A maxi End!

Hey there lovelies!!!!

How did your Christmas & Boxing Day go??? Hope you all had a wonderful time...........and are still at it, partying away the last weekend of the year!!!!!!!! :))

Well............looks like the year-end is turning out to be extra-awesome for me! I have been meeting up with friends.......hanging out with the city bloggers........shopping (a bit).........partying.......attending music concerts.........spending time with the guy............watching movies.........and eating out a lot!

But I'm not getting used to all the excitement........and neither am I accepting each fun-filled day to be a part of my normal, work-crazed life. I know it's just going to end till the start of next year........and right from the 2nd day of January, I'll be forced back to the mundane necessities of life.
But, for now, I'm living in the moment........and enjoying it to the fullest!!! :D

Back to the post, this outfit is from earlier this month. Back when the cold didn't cut through the thick woollen layers right to our skin.......back when the chilly winds didn't threaten us with their bone-rattling ferocity the moment we stepped out of the house..........back when we could think of wearing pretty, sleeveless maxi dresses without being afraid of being frozen to death!

Wore this dress to the first day of an exhibition @ Hotel Hindutan International where I was showcasing my brand of clothes & accessories. Specially like the mustard & black combination and the sheer yoke of the dress!
Needless to say, I was wearing Howrah Bridge (that's my own brand).......and you can even see a glimpse of the same dress for sale hanging from the rack beside me! ;P

I never used to have the confidence of trying out maxi dresses before. But since I took the bold step towards wearing my first one for a fashion event some months back, there was no stopping me. Now I love wearing them!!!

Maxi dress: Howrah Bridge (Also available in red & black)
Yellow necklace: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Stone & wire ring: New Market, Kolkata
Black belt: ???
Black satin slip-on heels with bows: INC.5

If you want to order the dress, or even get something similar custom-made in your size & your choice of style & color, do drop in a mail at howrahbridgebyadg@gmail.com

In fact, you can even see some of my other clothes/designs on the racks. Feel free to check out more on the Howrah Bridge Facebook page.

In other news, I've been featured yet again in the NYTimes Street Style segment last week!!! In all my Fair Isle-ed glory! :D
[This being the first time!]

Outfit from this post

Have a wonderful end-of-the-year guys! And make sure you usher in the new year with much pomp & grandeur!!!
And don't forget to share your new year resolutions with me! (Am working on my own list as I write this...)

I'll start the next year with the recently held city blogger meet post! Stay tuned!!! :)

Anupriya DG