Year of the Snake

Yes...that's what 2013 is. According to the Chinese zodiac calendar (which starts from Feb. 10, by the way).

So, this year, we are all gonna be sly & slithery...and dangerous too! *hissssssssss*
[Remember Nagini, Voldemort's pet snake, from the Harry Potter series???]
Lol! Just kidding. :P

No. You don't need to worry about my mental state.
It's not changed.
I'm, in 2013, exactly what I was in 2012. Maybe, just a bit wiser, more mature, more experienced.
But then, maybe I'll be saying the same things same time, next year too!

So..............what all resolutions have you guys been taking for this year???
I have made a few myself...but mine are more like goals that I have set for myself, not empty promises that I'll end up breaking in a couple of months....

Well, they say, this year is going to be good for everyone.......let's see!

Good or not good, it should at least be safe & devoid of incidences that are proof of some of the most gruesome facets of human nature.  That's all I want. That's all I pray for.

I also have lots of interesting ideas that I want to use in the blog in this year - new sensibilities, awesome collaborations, new ways of showcasing outfits, opportunities for interactions & much more! So stay tuned......and read on! :)

I thought of starting the year with a very simple outfit. But one that I personally liked a lot - maybe due to its simplicity, maybe due to the colors, maybe due to the comfort. Whatever the reason, here's an outfit from somewhere towards the end of December 2012.
Ya ya...I know....but then all outfits I have, archived, right now, are from last please bear with me!
Hope you won't judge me for being backdated. Or indifferent. Or lazy.

Ok.........I love this military-inspired double-breasted jacket of mine! It's smart, it's thick & it's in a neutral hue. What more can I possibly want of a winterwear???
In fact, the same adjectives & appreciation go for my tan laced booties too! <3

Beige double-breasted jacket: Wills Lifestyle
Kelly green pants: BK Market, Kolkata
Beige & brown houndstooth stole: Shoppers Stop
Floral print bag: Esbeda
Jade stone ring: ALDO
Tan laced booties: Catwalk

Let's start off this year with a bang & a boom, guys!!! So that we can hear the sounds of celebration right till the end, 12 months away!!! :D

Wishes for a wonderful year ahead once again!

And a very Happy Tuesday too!!!! 

Anupriya DG