I like 'em fat...I like 'em thin...

...and that's stripes that I'm talking about! ;)

Yes...I'm a self-confessed stripe-aholic.......I have quite a big, squishy, mushy soft corner for the linear pattern...wherever & however it may be!

Hence, it's no surprise that this maxi dress was love at first sight!!! :))

I was on the lookout for something to make an appearance in, as a fashion blogger, to cover the Kolkata Fashion Week....but I went through innumerable styles, silhouettes, colors & patterns in vain. Nothing really seemed to be THE ONE! (You know what I mean...right?)
Then, I spotted the green & blue peeping out from underneath a pile of clothes on a shelf in a store...and at that instant, I knew...this has to be it!!! I pulled it out, held it up, stepped in front of the mirror...and the rest, as they say, is history...

Needless to say...all my fellow bloggers at KFW loved the maxi.......so, I think, my love for the lines should continue uninterrupted.....no? :)

Unfortunately, this maxi was off-shoulder...hence, the shrug...

And have you seen my cute new yellow satchel??? I'm in love! ^_^

Blogger love at KFW Day 2 - (from L to R) Shayoni, Animesh, Monalisa, Me, Ayantika

Striped maxi dress: BK Market, Kolkata
Blue shrug: Linking Road, Mumbai
Earrings: ???
Woven cane bangle: Gifted, form Bangladesh
Yellow heart ring: Accessorize
Yellow satchel: BK Market, Kolkata
Watch: Giordano, V-day gift by B
Nude gladiators: Enroute

And you can see all the Signature Premier branding all around me. 
Which means I took pictures at the right places. 
Coz Signature Premier had only invited me to the event.
And I'm giving them so much publicity.
Proves that I'm THE blogger to call if you are hosting any event!

On another note, all of us city bloggers have planned a blogger meet on the 2nd of Oct. (which is Gandhi Jayanti, a national holiday in India).....and as expected, I'm beyond excited!!! 

On yet another note, I had a perfectly lovely Sunday evening......went on a loooooooooooooong walk with my guy, ate spicy & tasty junk food from roadside stalls, had yummy fruit & nut chocolate ice cream and laughed a lot!
Feeling absolutely ready to welcome the week with a BIG smile! What about you? :D

Keep it stylish!
Anupriya DG


  1. Your maxi looks great! And the shrug is really adding to the entire look!

  2. Anupriya, your maxi dress is lovely along with the cardigan and sandals. The satchel is as cute as your smile. You look amazing.


  3. Great styling with the striped maxi! Striped dresses are on my mind too, the satchel is very cute, enjoy your day off:-)

  4. You look lovely in the maxi! Also, I luurrve your bag!

  5. I'm loving all the colors on your outfit, Anupriya!! You're right, the maxi is perfect for you!

  6. That maxi is so perfect, my dear friend.
    Looking gorgeous.

  7. So appropriate that you ended the post by saying you feel ready to welcome the week with a big smile because my first thought on seeing the photos of you is that your beautiful smile is always radiant.

  8. you look super pretty and i love your dress!

  9. I was intrigued by the title. :P Haha, that maxi looks lovely on you. :) The bag is so pretty, digging the colour. :)


  10. i love blue and green togethe! you look lovely, liked the 2nd picture especially!


  11. Totally love the blue & greens stripes...I'm striped obsessed as well!

  12. loved clicking your photos that day..you looked so good..


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