A Denimatic Easter!

I think there's one thing in this world that makes all of us equally happy - and that's extended holiday weekends! ^_^

Hope you all have had a lovely Good Friday and have some awesome plans for a great Easter Sunday ahead! Enjoy tons of prettily decorated eggs & bunnies and have a wonderful time with your family & friends (after all, that's what festivals are all about...right?)

I'm, as always, gonna work this Sunday.......thanks to this really important exhibition I'm participating in on Monday!!! This is one of the biggest fashion events that happen in the city and hence, I'm a bit upbeat about how my products are going to fare and what kind of a response my brand will get.....*fingers crossed*...wish me luck guys!! And for those who are from Calcutta, please, please plllllllllleeeeaaaaasssseeee visit FUSS at the Oberoi Grand Hotel on the 1st of April, anytime in between 11am - 9pm and make sure you drop by the Howrah Bridge stall! [And no.....it's not an April Fool trick I'm pulling on you!]

On the outfit front, I'm sharing something I had worn more than a month back, on a day trip to the nearby artistic town of Shantiniketan. A beautiful, enriching day full of Tagore, art, ethnicity, heritage & loads of fun!

This denim shirt-dress is one of the saviours in my wardrobe. One of those eternally versatile pieces that never fail you? Yes, this is one of those! 

As you can see, Shantiniketan had some pretty & creative places to watch out for. This is a common man's house, on the outskirts of the town, which was designed & built by the current occupant's father. We were passing by on the road outside this house and it's uniqueness & beauty compelled us to stop and explore it a bit (Whatever could be done, without intruding on the privacy of the occupants)!

And then, there were these vast wooded areas where one can easily feel like an Yash Raj heroine, running around trees (you would preferably have to dress up in chiffon sarees or kurtas with flowing dupattas for that!)Here's me, doing my bit of tree-hugging poses! :P

Also, this bag is one of my favorite thrift finds of recent times - it's actually a very hippie-esque tote made of various mismatched scraps of hand-sewn fabrics!! Colorful, fun, one-of-a-kind and thrifted! #win

Denim shirt-dress: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Black leggings: BK Market, Kolkata
Bag: Thrifted, Sudder Street, Kolkata
Beaded necklace: Pieces via Vero Moda
Blue-framed shades: Accessorize
Green ring: BK Market, Kolkata
Yellow bow flats: BK Market, Kolkata

Photo courtesy: Utsha Das

I'm frantically working on my Spring Summer 2013 collection now.......maybe I'll share some snaps with your guys soon! :))

My nerves do funny things to me whenever an exhibition comes knocking on the door! I think I'm not gonna sleep much for the next two nights! *sigh*

Also, don't forget to enter the amazing giveaway going on at the blog and Facebook page right now!

Have a happy Easter Sunday fellas!!!

Anupriya DG