Cut-downs, Cupcakes & Camaïeu

Hello.........hello.......hello! :)

How are you all doing???

We are well into the second month of the year (didn't the New Year go, just the other day???) and this is that fateful month when I'm observing a shopping ban! ( the middle of the Sale season!!)

And I'm proud to say that:
  • I'm quite enjoying my time sans shopping trips to the mall....and my obsessive scrutiny of innumerable items on sale. 
  • I'm getting more constructive work done while logged on to the internet, now that I'm not excitedly checking out random online shopping portals from all over the world at five minute intervals.
  • I'm digging out old treasures from the back of my wardrobe for want of adding some new-ness to my outfits. (In the absence of new clothes, old=new!)
  • I'm planning to mix and match one item with multiple others to create new combinations. And getting pleasantly surprised at the ideas I'm coming up with! 
  • I'm saving quite a bit of dough through all this. Part of which is transforming into a glass of chocolate milkshake here and a black forest pastry there! ;)
  • And last, but not the least, I'm having fun looking at the saucer-sized eyes & gaping expressions of my friends when I'm announcing that "I'm on a shopping ban!" :P

I had bought this pretty, black & white striped, ruffled blouse for wearing to my graduation show. And I had hardly worn it once more after that.
Thanks to the shopping ban, out it came from the depths of my wardrobe to make a comeback...and a stylish one at that!!! :D

You all must be wondering about the venue'll have to read on to find out more about that!

This picture (unlike any of my usual poses) was the brainchild of the photographer, Soumi (one of my fellow city bloggers) :P
Oh! And this color-block envelope clutch from Zovi is one of my recent favorites - it can play up any outfit, be it contrast colors or monochromes.

Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnddddd....behold my new shoes!!! (Delivered to me on the 31st of December, last year!
Aren't they just gorgeous??? They are handpainted, the leather is of a good quality and they are quite comfortable (Whoever follows this blog for a long time now, know about my aversion to heels - but this pair is one of the rare exceptions to my rule! I literally ran in them, the other day!) Check out more amazing handpainted beauties from Spirited'll surely fall in love with their drool-worthy pieces!!!

Striped blouse: BK Market, Kolkata
Black skinny jeans: BK Market, Kolkata
Color-block envelope clutch: Zovi
Watch: Giordano, 2012 V-day gift
Black & white woven leather bracelet: Pantaloons, gifted by B
Oversized statement triangle ring: River Island via ASOS
Handpainted wedge heel pumps: Spirited Soles by Anis Salim

Now to elaborate more on where I wore this outfit to. 

Me & other city bloggers were invited to this make-up workshop cum high tea event named "Doll-Up" at Scoop last Friday. It was an event hosted by Scoop, in collaboration with Studio 84, an appointment-only make-up salon. Studio 84 is a one-stop solution for all your make-up needs - bridal sessions, party makeovers, make-up classes/workshops - you name it and Studio 84 is ready to extend their services. 

Scoop, on the other hand, is this popular eating joint at one of the busiest market-places in the city, which is run by the gorgeous Johanne Mantosh, who is undoubtedly one of the hottest and whackiest women entrepreneurs around, I tell you!!! She treats the restaurant as her baby and has done the place up in a pretty retro-English look with bright floral tablecloths, neon cutwork-style metal chairs, vibrant walls, cute flower-filled watering cans used as decor and backlit, stencilled pillars all around. (Now you know the venue of my outfit images!) Run by a woman, with majorly women staff, this eatery is for, not only women, but also men and kids. It's perfect for hanging out with friends, dropping in for bites after work with colleagues or satiating your grumbling stomach after hours of shopping in the adjacent markets with your whole family!

So...what do you get when you combine such a quirky eating joint with one of the coolest make-up salons in the city???
A smashing afternoon full of chocolate milkshake, cute cupcakes, melt-in-your-mouth marshmallows & yummy finger food, along with smart make-up ideas, tips on how to look prettier and a fun time friends - that's what! :D
Johanne Mantosh (L) of Scoop got together with Mou Singh Mua (R) of Studio 84 to host a make-up workshop that was the place to be that Friday afternoon if you are a lady who likes to flaunt her looks (And have some scrumptious cupcakes while learning some make-up tips & tricks!) 

It was an afternoon of makeovers, make-up tips & beauty know-how to add to our kitty, along with a few extra calories, thanks to the delish cupcakes, marshmallows, milkshakes & lime sodas we were generously treated to! Not to forget, the canapés, finger sandwiches, burgers, paneer & chicken tikkas that did the rounds in between the sessions!!! (Yeah! I know....that's a lot of calories to gain in one afternoon...*sigh*)

And here's me & Soumi trying to make the bloggers who missed it jealous by showing them what a fun time we had!!! ;)
[Well....we were the only two bloggers who ended up attending the event! :P]

That's all for today folks..........I have been sleeping less & less every night, thanks to my ever-increasing nocturnal mannerisms and my mind's habit of functioning creatively at nights, desperately need to catch up on my forty winks! 

I'm gonna have a drab Valentine's this year....coz my guy is gonna be caught up that whole day in some family shebang! (It sucks big time, I tell you!)
What plans do you all have for V-day? Do share!!! (And make me jealous!)

Well...I got my gifts though.....! And I'm in love with them!!! *sigh*
You all will get to see them in future outfit keep your curiosity in check for now! :P

And last, but not the least, celebrate the season of Love in full spirit!!! 
So what if you are single? So what if there's nobody you claim to 'love'?? You love yourself, don't you??? 
So, be your own (or somebody else's) Valentine! And feel the love in the air!!!!! <3

Lots of love,
Anupriya DG

P.S.: In case you are not getting the title, 'camaïeu' is French for 'Monochrome'. Got it now? :))


  1. So cute, yet so stylish. Those low-heel wedges are very unique. I don't believe in Valentine's Day because every day should be a day of love and celebrating love. Wonderful post, Anupriya!

  2. That is the one thing about shopping less - besides shocking all of your shopping addicted friends, of course. You find that you have so many clothes you never realised you were neglecting! I think now that I buy less I actually have more creative outfit ideas :) As for being alone on Valentine's Day, I'm right there with you, doll - my man works in a restaurant, so he'll be cooking a Valentine meal for others while I'm at home with whatever I can concoct. Hope we'll both get a nice celebration this weekend, though! And love your envelope clutch :)

    1. Thanks for the moral support, girl! Looking forward to the weekend too! :)

  3. Cuteness :) Love the ruffled top :)

  4. Love the shoes, the ring and the clutch! They make the whole outfit awesome!

    I am following you. Would love it if you visit and follow back at:

  5. Ah you girls really had an awesome time ^_^ Should check out Scoop soon...where exactly is this place?
    And lady, your shoes are to die for!! :D

    1. Of course you should check out Scoop! It's just behind New Empire, near New Market. :)

  6. Yay! I am so glad you can see all the benefits of the ban ALREADY! You look SUPER CUTE!!! Envy you though with all the fun you guys are having.

    1. Thanks a bunch babe...for inspiring me to take up the challenge!!! Could never have done it without you! ^_^

  7. Now I know why I didn't get our lovey-dovey photo! You planned to keep it to yourself. :-( But we DO look like long-lost sisters all right.

    1. Oh!! Didn't I send you this photo??? Am so sorry, long-lost sister! :( :P

  8. :'-(
    the ruffled blouse and the shoes are fantastic!

  9. You look fabulous and your face seems to be glowing with all the satisfaction from the shopping ban. Those shoes are gorgeous. Hand painted makes them even more awesome. I need to start digging my closet too!


    1. Yeah!! Am enjoying the ban quite a bit actually! :D

  10. i love the shoes. and looks like you had some good fun out there:)

    happy valentines:)

  11. U look amazing, love the bag and shoes! Happy Valentine's Day!!1

    Would you like to follow each other? I've already followed you!!! :)

  12. Happy Valentines Anupriya!I remember the shoes...they're stunning!
    We used to hang out in scoop every other day in college...Its wonderful to see it's transformation over the years.

  13. You look stunning! Loved that striped blouse and that clutch. And, that pump..aah totally drool!!!


    Bong's Belleza

  14. I love your heels!! :)
    Our recent post: Fashion Patrol: Jessica Alba
    Chic Factor Team

  15. How lovely that your self-imposed shopping ban is revealing rediscovered treasures such as your delightful blouse. And Scoop looks like such a fun place to eat and socialise too.

  16. What not to love about this look from your wedges to stripes blouse and that clutch everything screams perfection!
    Lovestruck with Zovi!!

  17. Love, love all your pics,Anupriya
    have a lovely Sunday.

  18. I totally adore your shoes!!! You look gorgeous sweety!

  19. I love the shoes! They sort of remind me of the intricate derocations you would see on fondant!

  20. lovely outfit, I love the clutch!

  21. its nice to hear from you again! :) nice to know you're doing great and getting lovelier by the day :)

  22. That sounds like a wonderful afternoon. So great that your shopping ban has let you rediscover older clothes. You look lovely in that blouse and these pictures, what a beautiful smile you have.

  23. Aha a Shopping Ban!! Sounds like a task. Good luck girl

    The place looks interesting, and u seem to have had a lot of fun. I so badly want to visit Kolkatta a friend of mine has this amazing restaurant with great desserts (and its all veg)

  24. Anupriya I love love love your wedges.
    Great post and it sure does seem like a nice place!

  25. great blog!

  26. Lovely post you look great. Love your clutch.

  27. Those are the prettiest shoes I have ever seen <3. Lovely blog
    I am holding a GIVEAWAY. Do participate :)

  28. Anu, that striped top is so gorgeous, just love it :) and the ruffles is such an interesting detail on it. The wedges are def quirky and fab!
    and wat a unique place for a photo-shoot, loved the decor

  29. You look as gorgeous in black and white as you do in living color! I love the outfit, and best of all, well the top is pretty amazing and something I'd like to see hanging in my closet, but best of all, that gorgeous face and 1000 watt smile that lights up the whole room!

  30. seems like u guys had lot of fun..loved the pictures...


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