Yes...that was precisely what was written right after the words 'Dress Code' on the e-invite for the event sent to me by the PR manager. And that was also precisely what got me interested in attending this event in the first place! ;)

I'm talking about the Indus Pride Strangebrew Experience that was held at Tantra, The Park on the 25th to launch a new range of speciality beer brewed with unique Indian spices, accompanied by a performance by the folk rock band 'Lagori' from Bangalore.
All of us, city bloggers, got invited by the event management company to cover the event and although all couldn't make it, some of us did go and have a good time hanging out together with good food, drinks & some awesome music.

Indus Pride is India’s first specialty beer brewed with authentic Indian spices.  Initially available in four variants – Citrusy Coriander, Citrusy Cardamom, Spicy Fennel and Fiery Cinnamon- Indus Pride taps into the sensorial experiences of the consumers and is targeted to be the perfect pairing with Indian gourmet cuisine.
The Citrusy Coriander beer was the available flavor of the evening and bottles of the same could be seen amply doing the rounds - on the tables, on the bar, in people's hands, on their lips and even on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook!!! Yes, they even ran an impromptu contest and asked the crowd to click pictures of the beer bottles, edit them using filters & apps and share them on any of the social networking portals. The first (read fastest) three uploads were promised freebies and guess what? I was the first one to share a snap on Twitter! (everybody else was busy drinking their beer, I guess!) I won myself a set of pretty li'l notebooks!!! :D

All in all, the Strangebrew experience was not at all strange and was quite amazing, considering the awesome food, spicy beer & great music by Lagori! A fun evening well 
spent with my fellow blogger friends! 

Pretty décor by Indus Pride 

The stage is set

Spicy beer - howzzat?

A jiving crowd

'Lagori' rocking the show!

And here's what I wore to the event. I know I started off the post talking about the promising dress code, but when I had about 30 approx. minutes to get ready for the night, I told myself that it didn't quite matter what the dress code was! :P

Well........if you look at it that way, wearing my maxi dress as a skirt was an 'experimental' attempt for me! ^_^

I have been waiting for a chance to layer a top on my maxi since a long time now.......but somehow, nothing seemed to work. Then, I dragged out this almost-of-cropped-length black blouse from somewhere in the back of my closet and I knew I had found the right match!

I love this picture because of the fluoro lights overhead. Thanks for the spotting the location Animesh! :)

Yet another stab at 'experimental' - my Ed Hardy-ish skull earrings with neon chains!
And the eternal love for bows continues...
Also, behold my brand new pair of green suede loafers, gifted by the guy! Oh!! I'm in love! (more with the shoes than with the guy! :P) *sigh*

Outfit pictures clicked by: Deepa Sharma 

Striped maxi dress: BK Market, Kolkata
Black top: Thrifted, ???
Green bow belt: BK Market, Kolkata
Blue satchel: BK Market, Kolkata
Skull earrings: Shoppers Stop
Orange bow ring: Exhibition find
Green suede loafers: Enroute

The Indus Pride Strangebrew Experience will be touring six cities in India over the next couple of months with six different music artistes So, make sure you be a part of this awesome experience whenever it visits your city! 

Also, today I hosted the most ah-mazing fashion event ever! But more on that in the next post!

Stay tuned!!!

Till next time....lots of love,
Anupriya DG