December 29, 2012

A maxi End!

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Hey there lovelies!!!!

How did your Christmas & Boxing Day go??? Hope you all had a wonderful time...........and are still at it, partying away the last weekend of the year!!!!!!!! :))

Well............looks like the year-end is turning out to be extra-awesome for me! I have been meeting up with friends.......hanging out with the city (a bit).........partying.......attending music concerts.........spending time with the guy............watching movies.........and eating out a lot!

But I'm not getting used to all the excitement........and neither am I accepting each fun-filled day to be a part of my normal, work-crazed life. I know it's just going to end till the start of next year........and right from the 2nd day of January, I'll be forced back to the mundane necessities of life.
But, for now, I'm living in the moment........and enjoying it to the fullest!!! :D

Back to the post, this outfit is from earlier this month. Back when the cold didn't cut through the thick woollen layers right to our skin.......back when the chilly winds didn't threaten us with their bone-rattling ferocity the moment we stepped out of the house..........back when we could think of wearing pretty, sleeveless maxi dresses without being afraid of being frozen to death!

Wore this dress to the first day of an exhibition @ Hotel Hindutan International where I was showcasing my brand of clothes & accessories. Specially like the mustard & black combination and the sheer yoke of the dress!
Needless to say, I was wearing Howrah Bridge (that's my own brand).......and you can even see a glimpse of the same dress for sale hanging from the rack beside me! ;P

I never used to have the confidence of trying out maxi dresses before. But since I took the bold step towards wearing my first one for a fashion event some months back, there was no stopping me. Now I love wearing them!!!

Maxi dress: Howrah Bridge (Also available in red & black)
Yellow necklace: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Stone & wire ring: New Market, Kolkata
Black belt: ???
Black satin slip-on heels with bows: INC.5

If you want to order the dress, or even get something similar custom-made in your size & your choice of style & color, do drop in a mail at

In fact, you can even see some of my other clothes/designs on the racks. Feel free to check out more on the Howrah Bridge Facebook page.

In other news, I've been featured yet again in the NYTimes Street Style segment last week!!! In all my Fair Isle-ed glory! :D
[This being the first time!]

Outfit from this post

Have a wonderful end-of-the-year guys! And make sure you usher in the new year with much pomp & grandeur!!!
And don't forget to share your new year resolutions with me! (Am working on my own list as I write this...)

I'll start the next year with the recently held city blogger meet post! Stay tuned!!! :)

Anupriya DG
December 22, 2012

Christmas Wish List

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With Christmas knocking on the door.....and the Yuletide cheer spreading its goodness all over the last few days of the year left....I'm sure most of you are done with your Christmas gift shopping.

Of course, we all want to pick something unique & worthwhile for our near & dear ones....something that'll make them go 'ooooh' and 'aaah' when they unwrap their, I thought of compiling this last minute wish list of things I have my eyes on........not only for gifting, but also for being gifted! So, everyone who loves me enough to feel like giving me a sweet li'l surprise this holiday season, pay special attention! ;)

Shop InOnIt was a website I used to check out often, browsing through their endless one-of-a-kind products, spending hour after leisurely hour drooling over their collection of clothes, accessories & home decor items. Little did I know that I would be selling through the same website soon.....and when I started stocking Howrah Bridge products with them, the bond just grew stronger... :)

So, there couldn't be a better choice than Shop InOnIt for curating a bunch of unique, hand-picked products for this ultimate wish list!

1. The Purple Sack 'Teekhi Mirchi Top' - wear red & green in a new way this Christmas
2. Shor Sharaba 'Scooters Laptop Sleeve' - funk up any laptop with this sleeve
3. Bbling 'Vanaya Neckpiece' - a statement neckpiece that'll stand out even in the statement neckpiece crowd
4. Mad(e) In India 'Buddha Necktie' - give boring ol' shirts a twist with this interesting tie
5. Howrah Bridge 'Vintage Stripes Wall Art' - a quirky print to spruce up plain rooms
6. Quirk Box 'Camel-Animal Farm Notebook' - writing will be all the more fun if it's to be done in this vibrant notebook
7. Pop Goes The Art 'Colorful Girl Grid Cushion Cover' - a retro print cushion cover to jazz up a dull space
8. Soap Opera 'Small Slipper Soap' - how cuter can a soap get?
9. Niche 'Neon Scarf' - wrap up to add a splash of colors to any outfit

What do you guys think of these??? Aren't these stuff super-cool? And there are more of these over at Shop InOnIt!!!! So, what are you waiting for? Rush over to do some last minute shopping - NOW!

And what's more, type the discount code CHAPPALS15 at checkout to get a cool 15% off on your shopping amount! Just for you, my wonderful readers & followers......sort of my Christmas gift to you all! :))

[You can click on the name of the website mentioned several times in the post, if you want to check out the website]

In other news, we finally had the much-awaited city blogger meet today!!! Met all the lovely girls for an afternoon of fun, fashion & food! Gossiped a lot, giggled a lot more and had lunch with the girls.........all the time, realising that we should do this more often!

Pictures of the meet will be up soon! Stay tuned!

Till next time, hearty Christmas wishes and holiday greetings to all of you out there!!!

Merry Christmas fellas!
Anupriya DG

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions & views expressed here are entirely my own.

December 15, 2012


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Ok......thank you ALL for the overwhelming response to my last post! I really appreciate all the love, support & encouragement that came my guys rock! :))

I have had a couple of exhibitions early this week and the response has been wonderful.........people from all over the city liked the collections and some have already fixed appointments to come down to my workshop for more! The bright smiles and excited eyes of women who preened at themselves in the mirror, posing & twirling in Howrah Bridge clothes just made all the hard work worthwhile!!!

I'm planning a proper photoshoot of some recent pieces from the AW'12 collection now.........have been talking to photographer friends and models........just need to decide on the venue & time.....hope to do it soon enough! Excited all right!!

On another front, thought of doing an ethnic post today.......something I don't do often enough.
This outfit was worn for a cousin's wedding in November and the pictures have been silently beckoning to me from the depths of my archived, I finally gave in to their call and here we are! :)


This anarkali suit (a flared tunic with a pair of leggings & a stole) is from my own collection, of course. Have been planning a classy red & gold Indian outfit since ages and finally made myself one! 

Specially love the gold trims on the panelled sleeve and the bunches of latkans (fabric embellishments) at the back! <3

Red & gold anarkali suit: Howrah Bridge
Golden beaded earrings: Aisha, Bangalore
Fabric bag with metal handle: Gifted, Fabindia
Assortment of red & golden bangles: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Ring: New Market, Kolkata

Chop chop!! Back to work now!

You guys enjoy a relaxing/exciting (whichever way you like it) weekend! ;)

We, fashion bloggers of the city, are planning a meet soon....before Christmas, to be precise! Hope to see all the girls and have a stylish day with them! of my favorite blogger pals, Sushmita of My Unfinished Life is coming to town soon! SO excited to catch up with her as well!!!

All in all, a pretty exciting month lies ahead! Are you all geared up to party the month away as well??? 

Keep me posted! 

Anupriya DG
December 07, 2012

A Howrah Bridge special!

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Now that Winter has made it's chilly presence felt more or less all around the world northern hemisphere.......I guess you all are busy layering up before heading out, snuggling down in front of the Telly with mugs of hot cocoa/coffee, getting warm under the comfy blankets at night and of course, planning & preparing for Christmas!!! :)

Talking about Christmas, the party season's coming on in full swing. The end of the year (or will it really be the end of the world before that?) will soon be on us and we'll be dancing our ways into the next year!
Have you guys sorted out your party outfits yet?
I, for one, have absolutely no idea what to wear! Actually, sometimes, surrounded by piles of new clothes - all designed by myself, so all like my own pretty babies - I feel spoilt for choice! :P

I know....I know.......I go on talking about my work and my designs & the clothes I make over & over again and you guys are left wondering how do these fruits of my labours actually look? You may be thinking that my designs are so bad that I never share them with you!, you can say for yourself!! :))
Coz, today, I decided to give you a glimpse of my work. My brand of clothes & accessories - Howrah Bridge - my love, my passion. You all have seen a few pieces on me from time to time. Here's a peek at some pieces from my latest collection. Remember - your feedback is eagerly awaited!

The Admiral's Envy Jacket in royal blue, The Color Block Chevron Dress

The Best Foot Forward jacket

The Mondrian Panelled Dress

The Contrast Cutwork Dress

The Gift Box Dress in blue & purple

The Line Dance Dress in red & green

The Contrast Aztec Shirt in yellow

The Preppy Polka-ed Peplum Top in emerald

The Where's The Party top in turquoise

So guys............whaddya think???

Do leave your valuable feedback in the Comments section, so that I can work on them & build up this brand in a bigger & better way! :)

Many of you out there keep themselves regularly updated on what is happening at the Howrah Bridge front. For those of you who don't, make sure you LIKE the Howrah Bridge Facebook page today!!
One click on the Howrah Bridge gadget on the side bar will take you there! 

We also custom-make according to the customers' sizes and WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!

So, if you are looking for something that'll make you stand out in a crowd, you can surely pick up a Howrah Bridge piece. For orders or other queries, kindly write in to us at

The love, encouragement & support of people who wear my clothes is what keeps this brand going! Hope you all will extend the same in my endeavours! :)

Weekend Ahead Alert!

Off to sleep now! *yawn*

Anupriya DG
December 04, 2012

Glad 2 b a Woman? Then go for Neons!

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If you have been one of my regular readers, or at least, followed my style stories on Facebook, you may have not seen much neon on me. Although, you surely know my love for anything bright & vibrant.
Neon has been huge all over the world for quite some time now. So, you may wonder why I haven't endorsed fluorescent fashion yet? Well....I wanted to. I must tell you, I wanted to.
And till date, I thought I had.

But, surprisingly, while compiling pictures for this post, I realised, that I was wrong. Although I love the Neon trend to bits, I have hardly ever incorporated it in my outfits. So, although my outfits are always full of color & contrasts, neon is seldom a part of the color splash.

So, now, I will consciously be on the lookout for neon products whenever I'm shopping. :)

Oh! And hope you guys will like this article on the Neon trend contributed by Glad2bawoman. If you are proud to be a part of the fairer sex, then do check out this website, they will surely make your confidence stronger!

Neon bag & leggings, Neon belt & watch, Neon ring & nail paint, Neon belt & brooch


The latest trend to take the fashion industry by storm is bright and in-your-face shades of neon. Put away your pastels and other soft colours, this is a trend that looks like it’s here to stay!
Dull, mellow, boring pastel shades have given way to the outrageous, bold, lively neon shades that are sure to grab the limelight! Be it acid green, or muted pink, electric blue, or florescent orange, it is the flavour of the season to go the ‘neon’ way from head to toe, with not only girls dressed in neon apparel but also neon coloured footwear and nail paint!
Feminine as well as feisty, bold as well as beautiful, the popping pinks, loud limes and zingy yellows are getting all the adoration like never before! The dazzling splash of colours adds a whole new dimension to your personality, igniting your spirits as well as of those around you. Be it during the summers when the soaring temperatures are driving everyone crazy, or the drizzling monsoons when the overcast sky dampens mood, a pop of neon on you works best to brighten up your look as well as your persona. In Greek, the word “neon” means “new one”, and indeed, it renews your fashion quotient in a way that nothing else can! Most of the international brands and labels, as well as local showrooms and outlets are keeping a huge stock of neon garments so as to meet the demand. This experimentation has surely weaved magic, and is here to stay!
What’s more interesting is that girls and women are also choosing to flaunt their “neon” style statement even in bags, shoes and nail paints, which accounts for the huge range of neon products flooding the markets as well their all-time high demand, that reflects in the sales. The zing and flashy factor that is oozed by neon shades catches the fancy of the wearer as well as the onlookers. Neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride, indeed! However, one must be careful not to turn this fashion trend into a fashion faux pas, and hence, certain expert tips must always be kept in mind if one wants to sport neon! The colour should be chosen such that it flatters the skin tone and hair colour, neon must never be overdone- too much of neon can look gaudy and flamboyant to the point of being too loud on the eyes. If you’re wearing a neon top, make sure you team it up with a skirt or a bottom of a softer, more soothing tone to balance your look. Contrast is the keyword, to maintain harmony on your appearance. Last but not the least, if you’re not too sure as to how neon will look on you, try out neon nail polish, or a neon belt, or a neon satchel bag to give you a hint!
The intention is to add spark and intrigue to your wardrobe and not to make you look like a glow-stick. So choose and show off your ‘neons’ in a wise way to spell the magic! It has the perfect mix of glamour and exuberance to make you stand out in a crowd.

Guest blog post from Glad2bawoman is an online media company with a growing community of more than 69,000 members. All about women and for women, it encompasses a variety of topics including empowerment, relationships and fashion.


So, bring out those neons girls!!! And flaunt everything fluorescent in style! :D

Stay stylish!
Anupriya DG


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