It was THAT time of the year again!

Oh!! The last few days were so much fun!!! No wonder it's my most favourite time of the year! Barring my birthday, that is. :D

Durga Puja comes once a year. For five days. And turns my whole world upside down.

The sights, the sounds, the smells, the new clothes, the good food, the fun time with friends & family, the laughter, the gossip, the pandal-hopping, the creativity, the night-outs, the madness - all this & more make these few days the most-awaited ones among the yearly 365!

And of course, this year was no exception. In fact, it was better if possible! :)

I was celebrating the festival for the first time since quitting my job & setting up my own brand of clothes & accessories.....and man, was it fun! The last month had been CRAZY, to put it mildly. Everyone wanted new clothes for the festival. And everyone wanted them fast! So, I have been literally going mad trying to work on innumerable orders & get stuff delivered on time. But, obviously, I had to work till the last minute to get new clothes to their rightful owners before the festival began and as a result, no new clothes from my brand succeeded in making their way into my closet! Woes of being a designer, I guess! :(

Anyway, so, I had to resort to wearing clothes I had picked up from other places and somehow managed not to wear immediately after I bought them! Lesson learnt: I should start making clothes for myself, which I would wear during Durga Puja next year, like, RIGHT NOW!!! 

Here's what I wore on Saptami (the 2nd day of Durga Puja & the 7th day on the Navratri period)......went out with the guy, saw quite a few thematic puja celebrations by different clubs, ate yummy junk food from street-side stalls and had sumptuous Indian dinner, followed by ice cream! Sounds perfect? was! :))

Oh! Just realised that this is the first post I'm doing after having my latest haircut! :D
What say guys? Yay or nay???
(Though how much you can understand here is a point of concern....I had chosen a plait to brave the hours of jostling with the crowd & sweating in the heat!)

I would have preferred to wear this dress, as a dress....but donned a pair of tights to be on the safe never know the kind of crowd that roam the streets during the festive season!

Floral dress:  BK Market, Kolkata
Black tights: BK Market, Kolkata
Yellow satchel: BK Market, Kolkata
Fabric covered bangles: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Woven cane bangles: Bangladesh
Jade bangle: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Oval green ring: BK Market, Kolkata
Crystal ring: ALDO Accessories
Watch: Skagen, gifted
Hairclip: New Market, Kolkata
Tan ballerina: Enroute

A few snapshots from that day - glimpses of the festive city....

Glittering grandeur...

Play of lights

The Mother Goddess

Monochrome beauty

I'll be back with the rest of the pictures from the festive days. Soon. :)

For now, I have to catch up on all the lost sleep (thanks to the night outs & unearthly hours I kept during the festival!).

It still seems like it's Sunday (today, or rather yesterday - since it's 2am right now, was Dashami or the last day of the it has all just only got over!) and work starts again tomorrow morning! Which it does. Only, it's not a Monday, but a Thursday. Well...that makes this quite a small working week. And I'm so not complaining! ;)

Have a great week & a greater weekend ahead guys! 

Lotsa love!
Anupriya DG


  1. These photos are really beautiful! It sounds like you had a lovely time :) You have a beautiful religion and I love learning about it!
    Hope to hear from you soon, I am definitely following your blog!

    My blog:

    1. Thanks dear! I'm glad I can get others interested in my culture! :)

  2. Anupriya, your hair is lovely- same goes for your dress. You look absolutely charming from top to bottom. Great outfit post. The other pictures regarding this occasion are also very nice.

  3. Pujo is all madness. Tumi kothay thako?

    1. Ami Tollygunje-e thaki Nivedita...are you from Kolkata too?

  4. shubho bijoya girl!!

    you look pretty!!!!!! and since i did see your haircut pics from the fb, i can say u look nice!!

    and the durga puja images are cool!!

  5. That is so pretty. I've been hearing so much about pujo, and over there it is specially amazingly insane right? :) Anyway, I always think you accessorize well no matter what you wear, and yet again. Also those tan shoes are so freaking pretty. :)
    The haircut definitely looks nice!


    1. It IS pretty insane & amazing Sonshu! You should experience the Durga Puja in Kolkata at least once!! :)

  6. You look lovely darling!! Absolutely lovely :)) Such a good call wearing tights the pandal hopping crowd can sometimes be so iffy. god I miss Calcutta during Pujo, it is simply out of this world brilliant. The Pujo is Bombay is so thanda and makes me so homesick for Bengal. :)

    1. Awwww......I know! I was in Mumbai during Pujo last year and had literally RUN back to Kolkata on Navami! :P

  7. shubho bijoya gal..nice haircut.. wait for the next year begins :)..

  8. love the photos!!even i was going to wear the kurta as a dress but finally wore it with a pair of leggings..i am working on my puja photos now..

  9. Is it like Christmas here???
    You look lovely.

  10. You look so pretty all dressed up for the holiday! I remember reading about Durga Puja on your blog last year and all the fun you had, but how much more exciting it must have been now that you were making new clothes for everyone from your own clothing line! Congratulations, my dear :)

  11. We are the BK market queens. Hahah..I love your outfit! and that ring amar o chai!

  12. great post
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3
    enjoy your evening!

  13. Hi ANupriyA,

    I came across your blog and its very nice :)

    Would you like to follow each other and be friends ? :)

    I had two Durga Puja posts too..

    I enjoy the Puja as well :) plus the holidays!! ;)

    Do check them out and waiting for your response!

    Plus I see you are a craft maker too :)

    Love <3
    Tanuja :)

  14. Such lovely photos. I love pandal hopping during durga pooja.
    Love ur tan ballerinas.

  15. lovely accessories!!!

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