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By Anupriya DG - December 07, 2012

Now that Winter has made it's chilly presence felt more or less all around the world northern hemisphere.......I guess you all are busy layering up before heading out, snuggling down in front of the Telly with mugs of hot cocoa/coffee, getting warm under the comfy blankets at night and of course, planning & preparing for Christmas!!! :)

Talking about Christmas, the party season's coming on in full swing. The end of the year (or will it really be the end of the world before that?) will soon be on us and we'll be dancing our ways into the next year!
Have you guys sorted out your party outfits yet?
I, for one, have absolutely no idea what to wear! Actually, sometimes, surrounded by piles of new clothes - all designed by myself, so all like my own pretty babies - I feel spoilt for choice! :P

I know....I know.......I go on talking about my work and my designs & the clothes I make over & over again and you guys are left wondering how do these fruits of my labours actually look? You may be thinking that my designs are so bad that I never share them with you! Well........now, you can say for yourself!! :))
Coz, today, I decided to give you a glimpse of my work. My brand of clothes & accessories - Howrah Bridge - my love, my passion. You all have seen a few pieces on me from time to time. Here's a peek at some pieces from my latest collection. Remember - your feedback is eagerly awaited!

The Admiral's Envy Jacket in royal blue, The Color Block Chevron Dress

The Best Foot Forward jacket

The Mondrian Panelled Dress

The Contrast Cutwork Dress

The Gift Box Dress in blue & purple

The Line Dance Dress in red & green

The Contrast Aztec Shirt in yellow

The Preppy Polka-ed Peplum Top in emerald

The Where's The Party top in turquoise

So guys............whaddya think???

Do leave your valuable feedback in the Comments section, so that I can work on them & build up this brand in a bigger & better way! :)

Many of you out there keep themselves regularly updated on what is happening at the Howrah Bridge front. For those of you who don't, make sure you LIKE the Howrah Bridge Facebook page today!!
One click on the Howrah Bridge gadget on the side bar will take you there! 

We also custom-make according to the customers' sizes and WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!

So, if you are looking for something that'll make you stand out in a crowd, you can surely pick up a Howrah Bridge piece. For orders or other queries, kindly write in to us at howrahbridgebyadg@gmail.com

The love, encouragement & support of people who wear my clothes is what keeps this brand going! Hope you all will extend the same in my endeavours! :)

Weekend Ahead Alert!

Off to sleep now! *yawn*

Anupriya DG

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  1. Love the navy jacket, in fact the whole attire. It goes absolutely catchy with the green chevron dress! The blue & purple gift box dress too looks traditional, yet fashionable! Lovely work Anu:)

    1. Thanks Shylu! Even I like the navy jacket outfit!! :)

  2. awesome effort gal.. its sooo inspiring to see you giving your dreams shape.. love the cutwork dress and the mondrian panelled dress.. actually like all of them ...

  3. hey gal, these are all lovely pieces...but you know that already..coz I always keep track and as I always say, Im proud to say that I am a HB loyalist!!!

    1. Yes dear!!! You are one of our best brand ambassadors! ;)

  4. I'm so glad that I stopped by today and stumbled upon this post - I've been dying to see your designs and they definitely do not disappoint! I especially love the giftbox dress and the line dance dress; I've been obsessed with gold accented fabrics this season and these two fit the bill just perfectly!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Cee dear!! I'm glad you liked my work! :)

  5. i think all your work is fabulous.that cut work is so stunning..and your detailing and finish is really great!those are the things that are deal or no deal matters to me when buying something.

    1. Awwww...thanks babe! Even I feel that proper finishing is always most important, no matter what!

  6. I want the best foot forward and aztec for my dec exhibition if they don't sell out!They're stunning!

  7. These are some very lovely creations :)

  8. OMG THIS IS SOME AWESOMENESS I TELL YOU. You have such a signature style! :D WOAH. I'm in love with the Gift box dress, the best foot forward jacket and the aztec shirt. And mainly love the colors in all of them. So lively!

    1. Thanks Sam!! It's your support & encouragement that keep me going! :)

  9. A! What do I think? What do I think? I think I love your line- and your eye for line and color! Girl if I had the budget I would place an order for at least 3 things- and I wish I could do so. If you had a boutique where I lived, ack- I'd be in trouble and happy at the same time- your HB line has grown and is incredible! Love it!

    1. You always go overboard with the compliments, Bella hon!!! *blush*

      I wish I had a boutique where you lived...at least, I could have met up with you everyday then! ;)

      Thanks for all the encouragement, always!

  10. Absolutely stunning, my dear friend.
    All your designs are unique, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    So proud of you

  11. Very nice colors and I like your pink and orange dress. Have a nice day.


  12. Amazing girl love it. You have an awesome blog follow each other?

  13. Thanks for following my blog am following back.

  14. The pink and orange dress is lovely:)

  15. What a delight to see this visual feast of your designs. I especially like the contrast of colour, pattern and texture in the Mondrian inspired dress and also in the gift box one. However, I think my out and out favourite is the contrast cutwork dress. Wonderful.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation, dear Roz....those are some of my favourite pieces too! :)

  16. I'm such a fan of Howrah Bridge as it is and the quirky aztec shirt with the yellow contrast just made me fall in love!
    So proud of you, A! :)


  17. Great pieces you have displayed. Love the quirky great foot forward jacket and that aztec print shirt!
    want to follow each other?

  18. Hey DG I love the The Line Dance Dress in red & green... Its so cute and the colour combo is so damn perfect...

    Eagerly waiting for Saturday to see you and your lovely collection.

    Lots of love..


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