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February's first big news: I'm on a Shopping Ban for the whole of this month as part of a challenge taken on by me & some of my co-bloggers. 

We realised that we spend way too much money on shopping (and mostly get stuck with frivolous items that were either purchased on impulse or that we somehow don't seem to like once back home). In fact, this is an exercise we undertook in order to heighten our sense of self-control & to make more use of our wardrobe-full of clothes!

Some of my more capable & strong-willed blogging pals have taken up the challenge for a longer period of time - Tanvi is going for a four month ban, though God only knows how she'll ever survive without shopping for that long - but, I, knowing my affinity towards anything that can be found in a store or on any online shopping portal, have decided that I'll be more than happy to be able to carry it off for a month!

But, but, but, even if I'm on a no-shopping (not even window, for fear of temptation) agenda right now.........that DOES NOT mean that I'm going to take away that pleasure from YOU!


February's second big news is that I'm going to present to you a wonderful new clothing line named "Miss Chase"!!!

Miss Chase aims at bringing great European runway-inspired styles to every woman at affordable prices and they are launching their website in a few days' time! Their dedicated team is putting together a website full of beautiful clothes, eye-catching accessories and even attractive lingerie/nightwear for trend-worshipping teenagers, style-conscious working women & fashionable home-makers. So, it's no more 'nothing to wear' dilemmas for you all!!! :D

Tempted much??? Now how about if I say there's a Secret Shop out there for all of you too? What's that, you say? Well........buckle up, fellas.........Secret Shop is your VIP lounge at Miss Chase, where you can get a pick of the choicest & most exclusive products. Your entry pass to this special section is as simple is referring 5 friends to the website and voilà, the doors of the Secret Shop will be thrown open to you! 


And even though they are working towards their big launch.........they have a special pre-launch invite for all my lovely readers! Just use code MC9421 to get a sneak preview of the amazing products even before the website is officially live!!! :D

What's more, they are giving you all a chance to grab some of their wonderful products at a flat 10% discount too! [ you know where to head for some Valentine's Day shopping!)

So..........head over to NOW!!!

Oh! And don't forget to show them some love on Facebook & Twitter too!!! :))

Let me know what all you guys liked and ended up buying! 

In the meanwhile, do wish me luck for the Shopping Ban challenge!!! I need all the support! *sigh*

Enjoy your Sunday people!!!!!!!

Hasta la vista!
Anupriya DG

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions & views expressed here are entirely my own.


  1. let me check out miss chase, looks nice.

  2. I almost decided to do the shopping ban but then I realised I have a family wedding in April so obviously not possible. :p
    All the best for yours!

  3. A self-imposed shopping ban sounds like a great challenge. Good luck with it! I've actually bought very little recently because I have no room left to store anything else and I also like to rediscover things I haven't worn for a while.

  4. good luck with the shopping ban and those clothes from that brand are so cute! xo

  5. Great post I like the green bag ;)follow back, if you like ;)

  6. Good Luck!!! I am not exactly on shopping ban but restricted to only one clothing item per month :(

  7. Good luck with your shopping ban, Anu! I can't believe Tanvi is going on one for four months, crazy woman! I hope she makes it, though :) Although I'm not technically on a ban, it's only because I'm trying to live my life without banning myself from anything and instead being smarter and less frivolous. Somedays, it really works. Other days, not so much ;)

  8. hey girl..i have nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    Check my blog for details.



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