li'l cottages, rustic decor, surrounding greenery & abundant use of bricks & wood... :)

Apart from the location, another reason for this being one of my favorite outfit posts in recent times, is the fact that this dress is from my own collection! I love the floral print of this dress, the polka & the li'l lace detailings....and it always feels extra-nice to have a Howrah Bridge piece on!! :D

Green sling: BK Market, Kolkata
White flower ring: Accessorize
Red ivory & green jade bangles: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Black wooden bangle: ???
Red strappy sandals: c/o Jabong.com

As I was posting these pictures, I felt a wee bit nostalgic and for a moment, I wanted to be back there in the rustic beauty of Thekkady & the Ambadi hotel. But.......it'll be quite a while now before I can make a trip back there...! So, these pictures are my only way of escape to those remote realms....Sigh!! 

But, I have no time whatsoever to sit & dwell on my memories & unachievable wishes.....hence, I'll rush off back to work!

Wish everyone out there a fabulous Sunday and an even more wonderful week ahead!!!

Lots of love,
Anupriya DG


    Loved the dress and I would definitely love wearing it :) Also love the chappals, so pretty! I want.


  2. I love the vintage-y look! And such a cute dress this is!

  3. you look so cute! and that sling of yours-it makes me want to steal ;)

  4. How cute are you! :) This dress looks amazing on you, and these sandals are also nice to go with this dress. You are truly dazzling here, Anupriya. Great outfit!


  5. As soon as I saw the first pic, I guessed the dress was your design!!You look great, and that flower ring is simply pretty!!

  6. you are so adorable, i love that rose ring :)

  7. The ring,Anu,the ring. Pure love!

  8. hey babe!! you are looking pretty....you face exudes that holiday cheer that only being on a holiday can bring!!!

    yes!!! durga puja is coming!!!!!..........and i can understand how crazzy that can get!!!


  9. Kerala is my no. 1 travel destination in India! Now, i am gonna look out for all the old kerala posts!
    and you are glowing, woman! :)

  10. Kerala is on our travel list and you made it more sure! Looking nice! :)

  11. Like the red flats..Yes I can see the Durga Pujo frenzy here in Cal…But I am going home during the holidays..


  12. Kerela must be really soothing and refreshing! Your outfit suits the destination! :)
    Love from Bindigasm

  13. Love the dress Anupriya...every element spells super femininity. You know all the work and hustle adds to the festivities...working hard to celebrate...and I believe all this makes our festivals more joyous and worth waiting for. I look forward to these months (besides the obvious Fall angle) every single year...its almost like dreaming about them.
    And...loads of work means loads of success!! Best Wishes :)
    Let the festivities begin...:D

  14. i love the dress and the red flats
    u look cute


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