Ok......thank you ALL for the overwhelming response to my last post! I really appreciate all the love, support & encouragement that came my guys rock! :))

I have had a couple of exhibitions early this week and the response has been wonderful.........people from all over the city liked the collections and some have already fixed appointments to come down to my workshop for more! The bright smiles and excited eyes of women who preened at themselves in the mirror, posing & twirling in Howrah Bridge clothes just made all the hard work worthwhile!!!

I'm planning a proper photoshoot of some recent pieces from the AW'12 collection now.........have been talking to photographer friends and models........just need to decide on the venue & time.....hope to do it soon enough! Excited all right!!

On another front, thought of doing an ethnic post today.......something I don't do often enough.
This outfit was worn for a cousin's wedding in November and the pictures have been silently beckoning to me from the depths of my archived, I finally gave in to their call and here we are! :)


This anarkali suit (a flared tunic with a pair of leggings & a stole) is from my own collection, of course. Have been planning a classy red & gold Indian outfit since ages and finally made myself one! 

Specially love the gold trims on the panelled sleeve and the bunches of latkans (fabric embellishments) at the back! <3

Red & gold anarkali suit: Howrah Bridge
Golden beaded earrings: Aisha, Bangalore
Fabric bag with metal handle: Gifted, Fabindia
Assortment of red & golden bangles: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Ring: New Market, Kolkata

Chop chop!! Back to work now!

You guys enjoy a relaxing/exciting (whichever way you like it) weekend! ;)

We, fashion bloggers of the city, are planning a meet soon....before Christmas, to be precise! Hope to see all the girls and have a stylish day with them! of my favorite blogger pals, Sushmita of My Unfinished Life is coming to town soon! SO excited to catch up with her as well!!!

All in all, a pretty exciting month lies ahead! Are you all geared up to party the month away as well??? 

Keep me posted! 

Anupriya DG