Welcoming Spring with "I KNOW"

Ok......so, February's long gone........and we are well into March now.
March. My birthday month. well.....for that matter, even my birthday's gone! :P

It's safe to say that it has been a great year till now......January gave me the chance of a weekend getaway to visit something as interesting as coal mines (of which I had read in Geography lessons only till then); February saw me successfully completing a month-long shopping ban (I was seriously not aware that I had the will power in myself to not buy anything for a whole month!) and March.....oh! March!!! What to say! The month started off with a bang, what with my birthday being celebrated with close friends & family aaaannnnnndddd my parents giving me the biggest and BEST surprise of my life - my very own NIKON D90!!! Yes.......the same one that I've been dreaming of buying (and secretly saving up for) since, like, as long as I can remember!!! *sigh of happiness*

So you see.........I'm eagerly waiting for whatever more this year has in store for me! :D

In other news, Spring hardly ever made an appearance before Summer took over in full swing! Man!! It's so freaking HOT, I tell you! *phew*

Now, I've already told you guys about this brand of smart, cool clothes called 'I KNOW'. The talented designer duo Timsy & Siddharth of I KNOW sent over this pretty shirt-dress in bubblegum pink with floral panels quite some time back. But I knew that it would be almost sacrilege to wear this nice li'l piece of prettiness before Spring! So I waited patiently till the birds sang out and the trees bloomed over with bright blossoms!!!

I KNOW that a li'l bit of florals & a splash of pink goes a long way...!

So, I wore this beauty on one of the rare 'Spring' days.......and I decided to go all out with the florals - check the earrings, bag, ring & brooch!!! :))

I fell in love with the hue of pink and the pretty floral panels....the smart collar, long placket and puffed sleeves satisfy my unending love for details...... and I can't even begin to tell you how comfortable the shirt-dress is!!! 'I Know' this is going to be one of my summer staples, for sure! 

I broke the overdose of pinks & florals with the black leggings. In fact, I can't wait to pair up this versatile beauty with bright stockings for a color blocked look or with denim roll-ups to channel grunge with a touch of romance!

A dainty stack of arm candy, floral heart ring and hot pink nails added to the 'Spring' flavour! :)

Shirt-dress: C/O I KNOW
Black leggings: BK Market, Kolkata
Floral bag: Esbeda, gifted
Floral print earrings: Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Flower & pearls brooch: MFA via India Kitsch
Watch: Skagen, gifted
Bracelets: Accessorize, Guess
Floral heart ring: Accessorize
Coral & gold ballerinas: Enroute

This brand has loads of smart & refreshing range of dresses, tops, shirts, traousers & jackets to offer for both men & women! If you want to look chic, feel comfortable and stand out in a crowd, I absolutely recommend I KNOW! You can even hop over to their website by clicking on the I KNOW widget on the right hand side bar of this blog.

Have a lot lined up for you fellas!!!!! Specially now that my new camera's here! :D

I'm super-excited about a shoot we have planned tomorrow for the Spring-Summer '13 collection of my brand Howrah Bridge! Hope to come back with some lovely pictures for you all! 

Have a happy Sunday peeps!!!!!! ^_^

Love shmove,
Anupriya DG