Phew!! This festive season is making me feel like a hurricane! I have been rushing around from my workshop to friends' places to ex-office to relatives' like a crazy tornado on wheels and at the end of it all, I'm feeling absolutely winded! *exhausted-tongue-hanging-out-of-the-mouth-look*

But boy oh boy! Has it been fun!!!! :D

Diwali is yet another example of the vibrant culture of our country. The gorgeous outfits, the brilliant decor, the dazzling lights, the sparkling fireworks, the tempting sweets, the prayers to Goddess Laxmi (the Goddess of wealth) for success & prosperity in life - all of these & more make Diwali a beautiful festival! Though I like to see the fireworks in action from a safe distance only, I love lighting up the house in all its shining glory. Out come strings of rope lights, LED lights, candles in various shapes & sizes, diyas (clay lamps) et all. And every-time I look at the beautifully lit house dazzling in the dark folds of the evening, I feel a warm glow of happiness & contentment.
And just don't get me started on the sweets! I have stopped counting the calories now. My mom is feeding me sweets at every possible chance and, Diwali being time for some of the yummiest confections to make their way into the house, I can hardly complain! One look at my waistline and I know I should refuse her the next time to comes towards me, sweet in hand. But so much for guilty pleasures! Sigh!!
I have been dressing up in ethnic outfits for the past 2-3 days. Unfortunately, I don't have any outfit snaps (coz most snaps - whatever have been clicked - are group pictures or clicked-without-notice ones)....all I can say is that all my Indian-wear for Diwali had been designed by me, so I basked in pride of all the compliments I received from family & friends. 

Hopefully, I can take some pictures the next time I wear any of those outfits. 

Till then, I have got some of my favourite snapshots of Diwali to share..... :))

The only phone-clicked snap from Diwali evening!

Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali too!!! (Those who celebrated, that is...)
And Happy Bhaidooj* to all of you brothers & sisters out there! :D
*Bhaidooj is an occasion...or you can say, yet another festival, that comes right after Diwali. On this occasion, sisters pray for the long life of brothers and perform a ceremony to ensure the brothers' safety & success. Brothers, of course, give gifts and bless the sisters (if elder to them) with happiness & prosperity. This also calls for a feast, which the sister generally prepares for the brother, and the whole family joins in.

Now...back to the grind.......!

And the countdown to Christmas begins!!! ;)
[Sorry...but we, Indians, just can't live without festivals!!] 

Till next time guys.......

Anupriya DG