November 26, 2012

Bye Fall.....same time, next year?

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Aloha lovelies!!!!!

How have you all been???

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!
And if you all are not done with the sale time shopping yet, there's still Cyber Monday looming large ahead! So, make the most of the last hours left!!! ;)

The last few months of the year always seem to pass by in a flurry of activities........festivals, occasions, weddings blah blah, all seem to come one after the other in quick succession.........then there's the thrill of the slightly chilly evenings and taking out your warm clothes.......the excitement of layering your outfits........the enthusiasm of the upcoming party season........and of course, the anticipation of the year-end itself, coupled with thoughts of heralding the beginning of a brand new year with brand new hopes, resolutions & aspirations........sigh! The last few months of the year are hectic, I tell you! *wipes-imaginary-sweat-from-real-forehead*

I'm fully occupied in making clothes for the winters & the party season ahead. Have TWO exhibition-cum-sales lined up in the 2nd week of December. Pretty excited about the new stuff I have in mind for the latest collection! :))

In fact, I'm planning to do a post soon on some of the latest pieces from my brand.......just a showcase of what I actually do, full-time! What say? Yay or nay???

Till then, here's my last outfit post (I swear!) from the Durga Puja festival that was in October! (Yes...I do tend to lag back sometimes.....)
Wore this on the last day of the festival and went out to lunch with the guy & on of my besties.

A flowy sheer top with a pretty belt, a pair of black denims, a few nice accessories and a dainty pair of  waterproof PVC slip-on flats saw me through the lunch & shopping mall sojourn afterwards.. :)

My friend, D, who took all the other snaps! (Obviously, this one is taken by my guy)

Sheer top with flower belt: BK Market, Kolkata
Black denims: BK Market, Kolkata
Blue satchel: BK Market, Kolkata
Rose ring: Accessorize
Mask ring: New Market, Kolkata
Pastel pink PVC flats with bows: BK Market, Kolkata

Now that Fall is bidding us farewell....are you all ready to welcome the winters in style???

Are you looking forward to layering up in the comfy knits & loops of cozy mufflers/stoles like I am? Or snuggling deep inside the blankets with a book in your hand?? Or maybe even basking in the pale winter afternoon sunlight with a mug of hot coffee???

Sigh! The very though of Winter conjures up so many beautiful images in our minds, no? Well's time to live those memories once over again! :D

Now........let's get back to those Cyber Monday deals before the day gets over or all the tempting stuff get sold out! (It's 2.51 am at night here now...and I need to catch up on some sleep in between all the blogging & shopping, even if only the window kind..!)

Have a happy week you all!!!!!!!

Hugs, shmugs....
Anupriya DG
November 18, 2012

I you???

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Being a fashion designer, I look at other designers' works very critically & with lots of attention to each & every detail, such as colors, cuts, patterns, silhouettes, on & so forth...

Hence, very few designers succeed in exciting me or even interesting me with their skills & sensibilities.

Recently, though, I came across a pair of talented & upcoming designers from the Indian fashion fraternity who impressed me with their designer clothes that are simple & smart, yet chic in their own unique & stylish way.
Timsy Khamboj & Siddharth Mittal are the thinking minds behind I KNOW, a fashion label that caters to not only the stylish youth of our country, but abroad too. I Know has uber-chic ranges of both women's wear & men's wear that are perfect choices for today's fashion conscious crowd. Be it office wear, casual wear or party wear, I Know has tempting styles to offer.

Siddharth & Timsy of I KNOW

Timsy, an alumnus of Pearl Academy of Fashion, is the creative force behind the brand, while Siddharth handles the business aspect. They have an incredible understanding of silhouette development and their own preference of more minimal and uncluttered design make for strikingly contemporary sensibility.
A tapestry of varied cultural references infused with urbane existence plays a key role in their collections with which they combine natural affinity to line, shape & postmodern architecture.

A few pieces from their women's work wear collection are enough to make you drool. The clean cuts, the smart panels and the in-trend color blocking will make any woman stand out in a boring, corporate crowd. 

You can even take a pick from their versatile dresses which will take you effortlessly from office to party in style. Their chic silhouettes and smart use of colors is one of the reasons for my liking their work.

There's a dearth of good men's wear designers in the country and I Know is slowly filling that gap as well. Their selection of men's shirts & trousers are commendable for today's dapper young men. The smart styles & interesting details make their men's wear range noteworthy.

For more designs & products, you can check out their Facebook page.

Timsy & Siddharth are also taking the next step forward by launching their own website cum online store. So, now, you can take your pick from I Know's latest collection of designer men's wear & women's wear at

So....go and sign up today! You'll even get a gift voucher of 500 INR on registration!!! :)

You can also find them on Twitter, Pinterest and the I Know Blog.

So ladies & that you also know, stay tuned to know more about I KNOW...... :))

Anupriya DG

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. The opinions shared here are entirely my own.
November 15, 2012


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Phew!! This festive season is making me feel like a hurricane! I have been rushing around from my workshop to friends' places to ex-office to relatives' like a crazy tornado on wheels and at the end of it all, I'm feeling absolutely winded! *exhausted-tongue-hanging-out-of-the-mouth-look*

But boy oh boy! Has it been fun!!!! :D

Diwali is yet another example of the vibrant culture of our country. The gorgeous outfits, the brilliant decor, the dazzling lights, the sparkling fireworks, the tempting sweets, the prayers to Goddess Laxmi (the Goddess of wealth) for success & prosperity in life - all of these & more make Diwali a beautiful festival! Though I like to see the fireworks in action from a safe distance only, I love lighting up the house in all its shining glory. Out come strings of rope lights, LED lights, candles in various shapes & sizes, diyas (clay lamps) et all. And every-time I look at the beautifully lit house dazzling in the dark folds of the evening, I feel a warm glow of happiness & contentment.
And just don't get me started on the sweets! I have stopped counting the calories now. My mom is feeding me sweets at every possible chance and, Diwali being time for some of the yummiest confections to make their way into the house, I can hardly complain! One look at my waistline and I know I should refuse her the next time to comes towards me, sweet in hand. But so much for guilty pleasures! Sigh!!
I have been dressing up in ethnic outfits for the past 2-3 days. Unfortunately, I don't have any outfit snaps (coz most snaps - whatever have been clicked - are group pictures or clicked-without-notice ones)....all I can say is that all my Indian-wear for Diwali had been designed by me, so I basked in pride of all the compliments I received from family & friends. 

Hopefully, I can take some pictures the next time I wear any of those outfits. 

Till then, I have got some of my favourite snapshots of Diwali to share..... :))

The only phone-clicked snap from Diwali evening!

Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali too!!! (Those who celebrated, that is...)
And Happy Bhaidooj* to all of you brothers & sisters out there! :D
*Bhaidooj is an occasion...or you can say, yet another festival, that comes right after Diwali. On this occasion, sisters pray for the long life of brothers and perform a ceremony to ensure the brothers' safety & success. Brothers, of course, give gifts and bless the sisters (if elder to them) with happiness & prosperity. This also calls for a feast, which the sister generally prepares for the brother, and the whole family joins in.

Now...back to the grind.......!

And the countdown to Christmas begins!!! ;)
[Sorry...but we, Indians, just can't live without festivals!!] 

Till next time guys.......

Anupriya DG
November 04, 2012

It's gifted, it's white & I love it!

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So...the festive hangover continues.........and before we have time to wake up & smell some strong coffee, another wild night knocks on the door. In the form of Diwali! :)

And Diwali's gonna be one BIG party........with all its vibrant festivity, lights, fireworks, glamour, magnificence and celebratory countenance!
What all are your plans for Diwali, guys??? All geared up for some dazzling display of festive frolic?

I'm busy preparing to jazz up others' Diwali with gorgeous new clothes, as usual! Hope my designs will add some sparkle to someone else's celebrations. :D

In the meantime, I'm back with yet another outfit from the Durga Puja days. I wore this on Mahashtami (the eighth day of the Navratri period) and that day, instead of going around town visiting the temporary festival spots, I just chilled at Flury's (a more-than-150 years old bakery cum cafe of Calcutta) with cousins and went over to Prinsep Ghat (a jetty along the embankment of River Hooghly by the 2nd Hooghly Bridge) for a celebrate-the-beauty-and-heritage-of-Calcutta stroll & some random photo session!

This pretty pristine white tunic was gifted to me by my designer buddy Amalraj Sengupta
This beautiful piece is from my friend's latest collection and came with a bright yellow inner which created a fun contrast to the white finery. What makes this tunic coveted is its elegant flared silhouette and pretty pleated detailing at the front, back & shoulders.

I wore the tunic with bright blue tights and carried a blue satchel to match! :)
P.S.: Note the fun aqua sandals with big bows!! *love*

My thrifted beaded statement neckpiece got me as many compliments as the tunic did! 

White tunic with yellow inner: Amalraj Sengupta, gifted
Blue tights: BK Market, Kolkata
Green beaded necklace: Thrifted, Kolkata
Watch: Giordano, V-day gift
Green oval ring: BK Market, Kolkata
Yellow heart ring: Accessorize
Blue satchel: BK Market, Kolkata
Aqua plastic sandals with bow: BK Market, Kolkata

Now, I have to go back to some mails I had started drafting four hours back and finish them off.......

Tomorrow's yet another day........and a Monday at that!
So, make your week crazy & lots of fun!!! :))

Till next time........keep it stylish!

Anupriya DG


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