To the mines & back...

Temperatures going up.
Invitation to one wedding & one reception.
Workers' absence, excuses & general irresponsibility driving me crazy!
Orders. Deliveries.
Making tiny hearts out of foils of chocolate wrappers. After the chocolate has been devoured.
Missing the guy, who was on a work trip to Bombay.
Begging him to be back soon.
Some more missing.
Consoling lonely heart by eating more chocolates. And making more hearts with the foil wrappers.
Doing some Sale-time window shopping.
Doing some Sale-time actual shopping - a pair of blue-framed sunglasses from Accessorize - at a 70% discount, of course!
Doing some Sale-time online shopping - couple of more sunglasses from ASOS.
Weekend trip to Dhanbad - a fair/fete, a visit to some of the coal mines (reliving those Geography lessons), a tête-a-tête with a coal Mafia don, great hospitality (we were staying at a family friend's place), 2 days away from work.
Back to the grind!

Pretty much sums up the whole of my last week.

Now I'm work, orders, deliveries, issues with the workers et all.
Oh! And the guy's back too! :))

This is what I had worn on a day out with the city bloggers towards the end of December last year ( still on a, sue me!)


And....this is the amazingly chic necklace I got myself with the Crazy & Co. giftcard that I won (!) via the Coco & Vera giveaway!!! I have been in love with it ever since....what do you think?

With my gang of girls - Sayantani, Debi, Megha & Soumi

Red & white striped shirt: Lee, Bangalore
Fair isle sleeveless sweater: Max, gifted by B
Green pants: BK Market, Kolkata
Yellow satchel: BK Market, Kolkata
Crazy Golden Arc necklace: Crazy & Co.
Bracelets: Accessorize/Guess
Watch: Giordano, V-day gift by B
Floral print heart ring: Accessorize
Bow ring: Caterpillar, Le Souk @ Shisha
Gold-framed aviators: Accessorize
Tan lace-up booties: Catwalk

Photos courtesy: Debi

By the way........the sales are on & how! If you are too lazy to head out to the nearby malls or stores to indulge in some heavy discounts, just head over to the I Know website and get some great designerwear at discounted prices just with a click!!! I Know has amazing designer garments for both men & women and you can avail a flat 30% discount at their website by using the code IKSFLAT30. Cool or what? :D

This week, I have to attend one wedding and one rice-eating ceremony (to celebrate the first feeding of rice to a child at an age of six months) of a friend's baby boy!!! I'm feeling cornered, I tell you....!

Have a great week, y'all!!!!

See you soon!
Anupriya DG


  1. Love the look and you styled the necklace quite well my dear.

  2. Looks like you girls had lots of funnnn *thumbs up*...

  3. my last week wascrazy and so wil this week be..infact till Feb i will be running around mad like a headless chicken!!.....but in between i manage to enjoy!!...there was the sunday picnnic with bloggers which i loved!!!

    you look awesome and im lovign the green pants!!!!!....and everything else in this outfit....and ofcourse the energy of the bloggers in the pics is so positive :)

  4. Love this outfit! So many colours, but they blend in so well! :)

    I am following you. Please follow with Google+ at

  5. nice pics. love your stripe sweater :)

  6. Pretyyy pictures!
    Visited your blog after a long time, loved seeing all your new looks!

    And that is a really chic necklace you have on:)

    Shubhi's Revels!

  7. And oh, there's Megha too!

    looks like you guys had loads of fun!

  8. Yay! Love seeing your pretty Crazy & Co necklace styled. I never would have thougt to put it under a collar but it looks like it as made to be worn that way! And I love those green skinnies - green really is your colour :)

  9. I dont know if you know about me or my blog, but I have an award for you here-

  10. wore an exact same necklace today! good choice~ i've followed you on GFC~ please visit me and follow back? i think you'll like my fashion/art posts!~

    ||||HEDONIST DRIVE||||


  11. Gorgeous always, my lovely friend.

  12. Love the cardigan!!!!!!


  13. Love ur pants..n u r one lucky girl to win that gift card. Stumbled on ur blog..n i love it.



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