Glad 2 b a Woman? Then go for Neons!

If you have been one of my regular readers, or at least, followed my style stories on Facebook, you may have not seen much neon on me. Although, you surely know my love for anything bright & vibrant.
Neon has been huge all over the world for quite some time now. So, you may wonder why I haven't endorsed fluorescent fashion yet? Well....I wanted to. I must tell you, I wanted to.
And till date, I thought I had.

But, surprisingly, while compiling pictures for this post, I realised, that I was wrong. Although I love the Neon trend to bits, I have hardly ever incorporated it in my outfits. So, although my outfits are always full of color & contrasts, neon is seldom a part of the color splash.

So, now, I will consciously be on the lookout for neon products whenever I'm shopping. :)

Oh! And hope you guys will like this article on the Neon trend contributed by Glad2bawoman. If you are proud to be a part of the fairer sex, then do check out this website, they will surely make your confidence stronger!

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The latest trend to take the fashion industry by storm is bright and in-your-face shades of neon. Put away your pastels and other soft colours, this is a trend that looks like it’s here to stay!
Dull, mellow, boring pastel shades have given way to the outrageous, bold, lively neon shades that are sure to grab the limelight! Be it acid green, or muted pink, electric blue, or florescent orange, it is the flavour of the season to go the ‘neon’ way from head to toe, with not only girls dressed in neon apparel but also neon coloured footwear and nail paint!
Feminine as well as feisty, bold as well as beautiful, the popping pinks, loud limes and zingy yellows are getting all the adoration like never before! The dazzling splash of colours adds a whole new dimension to your personality, igniting your spirits as well as of those around you. Be it during the summers when the soaring temperatures are driving everyone crazy, or the drizzling monsoons when the overcast sky dampens mood, a pop of neon on you works best to brighten up your look as well as your persona. In Greek, the word “neon” means “new one”, and indeed, it renews your fashion quotient in a way that nothing else can! Most of the international brands and labels, as well as local showrooms and outlets are keeping a huge stock of neon garments so as to meet the demand. This experimentation has surely weaved magic, and is here to stay!
What’s more interesting is that girls and women are also choosing to flaunt their “neon” style statement even in bags, shoes and nail paints, which accounts for the huge range of neon products flooding the markets as well their all-time high demand, that reflects in the sales. The zing and flashy factor that is oozed by neon shades catches the fancy of the wearer as well as the onlookers. Neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride, indeed! However, one must be careful not to turn this fashion trend into a fashion faux pas, and hence, certain expert tips must always be kept in mind if one wants to sport neon! The colour should be chosen such that it flatters the skin tone and hair colour, neon must never be overdone- too much of neon can look gaudy and flamboyant to the point of being too loud on the eyes. If you’re wearing a neon top, make sure you team it up with a skirt or a bottom of a softer, more soothing tone to balance your look. Contrast is the keyword, to maintain harmony on your appearance. Last but not the least, if you’re not too sure as to how neon will look on you, try out neon nail polish, or a neon belt, or a neon satchel bag to give you a hint!
The intention is to add spark and intrigue to your wardrobe and not to make you look like a glow-stick. So choose and show off your ‘neons’ in a wise way to spell the magic! It has the perfect mix of glamour and exuberance to make you stand out in a crowd.

Guest blog post from Glad2bawoman is an online media company with a growing community of more than 69,000 members. All about women and for women, it encompasses a variety of topics including empowerment, relationships and fashion.


So, bring out those neons girls!!! And flaunt everything fluorescent in style! :D

Stay stylish!
Anupriya DG