Bye Fall.....same time, next year?

Aloha lovelies!!!!!

How have you all been???

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!
And if you all are not done with the sale time shopping yet, there's still Cyber Monday looming large ahead! So, make the most of the last hours left!!! ;)

The last few months of the year always seem to pass by in a flurry of activities........festivals, occasions, weddings blah blah, all seem to come one after the other in quick succession.........then there's the thrill of the slightly chilly evenings and taking out your warm clothes.......the excitement of layering your outfits........the enthusiasm of the upcoming party season........and of course, the anticipation of the year-end itself, coupled with thoughts of heralding the beginning of a brand new year with brand new hopes, resolutions & aspirations........sigh! The last few months of the year are hectic, I tell you! *wipes-imaginary-sweat-from-real-forehead*

I'm fully occupied in making clothes for the winters & the party season ahead. Have TWO exhibition-cum-sales lined up in the 2nd week of December. Pretty excited about the new stuff I have in mind for the latest collection! :))

In fact, I'm planning to do a post soon on some of the latest pieces from my brand.......just a showcase of what I actually do, full-time! What say? Yay or nay???

Till then, here's my last outfit post (I swear!) from the Durga Puja festival that was in October! (Yes...I do tend to lag back sometimes.....)
Wore this on the last day of the festival and went out to lunch with the guy & on of my besties.

A flowy sheer top with a pretty belt, a pair of black denims, a few nice accessories and a dainty pair of  waterproof PVC slip-on flats saw me through the lunch & shopping mall sojourn afterwards.. :)

My friend, D, who took all the other snaps! (Obviously, this one is taken by my guy)

Sheer top with flower belt: BK Market, Kolkata
Black denims: BK Market, Kolkata
Blue satchel: BK Market, Kolkata
Rose ring: Accessorize
Mask ring: New Market, Kolkata
Pastel pink PVC flats with bows: BK Market, Kolkata

Now that Fall is bidding us farewell....are you all ready to welcome the winters in style???

Are you looking forward to layering up in the comfy knits & loops of cozy mufflers/stoles like I am? Or snuggling deep inside the blankets with a book in your hand?? Or maybe even basking in the pale winter afternoon sunlight with a mug of hot coffee???

Sigh! The very though of Winter conjures up so many beautiful images in our minds, no? Well's time to live those memories once over again! :D

Now........let's get back to those Cyber Monday deals before the day gets over or all the tempting stuff get sold out! (It's 2.51 am at night here now...and I need to catch up on some sleep in between all the blogging & shopping, even if only the window kind..!)

Have a happy week you all!!!!!!!

Hugs, shmugs....
Anupriya DG